TSUNAMI Killer Waves run amok in Ocean Paradise

This added yet another Shock Wave to the List ofnd-Time signifying events which this Web Page (and this Web Site) has been carrying since 1999 – before the dawning of Y2K.

The arena this time? – a Paradise Playground, where some of the poorest nations in the world were hosting tourists from across the globe in the peak of the world’s annual holiday season.  Paradoxically, as international tourists were caught up in the disaster,  Switzerland experienced its worst ‘national death toll’ in a natural disaster in its history – thousands of kilometers away from base! No nation was left untouched by this horrific and scary tragedy.  The 3 to 4 storey high waves in one place caused the world’s biggest train crash ever.  One of the mere 100 survivors out of over 1000 aboard, escaped through the waters at house roof top level!  At stages the sea withdrew  ‘as if emptying’, causing great whirlpools. “In the enclosed harbour, hulking ships converged in a tight circle as the water swirled and the masses of steel collided like drunken sailors” – according to one report.

And this all beyond the expectations of the world’s scientists and warning systems. The Los Angeles Times presented an amazing report in an overview of this inability by scientists to cope during those vital first 2 hours when the Death Wave was heading for 11 surrounding countries at 800 Km an hour!

This Killer Tsunami was followed in 2011 by another destructive Tsunami in Japan.  Our dedicated Tsunami Web Page covers this extensively with photos and videos, as well as the the Bible’s predictions about Mega tsunamis to wipe out entire nations, reports about the Super Storm Sandy on the East Coast of the USA and the threat of rising oceans to coastal cities across the world.

Refer 4.7. Tsunamis in Bible Prophecy?