To the Jew first

Notwithstanding these clear Scriptural and Divine injunctions to take the Gospel to non-Jews,  notwithstanding Paul’s own repeated admissions that his mandate was to the non-Jews, he nevertheless persisted in taking it “to the Jew first” and in so doing,  stirring confusion and aggression with his Gospel Message amongst Jewish congregations wherever he went.

The following chapters from the NT book of Acts confirm Paul’s persistent approach of ‘Jews first’ on his missionary travels:

Acts 13:4;  13:14-38; 14:1;  15:16;  17:1;  17:10;  17:16;  18:1-4;  18:5,19;  19:8;  28:17.

Time after time he would fail in his mission, often, in justifying himself afterwards, he would ascribe this failure to Prophetic prescription, thus acknowledging that he was operating in disregard of Divine Prophetic Intent.

Acts 13:44-52 describes such an event when the Jews fiercely opposed Paul.  In response, Paul scolded them, saying:

Acts 13:46  “We had to proclaim the Word of God to you first, but since you have rejected it, since you do not think yourself worthy of Eternal Life, we must turn to the pagans.  For this is what the Lord commanded us to do when He said (and he then quotes Isaiah 49:6)  ‘I have made you a Light to the nations so that My Salvation (Hebrew: Y’Shuah) may reach the ends of the earth’

Note carefully, how Paul recognizes that, according to this quoted portion from the book of Isaiah,  they were commanded by God to go to ‘the pagans’.  Nowhere do we find Scriptural backing for his insistence to go “to the Jews first”.  And when we go to the original Scriptures in Isaiah from which he quotes, we find astounding and explicit confirmation that this Divine Command in fact refers to the restoration of the 12 Tribes of Jacob and the Return from exile of the survivors of 10-Israel! – NOTE the two verses preceding the portion which Paul quotes and which he omits in his quotation of Isaiah!

Let us therefore look at the Scripture from which Paul quotes, in its full context:

Isaiah 49:6 Is it not enough for you to be My servant, to restore the (12) Tribes of Jacob and bring back the survivors of Israel (10 Tribes exiled amongst the nations)?”  This Divine Intent is repeated in the foregoing verse 5:  “And now YHVH has spoken; He Who formed Me (prophetical  reference to Messiah’s Manifestation) in the womb of His Servant, to bring Jacob back to Him; to gather Israel to Him.” And then follows Paul’s restricted half-quote which he uses as his mandate to the pagans: I will make you the light of the nations, so that My Salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.

This once more confirms the conclusions as defined in this Web Site of BIBLE REVELATIONS regarding the True Purpose of Messiah’s Reconciliatory Atonement, i.e. to reconcile the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel with the Covenant of YHVH and to ‘re-erect the fallen down Tabernacle of David’, by re-uniting the estranged 2 Houses of Israel.  This confirms also our teaching, that it was not the Divine Intent to “bring the Good News of Messiah YAHU’SHUAH to the Jews first” as Christians insist on doing.  The Divine Intent was, to bring the Gospel of the re-united and restored Kingdom (“the restoration of the fallen Tabernacle of David”), to the exiled and Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, exiled amongst the nations.  After centuries of exile and assimilation with the non-Jewish (‘pagan’) nations, they even regarded themselves as part of these nations – which indeed, they had become.

Yet, Paul would continue to take his missionary Message “to the Jews first”, as the several recorded instances mentioned above,  prove.

The last paragraphs of the book of Acts record one more such failed attempt of proselytizing of Jews by Paul.  Once again, he scolds them;  once again he bases his rejection on Prophetic Scripture.  But this time, he does so in what NT readers have accepted as a derogating, anti-Jewish accusation.  He even misquotes  (probably deliberately) the Prophetic Word, thereby laying down for posterity,  an accusative  condemnation of the Jews. To this day, anti-Zionist and anti-Rabbinic Messianics follow Paul in accordingly referring to Jews as “those stubborn Christ rejecters.”

Let us compare a quote of his statement in the NT with the original text of Isaiah which Paul used as confirmation of his slanderous indictment.  He made this hard-hitting judgment when he failed once more, to persuade the Roman Jews about the Messiah. (Acts 28:23-28).  Verse 25 “… as they went away, Paul had one last thing to say to them: ‘How aptly  the Holy Spirit spoke, when He told your ancestors through the prophet Isaiah:

Paul’s version – Acts 28:26

“Go to this nation and say:
‘You will hear and hear again but not understand,
see and see again but not perceive;
for the heart of this nation has grown course;
their ears are dull of hearing
and they have shut their eyes;
for fear they should see with their eyes,
hear with their ears,
understand with their heart
and be converted
and be healed by Me.”

The original – Isaiah 6:9

“Go and say to this people,
‘Hear and hear again, but do not understand;
see and see again but do not perceive.
Make the heart of this people gross;
its ears dull;
shut its eyes
so that it will not see with its eyes,
hear with its ears,
understand with its heart
and be converted and healed.”

Note the underlined emphasis – Paul turns it into a condemning accusation, blaming their stubbornness – a stance often used against the ‘Christ rejecting Jews’ by Messianics.  Whereas the Prophetic Scriptures render it as a Divine Decree to the Messenger:  “Make them blind and deaf … so that they will not hear and see.”  Which is the reasoning of this Web Site:  What God has decreed, no man (not even Paul) should dare to challenge.  By persisting in his attempts to remove the Divinely imposed ‘blindness’ of Jews, Paul reflected his disregard for his Divine Mandate, which he never hesitated to emphasize as having been sent ‘to the pagans’.  Had he obeyed his mandate,  these derogating statements would probably never have been covering the pages of the NT, leaving a legacy of anti-Judaism for Messianic followers.

The fruits of that same disregard for the true Apostolic Mandate of not evangelizing Jews, given by Messiah YAHU’SHUAH Himself, presents the greatest obstacle today, against the fulfillment of achieving Peace between the House of Judah (Jews) and the House of Yosef (re-awakening and returning 10 Lost Tribes of Israel, mainly Messianic).

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Following in the footsteps of Paul, to this day, most Messianics persist in this challenge of the Divine Decree, by persisting in wanting to make the Jews ‘see’ that which Divine Intent has blinded them for!