1.8. Shav et-Shevoet Am Yisrael! – Return the Captives of Israel, My People

We are soon to witness the Greatest Miracle of all Time!
– the Greatest Event which has been concealed by poor translations of Key phrases in the Bible.
Read how you too can be part of this Miracle which is so clearly described in the Original Hebrew version of the Bible

To be in captivity and exile, is a great national disaster for any nation.  The Tanach (‘Old Testament’ of the Bible) records such a national tragedy over both the Northern section of ancient Israel (the 10 Northern Tribes with its spiritual centre in Shomron, known as Samaria) and the southern kingdom (mainly 2 tribes, which became known as Judah, the Jews) – with its spiritual centre in Jerusalem – the only sector of ancient Israel which has remained identified unto this day.  We will refer to these two sectors as “10-Israel” and “Judah” (“2-Israel”) in the rest of this study.

This exile started in the 8th century BCE when the northern 10 Tribes were taken captive and deported.  Some 2 centuries later,  Judah was also exiled to Babylon when Nebuchadnezzar captured Jerusalem.  Gradually, over the next few centuries, the 10 Tribes integrated with the other nations and disappeared as an identifiable nation, while Judah Returned to Jerusalem after 70 years of exile. After Jerusalem was conquered and destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE, Judah was once more exiled from the Land into the ‘Diaspora’, which would see them infiltrate, over the span of the last 2000 years, amongst every nation on earth – yet never loosing their national identity, while guarding (and certainly because of their guarding) their original Hebraic Faith and Culture.

The “Captivity” of 10-Israel, on the other hand,  entailed a period of spiritual darkness and retrogression, and their subjection to “the worshipping of strange gods”, by pagan customs, amongst the other nations.  This period of darkness’ has lasted for almost 3000 years, right up to our current time – and it has only been over the last decade or two that we have seen a mass Return to the Original True Hebraic Faith of the Bible by serious seeking Bible students, in fulfilment of the Great Prophecy which forms the theme of our study here. This exilic period of national retrogression will be exemplified in this Web Study and we will see how 10-Israel have been held captive during this exile, in their understanding of the Revelationary Hebraic Truths of the Bible, by the spurious and truth-concealing translations of unenlightened non-Hebraic translators of the Scriptures.

This period of ‘captivity’ and spiritual blindness, was prophetically defined to last for a specified period only, where after these exiles would ‘re-discover’ their Hebraic roots and ‘Return’ not only to the Faith and Customs of their forefathers, but also to the physical Land of Israel in the Middle East.  It is this ‘Return’ to the Land of Israel in the Middle East, which, according to what we see unfolding today in that volatile and explosive part of the world, will cause the igniting into a nuclear holocaust – the fearful final War of Gog and Magog (Armageddon), in the Battle for the soul of Jerusalem!  So destructive will this War be, threatening the annihilation of God’s Covenant People (the Jews, and those of 10-Israel who will have Returned to the Covenant Land), that God will physically intervene to fight on the side of Israel and destroy the nations who advance against Jerusalem (Zech. 12:9 and 14:3).  This will entail His physical “Return to Zion”, i.e. the ‘Coming of Messiah’ for the Jews,  and the “Second Advent” or Return of Messiah, according to Christian interpretation.  This Advent will feature the “Setting up of the Kingdom of YHVH” in Jerusalem in the Middle East, from where He will reign over all the nations.

The only way to totally throw off this ‘darkness’ of the exile and become enlightened to the Original True Faith, is for students of the Bible to Return to the original language that the Bible was written in – Hebrew!  This, in any event, is intrinsically part of the whole Restoration Process which is currently taking place all over the world and which is the subject of our discussion here.

Readers who are new to this concept of the Restoration,  are advised to first become acquainted with the terms and concepts on this subject, by turning to the following Notes for a brief summary and dictionary.

This Restoration of  ‘the Kingdom of David’, seems to be the Main Theme of Scripture.  The fact that it has been greatly misinterpreted throughout the ages and that it has been concealed to this time,  should not cause much apprehension or surprise amongst sincere seekers after Biblical Truth.  The two main factors that gave rise to this, are:

  • The fact that the opposing powers of God’s Kingdom have set as prime objective their frantic efforts to conceal and confuse the secrets of the keys to the Kingdom
  • It behoved the Eternal Most High, in His non-autocratic style, to let Truth conquer over deceit in the normal process of Time, allowing evil powers the freedom that would ultimately be suppressed by Truth and by those who earnestly seek after it!  This process followed the antitypical time setting embodied in the 7-day week, of which the 7th day is the joyous and festive Sabbath Rest.  According to this pattern, it would take 7 millennia (7 ‘days’ of 1000 years each, the 7th being the Millennial Sabbath) for this Restoration to germinate.  The blossoming of this all-embracing consummation of Truth, would obviously come at the End part of the cycle.

We in this generation are blessed to behold this amazing final culmination of the ‘Restoration of the fallen Tabernacle of David’ – the Interlude to the establishment of the Kingdom of YHVH on earth.  History has just entered this 7th or Sabbatical Millennium – and we have reached the Prophetic Time Setting. Accordingly we shall behold:

  • The increasing awareness by serious Truth seeking Bible students (mainly Christian, but also Islam and non-organisational individuals) in fulfilment of the “Returning of the captivity of 10-Israel” – Shav Shevoet Am Yisrael – ending their Exile as they re-discover their “Hebraic Roots” and Return not only to the customs and religion of their forefathers (as it has been preserved by Judah, the Jews, to this day in Judaism), but also Return physically to “The Land of their forefathers” – Israel, in the currently very volatile and explosive Middle East.
  • As such, the “Return of The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel” (10-Israel) will entail being  physically re-joined with Judah into ONE Restored Kingdom, according to Biblical Prophecy;
  • The establishment of the Kingdom of YHVH in Jerusalem in the Middle East;

Matt. 24:13 “This Gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed to the whole world as a witness to all the nations.  And then the End will come.”