QA: Why does God allow evil?

How can God allow innocent babies to be born with Aids?””.


This is a serious and sincere question which has plagued many people since time immemorial.  In fact, the inability to find an answer has driven many a soul away from God.

During World War 2 a bomb fell on a church in England while people were praying on their knees – Could God not have prevented this?

On a Sunday evening in July 1993, armed terrorists opened fire on a church congregation in Cape Town, South Africa, while they were singing a hymn.  These innocent worshippers were singing the praises of their Saviour, when 11 people were mowed down in their church pews and many congregants seriously injured.  Where was God during this attack?  Could He not have prevented it?

Where was He when His ‘Chosen nation’ were led to the gas chambers during the Holocaust – the aged together with small children, the infirm – by a demoniac?  Could He not have cut Hitler off in a wink?

There are many more questions like these that people raise – some have lost entire families and loved ones – unfairly, most of them believe.  The answers are elusive and unprocurable for most.

But serious reflection on the alternatives, should reveal the intricate background to this stirring issue.

Reflect for a moment on how perplexing it must be for an all powerful God to have to be restrained from using His limitless Powers to protect and save, and to be witness to disasters He very well has the power to prevent or stop.  This restriction is brought about because the full cycle of the Divine Plan has to be accomplished and in a fair and non-dictatorial way.

It is also clear from the Scriptures that the Divine rule of God is being challenged by Satan, the adversary of the God of Israel.  Satan is an apostate angel who challenges the Rulership of YHVH and who has managed to win the support of a section of the angelic beings (Isaiah 14:12 – 15).  Satan will therefore closely scrutinise every action of God and look for all possible reasons to negate the integrity of the Most High.   In fact, the Book of Job offers a complete deliberation on this very subject (Refer to Job 1:6-12 and the complete book of Job).

In our modern world today, the idea of a living creature, Satan, who opposes the Divine Purpose and Plan of the Almighty, is not a popular or commonly accepted theme, even by religious believers of the world’s largest Faiths.  This, notwithstanding the fact that Satan is openly worshipped today in all its horrific inhumane forms.  Even if we allow for his “non-existence”,  it is indisputable that, in order to put the Creator YHVH beyond any possible blame or accusation, the Truth regarding His total and perfect Integrity needs to be established once and for all time.  A legal precedent needs to be established and a time dispensation was required for this.  The practical outcome of this dispensation,  without active interference or intervention by the Creator Himself,  would yield the unchallengeable proof for good, that:

  • YHVH does not pressurize anyone to obey His lifegiving Laws simply because He is all powerful, and He does not rule only through might;
  • YHVH is not oppressive without giving others, even those opposing Him, an alternative choice – a free will;
  • YHVH’s Way is the only way for mankind, and the universe, for Peace and Happiness;
  • YHVH is totally fair in all respects thinkable; He has not deserted mankind; He has no favoritism; He does not condemn without reason.

One should appreciate that, even for an omnipotent Being, in order to be perfectly fair and righteous, neither dictatorial nor partisan, the handling of such a matter as guiding an individual throughout life, or leading an entire nation or mankind as a whole, would be a formidable task.  Consideration should also not be given to specific matters in isolation, but to the complete Divine Purpose in its entirety.

The God of Israel;, YHVH, distinguishes Himself as the unique  Deity, totally unlike the idols and deities of  the other nations.  Had He only blessed His followers and not allowed disaster to also befall them, He would have been no different to all the other deities of history, who were generally envisaged as the ‘protectors’ of the worst undertakings of forceful rulers and of their evil accomplishments.

Scripture abounds with enchanting referrals to the Blessings and Joy that will befall those who are found to be on the side of the Almighty at the culmination of all, in His eternal Kingdom.

In short, the Almighty is no doubt infinitely more concerned and pained by the earthly conditions which He has to behold and endure without being able to use His caring and limitless powers.  Will He not then use these powers to make up to His followers in the New World Order?