The reason why Jews should not be drawn away from Judaism

Clearly, and in miraculous fashion, the Divine Intention is to draw 10-Tribers BACK from pagan infected Messianic theology, practice and life-style, into Judaism.  The proselytizing of Jews, therefore is a direct challenge against, and a rejection of this Divine Intent.

Scripture commends the Peacemakers. Woe therefore unto those, who through their evangelistic proselytizing zeal and activities, eternalize the animosity in the House and nation of God.  Their proselytizing successes withhold the settlement of Peace between the two factions.

In this audacious way, they are withholding the re-uniting of the two Houses and the return of the Shechinah of God!  Scripture is clear that the Shechinah visible Presence) of God left humanity when the 12-tribed nation split into two, and the Northern 10-Tribes degenerated into paganism some 8 centuries BCE.

This same spirit of animosity is also reflected in the offensive attitude of  the majority of returning Messianic 10-Tribers, against Rabbinic authority and against the Oral Torah interpretation of the Rabbinut.  This rejection and antagonism also extends, on the fringes, amongst many Messianics, to the concept and acceptance of the Jewish Faith.  The fact that their Messiah was a practicing, Halacha confirming, Oral Torah observer Himself, Who mandated  their adherence to Rabbinic authority (Math. 23:2, Deut. 17 etc), carries very little weight to sway their typical 10-Triber rebellion against God’s mandated authority.  Refer Mechoqeck

Jews who are considering recognizing and accepting the ‘Christian’ Messiah which Christianity and Messianism in its broader context proclaims, should consider that He was an orthodox Jew, Who upheld Halachic Judaism until His last day as a Man on earth.  Nowhere did He ever indicate that a new religion, totally diverse from and contrary to His own, would evolve.  To the contrary, He confirmed Judaism, Oral Torah and the authority of the Rabbis very clearly in –  Matthew 5 (entire chapter) and elsewhere. Whatever He proclaimed, came as a Jew from a Halachic Jewish background.  Why should a Jew then exchange that for a religion which is historically so steeped in paganism?  Though the reawakening 10-Tribers are on various levels of restoration of the Original Hebraic faith,  any Jew who joins their ranks, are still settling for an inferior, tainted religion from which God is fast extricating these 10-Tribers.

For Jews to convert to Messianism, is to go against this Divinely ordained Prophetic Stream.

Refer The Great Return – a Prophetic Bible Revelation in process!