Why we use The Sacred Names

YHVH – Which is rendered ‘LORD’ (in capitals) in most Bibles, where the Sacred Name YHVH appeared in some 7000 instances in the Bible

YAHU’SHUAH – which is the original, true Hebrew Name by which the Jewish Messiah (called ‘Jezus’ by Christianity) was known to His compatriots

We believe that these two scriptures sum up our reasons:

Jeremiah 33:2  “YHVH Who made the earth, Who formed it and set it firm – YHVH is His Name – says this:  ‘Call to Me and I will answer you …'”

Isaiah 12:4  “Give thanks to YHVH – call His Name aloud.  Proclaim His deeds to the nations, declare His Name sublime. Sing of YHVH, for He has done marvelous things – let it be known to the whole world!”

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