QA: Is there a true translation of the Bible available?

Q: A Web Site visitor asked: “It is apparent to me that some things in the Bible have been changed.  It is very interesting to learn the true Names for our God, and our Saviour, which have also been removed from most Bibles. and replaced with pseudo, man-made or selected names  I have suspected that other things have been changed as well.   Is the unchanged Word of our God available?”



The only true and closest to perfection edition of the Bible is the Torah – as used in Scroll form by all Jewish synagogues across the world:

  • ONE language
  • ONE version
  • and even that has been tampered with,  as Scripture itself reveals in:

Jer. 8:8  “How can you say ‘We are wise and the Torah of YHVH is with us’ when in fact the falsifying pen of the Scribes have turned it into falsehood?” (extracted from D.Stern version, Jerusalem Bible and Hebrew Tanach).

This statement will be grabbed by anti-Rabbinic Messianic ‘restorers’ to ‘prove’ that the Scribes and the Pharisees (hence the Rabbis) all proclaim falsehood!  But alas, if this were to be the true interpretation of this Scripture, then we would have to discard the entire Bible!

Mistakes and changes may have crawled in, but be assured, that no book in the world has been so strictly preserved and secured as the Jewish Scriptures.  The very ‘verkramptheid’ (restrictiveness) that the same Rabbis are accused of by this way of reasoning, has been the protective security of these Scriptures through the ages.  These Scrolls are meticulously and laboriously handwritten and copied from certified originals and if even as much as a crack appears across a letter in the Scroll,  the whole Scroll is withdrawn from usage.

There is no perfect translation, because this is where the real falsifyings crawled in. Most translations have been done and are being done by non-Jews; scholars of ‘strange’ and certainly un-Jewish religions – in fact, scholars who are opposed to Judaism and its Rabbinic caretakers’.  Can one truly expect a traditionally trained scholar in such an anti-Torah religion to translate against his/her own convictions?  If that were possible, I am bold enough to emphatically claim that, then they would all have returned to Judaism, being that deeply involved in True interpretation and rendering.

After all, where did today’s masses of Hebraic Roots Restorers find the original Truths that they are so fast restoring?  Is it not in the original true renderings of the Scriptures?  Have they not found this notwithstanding the seemingly contrary claims of modern translations?  Where did they find the Sacred Names which have been removed from these translations?

In the Torah, which has never changed yet!

But tragically, this Restoration by certain translators have never gone the full way yet.  Some have restored ‘YHVH’ in the Tanach (OT) but refuse to restore “the ONLY Name of Salvation by which we may be saved”.And then there is the Torah (Law) opposing translations, especially of the NT which in fact claim Law rejection!

Then there are the Sacred Name translations which had restored the Sacred Names both in OT and NT.  From such Scriptures it then screams out that YAHU’SHUAH of the NT is YHVH of the OT.  And what did these wizos do in their translations?  They concocted those verses which confirm this sublime Truth of the Oneness of YHVH and YAHU’SHUAH, and with their trinitarian culture and education minds and understandings they contorted key Scriptures to claim a duality of gods rather than One True God.  Check Isa. 9:6 in various translations, especially Sacred Name ones – and you will see the blatant contortion!  I refer specifically to the Traina version and ‘The Scriptures’ of Dr Koster.  The latter being a marvelous Sacred Name restoration (overboard so, in fact), but he was a vehement contester of the Oneness Truth.

So, where do we go and which do we read?   The perfect solution would be to study Hebrew and return to the Jewish Scriptures in Hebrew!  But how would we ever have arrived at the point of making such an almost impossible decision if it were not for the mis-translated versions in which and by which we found Restoration with YHVH and His Original Truth?

HalleluYAH!  Here in lies the Wonder of Truth and True Salvation!  YHVH will redeem, draw out and away from, and Return those who truly seek, no matter how high the mounts of falsehood that covers His Jewels!

So, read them all – as many translations as you can lay your hands on – but prayerfully and seekingly!  Shall He give you a stone if you ask for Bread?

The writer also asked:  ” … do you find it acquired to use the real Name in company?”

I am not sure of your question – but no, it is not a receptive or ‘digestible’ subject to share in company (depending on who the co. is!). Apart from being unknown to most, even religious believers, it is opposed by the contrary spirits.  But it has won reception in amazing ways over the last 10 years and increasingly so.  When we discovered it from a US tract in the sixties and accepted it right off, we were regarded as ‘from evil outer space!’  Today it is almost generally known (though not accepted, of course).

We have to use it wisely, respectfully and reverently.  We shouldn’t throw our  “pearls before the swine.”

You will find further comprehensive views at Why the Sacred Name is not used in Judaism
and of course in the main Sacred Name Notes Page at 2. Bible Revelations about the Sacred Name

The writer continued: “My personal feeling is if I can get a Bible with the most true wording to the original true Word I will most definitely use and learn it.”

Just don’t allow the lack of this to stop you from finding Truth.  Read widely – the Internet is a wonder – and can be a curse also!  Just as books are in general.  His Spirit will secure you if you are honest and truly seeking – this is your only guarantee.  Only ‘rebellion’ against Truth can withhold Truth from you!

Be Blessed!

From: Web Master