QA: Who’s the Publisher of this Web Site?

Q: “Interesting Web Site! “Who are you guys?  What are your backgrounds?”


Many people judge Truth by the Source that it comes from – by the credentials of those who proclaim it,  by their human achievements,  the position they hold in the congregation, etc etc.- in stead of by the only Source which is at our disposal, namely the Bible (of course, as led by the Spirit of God – but even that is a difficult criteria because all differ in their understanding, yet claim leading by the Spirit?)  The Bible should be our main Guide – but yes, we do need the Spirit of God to reveal real Truth in the Scriptures to us.

If the identity of the author is not clearly stated in the publications,  then distrust often sets in with the Web surfer or reader.  Yet, the four Gospels of the ‘New Testament’,  hold no clues as to who the authors were!   There is almost a complete absence even of the use of the personal pronoun ‘ I ‘ by the authors.  The author of the Book of John merely refers to himself as “the disciple whom Messiah loved”.

In fact, the same applies to the very foundation of Scripture – the Torah (first 5 Books of the Bible).  Would any believer think of doubting the Bible simply because some of the authors are anonymous?

What a contrast this is to the epistles of Paul!  He wrote 13 letters, and each one of them started with his own name!  He used the personal pronoun “I, me, or my”,  949 times!  In the twelfth chapter of 2 Corinthians, the big personal pronoun was used seven times in the sixth  verse alone;  60 times in the same chapter of 21 verses!

Paul has built himself the greatest following of all known authors of Scripture, yes, even to the extent of regarding him as more authoritative than God Himself – when it comes to Paul’s declarations about the ‘termination of the Law’ as opposed to the Creator’s and the Messiah’s Proclamations of the eternal validity of His Law! (Ref. Matt. ch 5 and Ps. 119, specifically verse 152, 44, 89 etc).  (For a Scripturally based evaluation of the life and writings of Paul, follow the link at the foot of this section)..

It also seems that most religious orientated readers are searching for “shepherds” or “heroes” whom they can follow,  as a pre-condition to accepting new or contrary  tenets of professing Truth.

Is this really what the honest seeker after Eternal Truth should pursue?    Should it really matter,  over and above personal inquisitiveness, who the publisher of Biblical knowledge is?   Should not the Bible be the only foundation of consideration and evaluation?  Unfortunately, negative personal inclinations,  fear of turning against the majority with their traditional teaching, and the “smear campaigns” of the false “shepherds” to whom real Truth is a great threat of losing their “flocks” – are some of the many adverse factors which will prevent the majority from accepting the Truth.

People are also greatly impressed by strong personalities who manage to draw much attention to their own qualities as a base of faith,  and who can lead them in an exciting way.

The author of BIBLE REVELATIONS,  for this reason, and mainly, to avoid a personal following,  prefers to remain anonymous.

This unfolding of the ancient secrets of the Bible, as this Web Site also endeavours to bring to its readers, has led to the Restoration of the tenets of the Original True Hebraic Faith by those faithful seekers after Truth.  This Restoration, again, is in fulfilment of probably one of the most exciting Divine Miracle Events prophesied in the Bible for the Times that we are living in, just before the establishment of Divine Rule on earth, to replace the ever degrading ‘rule of man’.

The author of BIBLE REVELATIONS certainly does not claim sole rights for instilling this universal awakening – it is a world harvest and there were many labourers who pioneered this Mass Return over the last few decades. These pioneers learnt not only from Scripture, but also from each other, though ‘operating’ mostly independently of each other.

A good example of one of these many restorative Truths, is the subject of the Sacred Names of God,  which was almost unknown 30 years ago,  but for a  ‘few crazy individuals’  (albeit spread in groups across the earth, not knowing of each other – there was no internet then!)  BIBLE REVELATIONS shared in the publishing of this glorious Truth as a pioneering project in the sixties, and thousands of printed tracts were distributed internationally.   Today there are thousands of Internet Sites alone,  and growing daily, which proclaim the Sacred Names!   Churches know it,  ministers use it, the media, books, journals, etc.   Truth is literally flooding the earth at an ever increasing pace,  just as with the technological revolution of our time.

The sole leadership and honour though, in this Great Task of final Restoration,  is imputed to Whom it belongs – the Great Sower of the Harvest – the wonderful Creator, God of Israel, who alone has the Power to open the eyes of the blind,  and revive the minds of the deceived!

In these days of constant marketing bombardment in all areas of our life,  it should be comforting for readers to know that there are NO obligations connected to accepting the proclamations contained in this Web Site.  Yet, to some,  it would come as a great disappointment that there is NOTHING to join – and no self-interested, dominating personalities to follow and to hold up as “an example” to their friends.

If what is presented, is not sufficient to lift the reader’s spirit to dizzy heights of exaltation of the Almighty Creator,  then the goal has been missed completely – the goal not just of BIBLE REVELATIONS, but, certainly, also of the Most High.  The Scriptures have certainly not been given for the glorification of man (as has so commonly been the case in religious followings throughout time), but for the Glorification of the One Only True God – the Creator God  “of Israel”.

It is interesting to note the Words of Messiah Himself when He was confronted by His opposers who questioned His credentials (Jo 7:14).  “Not even His brothers, in fact, had faith in Him” (Jo 7:5).  His reply was:  “If anyone is prepared to do God’s Will,  he will know whether my teaching is from God or whether My doctrine is My own.  When a man’s doctrine is his own,  he is hoping to get honour for himself” (Jo. 7:17,18).

But, in the final analysis, for those readers who are genuinely interested in the testimony and spiritual qualifications of the publisher, or those who would still wish to point the finger of judgment at the “elusive” publishers of this Site,  need to merely click here, or on one of the many links to the “Contact Us” form on this Site.  This will bring you an immediate response from the author and publisher of this Web Site who would like to meet you.

For those who need more assistance in the many controversial matters which are raised in these studies,  please be assured that no measure of spiritual assistance will be too great to afford you.   Please feel free to make use of this offer.

Argumentative spirits will NOT be entertained, as we have no intention to bend anyone’s mind from whatever they wish to believe.

So, it is all in your court,  whatever you wish to do with the mass of exuberant Knowledge contained in this Web Site and those to which the Links will refer you – Sites to which we have no affiliation or allegiance and with which total teaching we very seldom agree.

Blessings on your Search for the Original True Faith.  We KNOW that this Site will go a long way to help you in this search.

These teachings are not always accepted or welcomed,  and often they are strongly opposed.

May you be washed away in this flood also!