3.5 What’s wrong with “A TRINITY”? – Part 1

Staggering Proof of the Pagan origin of one of the main teachings of Christianity, the doctrine of a Trinity, by which the Eternal Most High is being blasphemed, dishonoured and denied the Right to His Own Throne. The teaching of a “Triune God” also denies the Shema, “the Greatest Commandment”, which Messiah presented as a vital requirement for Salvation.

History of “A TRINITY”

In his book “The Two Babylons,” Alexander Hislop traces most of the practices and teachings of Catholicism to paganism and proves the Papal worship to be, in its origin, the worship of Nimrod and his wife (Gen, l0:8-12). Space will allow no more than brief mentioning of a few facts to enable readers to continue in their own investigation.

Suffice it here to say that, in comparing Catholicism (and, judged by the same merits, Protestantism is hardly removed from Catholicism) with ancient Babylonian paganism, Hislop uses as his very first subject, that of “Trinity in Unity.”  Quoting from various authoritative sources, it appears that the idea of a Trinity is ancient: “In the unity of that one Only God of the Babylonians, there were three persons and … they employed  . . .  the equilateral triangle, just as it is well known the Romish Church does today.”  (Page 16, “Two Babylons”). “The Papacy has .., in the monastery of the Trinitarians of Madrid, an image of the Triune God, with three heads on one body.”  (Page 17). “The recognition of a Trinity was universal in all the ancient nations of the world. ” (Page 18). Similar three-headed gods are found in India’s ancient supreme divinity and Japan’s Budha (Page 17, 18).

If there is one subject that stands out in the Old Testament, then it is the Divine abhorrence of these pagan idols. YHVH did never liken Himself unto any of the pagan abominations!  (Click on YHVH for full details of the Sacred Name which it represents).

With the Messiah entering upon the stage of history, unrepentant men – unable to fathom the spiritual mysteries, now really became confused and had every reason to resort to ancestral pagan ideas!  Arising from this confusion, we find the first three centuries rife with great controversies regarding Messiah’s Identity, (e,g. Arianism, Eusebiusism, etc.).  Amidst of this, Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria, appears (A.D. 293-373) to spend most of his life opposing the Arian controversy (Encyc, of Religion – Hastings, vol. 2, pg, 168).

The result? – a Creed to define a “Mystery Trinity” – and adhered to by most churches to this very day!  (Refer to the Athanasian Creed).

The Theory of a triune God

The most tragic part of this Great Misconcept of a ‘Trinity’, is that most adherents of the theory have been misled into believing it, because there is certainly much ‘right’ in this theory, while there is a lot wrong with it.  The trinitarian concept is founded on the vital Biblical Truth that “God is ONE.” (Deut. 6:4 – the Greatest Commandment, as referred to by the Messiah and the foundational concept of the Jewish Faith, as also of Islam).

It is the subtle concealing, however, of a Great Lie, based on an ancient pagan rendering of a triune deity, which does untold harm to the Greatest Truth contained in the Bible, namely, the True Identity of the Almighty Creator God of Israel.  It is a doctrine of confusion, which even its most ardent advocates cannot fully substantiate.  Though the learned interpreters of the Trinity theory proclaim the “sacredness” and the “divine mystery” of the subject to be the reason for this confusion, it is most certain that one of the most vital requirements for salvation, could not possibly and righteously be based on confusion!

Trinitarians are of the impression that this concept does teach that “God is ONE”.  Closer analysis and investigation though, will prove that the ONENESS of God is totally denied by this teaching.  Because of the subtlety of the Great Lie which is inherent in this teaching, great misunderstanding exists not only amongst most of it’s adherents, but even amongst ardent opposers of this teaching.

Jews, for instance, generally delude themselves to think that Trinitarian Christians believe and teach that “Jesus is God”.  A simple proof that this is totally unfounded, lies in the fact that those minority sects of Christianity (probably less than one percent of total Christianity) who do teach emphatically that “Jesus is God”,  known as “Jesus Only’s”,  are regarded as heretics and outcasts by Christianity general.  Mainstream Christianity’s inter-church associations, for this reason, will not accept these sects into their associations.  So much for the “oneness” claims of Trinitarians!

This whole matter therefore concerns the Identity of The Almighty God. While it is certainly true that the Identity of the Supreme Being is shrouded in a Mystery, the Scriptures are emphatic that God is eager to reveal this sublime Truth to the sincere seeker after Him  – those who are preparing themselves to be His spotless ‘Bride’.

Jer. 29:13 “When you seek Me, you shall find Me,  when you seek Me with all your heart”.

Matt. 11:27 (b) “… No one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal Him.”

John 10:14 “I am the Good Shepherd. I know My Own, and My Own know Me.”

In the confusion and division on the matter of a Trinity. there are nearly as many interpretations as there are teachers of this theory.  The reader should not take the contents of this article as an accusation against him- or herself, but rather regard it as an endeavour to bring us into the full vital Truth.  Not all are guilty or conscious of the staggering implications of this teaching. The innocent will take a stand for the Truth and give the True God His rightful honour.  But, there are also those who will lack the love of their Saviour, the Messiah, to exalt Him to the highest.  Many will do so in an sincere endeavour though, not to encroach on the Supremacy of their ‘real’ God, by exalting their Messiah to that position of Almighty God Himself!

It should therefore be obvious that the Truth in this matter is of vital importance.  It would be spiritually fatal for believers to deny Messiah His full Godhead if He were indeed to be Almighty God Himself – as it would be similarly fatal to equate Him to Almighty God if indeed He is not such.

This is not a new issue.  It was a raging question during Messiah’s lifetime 2000 years ago (refer to the BIBLE REVELATION Study “Here’s your God” which expounds on the question as raised by His contemporaries and as answered by Himself from the Tanach – ‘Old Testament’).  It was indeed the main issue for which He was Crucified (for “making Himself out to be God” – refer Jo. 19:1-22;  8:24,27,28; 37-39;  Ex. 3:14;  Deut. 32:39).  It was the dividing issue amongst Messianic theologians during the first two centuries CE, culminating in the Council of Nicea, 320 CE, where the “Trinity” was defined in an attempt to bring an end to the division;  under the resultant Roman enforcement of the new declared “State Religion”,  it was one of the main issues for which non-complying Messianic believers were kept in dungeons and thrown to lions;  it was an issue for which Calvin condemned believers to the stake, believing to protect “the interest of God”.

The interpretations of the Identity of the Messiah, known as ‘Jesus Christ’ to Christians (YAHU’SHUAH  HA’MASCHIACH, as He was known to His contemporaries in Israel, 2000 years ago), ranges between Him being merely a man, not to be worshipped at all; to giving Him some form of Divinity, but not on a par with ‘the Father’; right through to declaring Him Almighty God, YHVH, Himself.

Taken in broad terms, Christian Trinitarians can be divided into two main categories:

  • those who believe that their Messiah (1 of the 3 ‘Persons in the Godhead’) is divine, and
  • those who flatly deny it – yet they believe in a triune God.

Added to, or included in this group, are:

  • the Messianic Jews, and
  • a fast increasing number of Christian Groups of late who, to some or other extent, have “discovered their Jewish roots” and are “returning” to the true concepts of the “original Faith” as admonished by the Apostle in Jude verse three

The first mentioned have abandoned the eternal foundational principle of the Original Faith (as handed down by God personally, through Moses, to the Hebrews) in the process of accepting the “Christian” Messiah.  Thereby they unknowingly dishonour the very Messiah Whom they have accepted, because He is the God (YAHVEH) of their forefathers Himself  (as this study and others in our On-Site Library will prove) – a principle which Christians find hard or impossible to accept – hence the “invention” of and the clinging to a Trinity theory.

The second of these groups, equally peculiar, are prepared to discard their former Christian teachings, one after the other,  in a progressive process,  as they re-incorporate the principles, teachings and even Hebrew language of Judaism – but, they generally refuse to budge from the greatest pagan and non-Jewish teaching of all – that which affects the very nature and Identity of their  “Jewish” God – and insist on defending the concept of a Triune God – the first principle of paganism – or denying Him Divinity altogether!  They seem to fail to grasp this most vital tenet of the Jewish Faith, namely the Oneness of the True God of Israel.  Apologetically then, and in order to comply with the undeniable Biblical tenet of the unique Oneness of the Creator God of Israel,  they create phrases like:  “compound unity”  (effectively,  a contradiction in terms)  or even a more weird concept of  “2 YHVH’s”  (one being God, the other not!) to describe His Identity.

This article will emphasise the futility of worshipping a ‘triune God’, or any other form of multiplicity, which is forbidden in the First Commandment.  The Shemah  (Deut 6:4), referred to by Messiah as the Greatest Commandment,  identifies the One True God of Israel by Name.

This is a clarion call to the integrity of your love and faith in the Creator – your Saviour.  Do not be deceived by those who claim that this Revelation of the True God is not important – on the contrary – your eternal wellbeing depends on your enlightenment and recognition of the Truth in this very subject. The Bible is clear on the matter and states:

John 17:3 “And Eternal Life is this: to KNOW You, the only True God and YAHU’SHUAH the Messiah, Whom You have sent.”

What, then, is wrong with the teaching of a Trinity?


It is important that the reader is conversant with the underlying concept of the Oneness (as opposed to the concept of a Trinity) which is presented as basis for the reasoning in this study.  This concept of the Divine Oneness will have to seriously be evaluated by readers who wish to honestly weigh up their own understanding of a Trinity against the sobering assertions which are made against it in this study.

The concept of the Oneness (as opposed to the Trinity) entails the following Biblical founded Truth: that The God of Israel is truly ONE single omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent Spirit Being with the ability to manifest Himself in various forms for various Divine Purposes.  The Tanach (Old Testament) records several such manifestations (refer to our Bible Course in our On-line Library).  The Divinely Promised Messiah was simply another manifestation of YHVH,  the Protector of Israel – this time taking truly human shape by birth through an Israelite woman.  This manifestation was called “The Son of God” during His human life time on earth, 2000 years ago. There never ever was a pre-existent “Son next to a Father God” before His human birth.

“Hear, O Israel – YHVH is our God – YHVH is ONE!” Deut. 6:4

What, then, is wrong with the teaching of a Trinity?

1. lt makes the Almighty a LIAR!

The Almighty YHVH Himself claims in:

Isa. 44:8 “Is there any other God besides Me? … I know of none”.

Trinitarians claim “there are three persons in the Godhead – and these three are one.”   Would YHVH not know the other two?

Isa. 44:6 “I am the First and the Last; there is no other God besides Me.

Notice: YHVH is clearly using singular terms and speaks of Himself as “I”, “Me”, etc. Trinitarians interpret this to mean that there is no other God besides the ‘triune God’ – and they insist that there are three distinctly separate Beings. Those who are advanced in their studies,  have to admit that the Bible teaches that the Messiah is also the Creator (John 1:1, 10; Col. 1:15,16; Heb, 1: 2, 8 – l0) and “without Him was not anything made . . . ” They claim, though, that the Messiah was ‘with’ the Father at Creation. Why then, does the Almighty YHVH have no knowledge of this?

Isa. 44:24; 45:12 “Myself, YHVH , made all things, I Alone spread out the heavens. When I gave the earth shape,  did anyone help Me?   I it was Who spread out the heavens with My hands.”

Whom will we trust – YHVH , Who does not lie – or those of His created
beings who insist that the Father and Son were ‘together’ at Creation?

Those Trinitarians who deny that their Messiah is God (contrary to what the Trinity theory is supposed to be teaching), obviously claim His Offer of Salvation, thereby denying their Saviour as their God.  But YAHVEH, the True God, Who according to the Trinity theory is “the Father”, makes the following claim:

Isa. 43:11 – (see also v, I4) “I, I am YHVH, there is no Saviour but Me.

Isa. 63:16; 64:8 “You YHVH Yourself are our Father, our Redeemer …”

Looking far into the future, YHVH could say through the prophet Zechariah

Zech, 12 :1O “… They shall look upon ME (YHVH) Whom they have pierced.”

This surely proves that the Messiah was YHVH Himself before His incarnation.  The Trinity theory does not allow for this interpretation.

2. It places someone above God – an UNKNOWN ENTITY

The doctrine of the Trinity teaches that the Father and the Son are “two separate Persons – yet ONE” – before His incarnation as well as after.

This confusion has gained a foothold amongst sincere believers, because it is half-a-Truth.  For 30 years, while the Messiah walked this earth ~ the Father and Son were indeed TWO separate Entities (of the SAME Being, though – do not forget the tail-end:  “yet ONE”).

Nowhere in the Old Testament however,  is there any word of a co-existing Son before His birth at Bethlehem.  In fact,  Paul proves that Messiah actually is the God (YHVH) of the Old Testament?  (1 Cor, chap. 10; Heb. 11 :26; 1Peter I:10-11).

The general interpretation of the Trinity is commonly depicted by a drawing of a triangle: Father at the top, with Son and Holy Spirit at the bottom corners.  In the center the words “One God”; and on each leg of the triangle the words “is not”.  Thus,  while all three are “One”,  yet,  the Father “is not”  the Son, “is not”  the Holy Spirit.  So much for confusion!

If we concern ourselves here only with the periods under dispute, namely,  before and after  “the Son’s”  earthly life, in order to evaluate the statement that “the Son is not the Father” (according to the triangular sketch), and consider that trinitarians have to admit that the Messiah was pre-existent (Micah 5:1) i,e, alive through Old Testament times. By claiming that the Father is not the Son, they are actually preaching a Son who was co-existent with the Father in Old Testament times. This is against all Scriptural teaching and all Divine Commandments.

May we then also ask: Why did Abraham Moses, Jacob and other holy men of God never mention the ‘co -existent’ God or “Son of God”?  Why did they worship YHVH alone?

The concept which we present holds the answer.  There was no co-existent Son!  YHVH took upon Himself the shape of man in order to visit earth and bring reconciliation as “the Sacrificial Lamb of God” – and that does not make of Him a Lamb!

The gravity of this matter becomes clear when we consider, in the case of prayer: Who do trinitarians pray to?  If the Messiah is God Himself, and they pray to someone “above” Him whom they regard as the Father God – then WHO are they really praying to, for there is no-one above YHVH!

It is for this reason that many followers of the Messiah resort to the belief that their Messiah is not God Himself.  But then they face the dilemma that:

  • In Rev. 1:7,8 Messiah claims to be the Almighty Himself;
  • According to Heb. 1:6, the Angels worship Him;
  • Paul in 1 Cor. 10:1-4 reveals that it was actually the Messiah Who was the spiritual Power which guided the ancient Israelites during the Exodus from Egypt – while Exod. 14 ascribes this Power to YHVH;
  • Messiah on several occasions accepted worship from followers (Luk 24:52)
  • He had the authority to forgive sins, which only God can do (Mark 2:1-12 and especially verse 11);
  • Refer also to several in-depth studies which we offer on this subject;

And, alas, if Messiah were to be the Almighty HimseIf, what a humiliating insult to the CREATOR OF ALL in denying Him that Honour!  What blasphemy – denying Him the right to His own Throne and praying to an unidentifiable Being above Him!. Can you wonder why YAHU’SHUAH said in:

Matt. 7 : 22,23 “Many will say to Me in that day, Lord,  Lord, have we not prophesied in Your Name?  –  cast out devils in Your Name?  – work many miracles in Your Name?  Then He shall tell them to their faces:  I have never known you. Depart from Me, you evil men!”

3. It breaks the Law of God

The teaching of a Trinity is directly opposed to the FIRST and GREATEST Command, as laid down in Deut. 6 :4 and as also confirmed by Messiah in Mark 12: 28-34 :

“Hear O Israel, YHVH is our God, YHVH is ONE.  And you shall love Him with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength.”

Ex. 20:3 “Thou shall have no other Gods before Me.” (YHVH),

YHVH certainly is God, the Father.  The error of the Trinity teaching though,  is contained in the fact that it teaches “another 2nd God before YHVH”,  because it claims that Messiah is God, but that He is not YHVH Himself.  In this way, adherents of this teaching break the Commandments of YHVH as quoted above.

The difference between the Truth and the Lie is a very thin thread – yet it affects an Eternity of Salvation!

We need to clearly differentiate at this stage, between these two vital extremes.

 The Oneness Truth
  • Messiah is God
  • Messiah is YHVH
  • Messiah is the Manifestation of YHVH Himself
The Trinity Confusion
  • Messiah is God
  • Messiah is not YHVH
  • Messiah is the created Son of YHVH, a 2nd ‘Person’

Oneness believers are often accused that they conform to the Trinity teaching anyway.  The confusion arises in that both the Oneness and Trinity teachings claim Messiah to be “God”.  That after all, much as it is denied, is a fundamental Scriptural teaching.  The subtle difference though, spans a bottomless void:

If trinitarians are correct that “Messiah is not YHVH God”, then the fact that they proclaim Him a “2nd Person” God,  means that they have “another God before YHVH” – a transgression of His Command!  At the same time, they dethrone Messiah and deny Him His Deity and Divinity!

Worst still:  Messianics exalt their Messiah ABOVE YHVH God the Father, the Most High. They do this by assuming and claiming that YHVH Whom Jews worship is not capable of bringing the Jews through to Redemption.  They claim that Jews MUST believe in their Messiah in order “to be saved”.  hence, the God of Israel, Whom Jews worship, according to their teachings  needs His “Son” to do the Final Redemption.  This exalts the YAHU’SHUAH ABOVE God the Father, the Most High – above His Own Thronbne as YHVH..  Even YAHUSHUAH would have strongly reprimanded them for teaching such a distorted theology.  It makes of Him a false idol!

The Oneness school (of which BIBLE REVELATIONS is a proponent) teaches that Messiah was “a Human Manifestation” of YHVH – thus YHVH Himself – and hence, correctly conforming to putting no ‘other gods’ before YHVH, neither detracting from Messiah’s Supreme Deity.

It is this Supremacy of Messiah that Satan opposes and which he earnestly tries to obliterate with confusion.

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