1.4. The Greatest Obstacle to reunification of the 2 Houses of Israel

Why Jews should NOT be proselytized

Proselytizing, evangelizing or missionizing of Jews is the single most important obstacle which prevents the 2 estranged Houses of israel  from uniting, and thus the Shechina Presence of God from Returning.


We are no doubt living in “The End Times” – even scientists admit today, and the international Doomsday Clock has just been forwarded to 5 minutes to 12.

The Prophecies of the Bible and The Jewish Sages of old wrote extensively about the End Times.  The very term ‘Redemption’ (Hebrew: Geulah) refers to the Return from exile and the reunification of the 12 Tribes into One Nation – the Elect of HaShem.  So traumatic was the split of the 12-Tribed nation into 2 Houses, 8 centuries BCE, that God withdrew His Shechinah Presence from the earth.  Scripture and logic tells us, that He will not return until Peace has been restored between the two greatly divided factions in His re-united House, i.e. between the House of Judah (the Jews) and the Ten Lost Tribes (referred to as the House of Joseph and/or Ephraim), represented mainly today by Hebraic Restoration Messianics, scattered throughout the earth.. This re-union was prophesied for the End Times when the Lost 10 Tribes would rediscover their Hebrew Roots and Return to the Land to re-unite with Judah.  This Return is now clearly evident, since the last decade.

This trend has manifested itself since the sixties,  when it became apparent that small unrelated groups of  individualist Bible students and thinkers,  extricated themselves from the Church, to return to their Hebrew Roots by converting to Judaism and returning to the Land.  Today, it seems clear, that these were pioneer groups of the Great Return to come.  This has been proven by the fact that today, there is a tidal wave of millions of Messianic believers (ex Christians,  who are coming out of the Church in droves). who are following this same Route – back to Torah and back to the Land.  BIBLE REVELATIONS receive, almost daily, a letter from someone, somewhere in the world, who has stumbled across the BIBREV Web Site and identify with its Message.  The Jewish Sages have written much about this End Time phenomenon, with their deep insight into Scripture – where it is all written.

This awakening came as a result of an upswing and renewed study interest in the Bible amongst non-Jewish believers.  Gradually a totally new concept and understanding of the Divine Plan for humanity was formulated, based on Scripture interpretation which suddenly brought new understanding of the so-called ‘Old Testament’.  Gradually the new understanding unfolded a new scenario, according to which the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, exiled amongst and intermingled with the nations,  would  draw closer to the Jewish people and their Land – the Land of Israel, to which millions of Jews have been returning in miraculous fashion after World War 2.

The Divine Purpose as outlined in the Tanach, and expounded upon by Jewish sages many centuries in advance, became clear to the new breed of non-Jewish pro-Zionist Bible searchers.  According to their discoveries from the Bible,  God would “in the End Time”, re-identify and bring back the 10 Lost Tribes to their former Hebraic faith – the One True Bible Faith.  Their studies ‘across the lines’ into Judaism and Rabbinic teaching, more and more confirmed to them that  Judaism has been maintaining and guarding “the Oracles of God” (Romans 3:2) throughout the ages (not excluding the great neglect by Judah as part of the package!).  The result has been a gradual restoration by these zealous Gentile Bible searchers, of these ancient and eternal Bible Truths as they deserted the Church.  This sowed the first seeds of a longing for reconciliation and re-uniting with Judah exactly as the Biblical prophecies and the Jewish Sages throughout time had predicted.  In this way, the ancient split in the nation and the House of God will ultimately surely be healed and the Shechinah Glory of God be restored to the world, as prophesied and interpreted about the Plan of God for mankind.