QA: The Seven Spirits of YHVH God

Q: “What is the link between “The 7 Spirits of God” and the Messages in Rev. 2 & 3,  to the 7 Congregations.  Who does this apply to and what is the meaning of the 7 Stars and 7 Lamp Stands?”


Who would ever know the true answer to this?

But – how about linking the Message to the 7 congregations, the 7 candelabras in Rev 1-3 to this?  (as reviewed below, in the question about ‘The Ancient of Days’).

The 7 Messages to the 7 congregations  were given to the 7 groups of believers according to the spiritual ‘assets’ that would be required of them?  In each of these 7 Messages there is an introductory and a final specification.

Note 1 – The following 7 pointers are not my own words, but are extracted from the actual Scripture portions – adapted, of course, to the understanding of the Original True Faith as being Judaism – which seems to be the Key to understanding Scripture.
Note 2 – These notes have been formulated in pursuing to wade through these Scriptures in search of an answer to our question re identifying the ‘Seven Spirits of YHVH’.

The 1st Character Sketch – Rev. 2:1-7
Cannot stand wicked men
Test the ‘apostles’ who are impostors and liars
Suffer for His Sacred Name without tiring
This is all good and well – as He also loathes the Nicholaitans
But –
You have less love now then what you used to.
So –
THINK where you come from and repent!
The 2nd Character Sketch – Rev. 2:8-11
Subjected to trials and poor (of spirit?)
Profess to be ‘Jews’
But –
You are really the synagogue of Satan!
– making slanderous accusations
(Can this refer to the masses of late, who claim to be ‘Messianic Israel’, Jews, but rebelling against conversion to Judaism, preaching non-Jewish slander like trinity, 2-YHVH’s, compound Unities, etc   Many also rebel against the 613 Laws and the Rabbinical ‘legalism’.  Satan is the rebel against the Law and the Testimony of Oneness of YHVH – surely that makes them the ‘synagogue of Satan’?
Yet –
Keep faithful in the trials that are coming on you to test you, and He will give you the Crown of Life!

3rd Character Sketch – Rev. 2:12-17
Live where Satan is enthroned – but are holding on to His Name.(In the churches?)
Witness for Him even in the face of death
But –
You do not keep ‘Jewish’ Laws – eat unclean foods, commit idolatry thru non-Oneness teachings
and pagan customs
So –
4th Character Sketch – Rev. 2:18-29
Full of Faith and devotion and making progress
But –
you are hanging on to false prophets who lure His followers away with their non-Jewish teachings
(about foods, is specifically mentioned) and ‘the secrets of Satan’
So –
Repent!  And hold firmly onto what you already have (of the Original Truth) and He will give you co-rulership with Him over the nations!
5th Character Sketch – Rev. 3:1-6
(Ha!  We are on track!  Verse 1 refers to these “Seven Spirits of God” and the Seven Stars whichYAHU’SHUAH holds in the Vision of Rev 1.  Verse 16 of Rev. 1 defines the ‘Secret of the Seven Stars’ in His Right Hand as ‘the Angels of the seven congregations’!  The Seven Spirits of God may therefore refer to the seven Golden Lamp stands (congregations – Rev. 1:20),  to the seven stars (Guardian Angels – Rev 1:20) or both?
See below for note on ‘Angel of the Congregation’
You are reputed to be (spiritually) alive, but you are dead.
So –
Wake up!  Revive what little you have left, it is dying fast.
(This may refer to the large conventional religious institutions – Note!  They still have a Guardian Angel,  and the Call for their Revival still goes out!).  God has not rejected them outright, like so many Truth Finders tend to think.
6th Character Sketch – Rev. 3:7-13
Though not spiritually very strong, they keep to the Commandments and have not disowned His (Sacred?) Name.
Seemingly they are contended by the group 2 believers above, who will be forced by God to admit that they (group 6) are ‘loved by Him.’. Commended for ‘keeping His Commandments under trials’.
Hold firmly to what you already have (there is today in this group a fast progressing onslaught on them by those ‘who claim to be Jews’ but are not, to destroy their Faith in Messiah).
Let nobody take your prize away!
7th Character Sketch – Rev. 3:14-21
Are spiritually neither cold nor hot.
Think they are spiritually rich and only luke warm. (The Pentecostal Movement?)
But –
Are wretchedly poor and naked (spiritually).
So –
Become spiritually rich by applying ‘eye ointment’ in order to see the Truth and cover your nakedness. (Only Knowledge of the Torah can make them see).

It seems then that the Seven Spirits of YHVH represent the seven types of believers in the world who are each guarded and guided by an ‘Angel of YHVH’.  As much as these seven groups condemn each other and exalt themselves, it is evident that YHVH does not (yet) condemn any group.  The Divine Plea to repent and hold on, goes to each group, and in every instance, these 7 groups are encouraged by the Divine Promise that “those who prove victorious” shall overcome – nothing to fear.  Each group is also reprimanded to ‘Listen and hear what the Spirit has to say to them.’  It is the Spirit of YHVH that leads one to the Ultimate Truth – but He forces no one.  “Listen, and Hear!”

What is it indeed that blinds and deafens believers to the ultimate Truth?
Self importance, self-gain, tradition, fear, lack of spiritual drive or interest, ulterior motives, spiritual jealousy and envy, lack of knowledge – and listening to the opposing rebellious instigation of HaSatan.

Judaism hold that both the physical universe and human beings (individuals and congregations) are controlled by Angels.  Scripture teaches that YHVH manifests Himself in forms called ‘The Angel of YHVH’. Refer

A Vision of YAHU’SHUAH in Rev. ch 1 describes Him as holding 7 Stars in His Right Hand, representing the seven Angels (Guardians and Guides?) of the Seven Congregations (Golden  Lamp stands surrounding Him).  Exodus 23:20 has the following revelationary definition of The Guardian Angel of YHVH.

Ex. 23:20  “I Myself (YHVH) will send an Angel before you to guard you as you go and to bring you to the Place I have prepared (This Place, in context here,  refers primarily to the entry into the Promised Land, by Yoshua,  after the Exodus from Egypt, and metaphorically also to the believer’s entry into the Kingdom – which will also be in the Land of Israel). Give Him (the Angel) reverence and listen to all that He says. Offer Him no defiance; He would not pardon such a fault, for My Name is in Him. (Thus, a Manifestation of YHVH Himself). If you listen carefully to His Voice and do all that I say, then I shall …. (and a list of His Protection follows) You must not bow down to (the nations’ ) gods or worship them.  you must not do as they do. … You are to worship YHVH your God, and I shall bless your bread and water and remove sickness from among you. “