QA: Is God Jewish?

Q: “Is God Jewish?
“Is God’s System a Jewish System?”
“Where does it say in Scripture that God is Jewish?”


There are many believers today, claiming adherence to the “God of Israel” which the Bible proclaims.  They all plead  ‘the blood’  of the Jewish Messiah, and intend to enter His Jewish Kingdom to come, which will be centered in the Jewish City of Jerusalem,  in the Jewish Land of Israel.   Yet, they rebel against the very thought of anything Jewish in religion.  There are even those who claim the Jews of Israel and of the rest of the world,  to be the “Synagogue of Satan”, as referred to in Rev. 3 : 9.  These ‘believers’ don’t seem to realize that these Scriptures may be equally well applied to themselves,  who ‘profess to be Jews’ by accepting the Jewish Messiah!

Anyone reading the Bible today,  should bear in mind that it was written by Jews,  Old and New Testament,  who all followed and proclaimed the Jewish Faith as commanded and initiated by the God of Israel.   Jewish Prophets of the Bible predicted the Coming of the Messiah, Who, in time, was born from a Jewish woman, to the Jewish nation of which He became a ‘citizen’.  He spent all of His human Life as a Jew amongst Jews in a Jewish Land.  He practiced the Jewish Faith and attended the Jewish Temple where He was barmitzvah’d.  He preached in the Temple in Jewish worship services and died in Jerusalem with a Jewish inscription on His Torture Stake, sardonically claiming Him to be the King of the Jews – which indeed He is, according to the Jewish Prophets of the original Hebrew Bible!

Amazingly – the majority of His Christian followers have missed this point totally!

Astonishingly – many of them become very upset when reminded of it!

The Bible relates the history of the Jews and the purpose of God for His Chosen nation of Jews (and all those who wish to join themselves to this Divinely mandated Jewish Faith), and through this nation, for the entire world – all nations.  Its main theme is the Good News of the Setting up of the (Jewish) Kingdom of the God of Israel, to rule over all the earth with His selected ‘government’, made up of Jews from the Tribe of Judah together with rejuvenated souls of qualifying non-Jews who accepted both the Sacrifice of the Jewish Messiah as well as His Jewish System which He came to restore!  Only Satan himself would accuse such a System to be ‘the Synagogue of Satan’,  in order to conceal his own subtle Jewish-imitation system!

Reader’s Objection: “To claim that God has ethnicity is not according to the Shemah.  The Jews have no ownership of God.  Jews are men created in the image of God like all of mankind”.

A very basic analysis of the Divinely mandated “System” which God entrusted to the Jews,  would leave no one in doubt that it is a “Jewish” System,  if it needs labeling.  Why Jewish?  Because it is the System which was ordained by God to be “carried” unto the nations by the Jews,  whom YHVH elected to be the “carriers of the Oracles (the Word) of God” (Rom. 3:2).  To no other nation was this entrusted – those that appointed themselves,  like the Christians,  in fact lost it – the Law and the Testimony (Isa. 8:20  “To the Law and to the Testimony … if they speak not accordingly, it is because there is no light in them.”) (The Law referring to all 613 Laws and the Testimony to the Oneness of YHVH / YAHU’SHUAH).

The Jews have the Law as well as the right God of the Bible ON the Throne – they simply fail to see the Messiahship of the One on the Throne – and this was Divinely decreed also (Rom. 8)  Who shall then dare to take up the whip against Jews?

The very fact that one may be prone to an inner rebelling feeling at the thought of having to adopt the “Jewish Faith”,  is proof of the extent to which Satan has done his groundwork in disfiguring the “Original True Faith”.  This rebellion is evident even amongst those who have become aware of their “Hebraic Roots” – a fast growing masse movement in these ‘last’ days, commonly known as the Hebraic Restoration Movement.  Followers of this movement find themselves at various stages of having accepted various tenets of the Original true Hebrew or Biblical Faith – the original roots of Christianity, it is claimed.   These  include restoration of the 7th Day Sabbath (Saturday), the Jewish Feasts, the Sacred Hebrew Names of God and of the Messiah,  Jewish Law (Torah),  kosher food and cooking, etc.   In this process,  all the fruits of this historic original Faith are claimed.  The apostle Paul referred to it as ‘a Tree’ of which the original Hebraic Faith was the root (Rom. 11:16-24).  Even the leaves and the branches are claimed – but the stem and the roots are discarded by the modern discoverers of their ‘original Hebraic roots’. Most refuse to convert to Judaism, and become very anti-Semitic at the proposed idea – but for the exception of a small minority, from all nations.

Time is fast running out!  The Restoration of the “Fallen Tabernacle of David” will be completed at His Return.  His Kingdom will be a “Jewish” Kingdom (Sabbath, Feast Days, Law) NOT a Christian Kingdom (Sunday, Easter, Xmas).  God is not divided – He is ONE and His System is ONE.

It would be wise to analyze that rebelling feeling NOW before it may be too late!

So, in conclusion – it is not about the ‘nationality’ of God,  but rather about His System, which is undeniably equivalent to what the world today recognizes as “Judaism”.

Reader’s Objection:

“The issue in Scripture is that Israel (the Jews) failed The One True God. With all the Blessings bestowed on them, they did in fact crucify Him”.

The New Testament itself, gives the correct answer, when properly translated (as in the ‘catholic'(!) translation of the ‘Jerusalem Bible’ – Darton, Longman & Todd, London)

Eph 2:11 (Adapted here with Sacred Names restored by editor of BIBLE REVELATIONS, and editorial comments appearing in black print.  Read this portion attentively first in your own Bible before carefully considering this presentation here)

“Do not forget, that there was a time when you who were pagans physically,  termed the Uncircumcised (that is non-Jews, but specifically the rejected House of the Northern 10 Tribes of Israel, exiled amongst the nations where they lost their Israel identity …. do not forget that you had no Messiah (before) and were excluded from membership of Israel (cut off from the Covenant by God and exiled amongst the pagan nations.  So, something had to be arranged to make you members of Israel again) aliens with no part in the Covenants with their Promises. You were immersed in this world without  Hope and without  God (no longer part of the Covenant.  So, you had to be reconciled, brought back into the Covenant – like Judah is – with YHVH).

But now in YAHU’SHUAH Messiah, you that used to be so far apart from us (the authors of Eph.2 – i.e. Jews), have been brought very close by the Blood of Messiah (You have been bought at a very high Price).  For He is the Peace (Restoration) between us (Jews and rejected 10-Israel) and has made the two (Jews and reconciled 10-Tribers) into One (what?) and broken down the barrier(?) which used to keep them apart, actually destroying in His own Person the hostility(rebellion) caused by the rules and decrees of the (Jewish. Levitical) Law (This rebellion by 10-Israel and pagans against the Law was the barrier that kept them apart from Jews.

This scripture is twisted by Grace-only’s,  to imply that Messiah did away with the Law itself,  rather than that He removed the rebellion against the Law from the hearts of the receiving pagans, as confirmed in Jer. 31:31-33 and Ezek 11: 17-21, placing His Spirit in them, thereby instilling a love for obedience to the Law on their hearts and minds).  This was to create One Single New Man (“Adam” restored,  abiding to ‘Jewish’ Law) in Himself (Who meticulously kept the Law) out of the two of them (Judah and 10-Israel) and by restoring Peace, through the Cross,  to unite them both in a Single Body (Is this Body Christian or Jewish?  If a ‘Christian’ Body, then He failed miserably, because there are few, if any, Torah observant Jews in Christianity, just an unbridgeable void.  If this ‘Single Body’ refers to the Jewish Body, then it is confirmed by those Messianic believers, the Hebraic Restoration movement of late, who are discovering their Hebraic Roots and who go all the way to joining up fully with the Body of Jews into ONE Body) and reconcile them (both) with God.

In His own person He killed the hostility (against the Law – not the Law itself or the Body!) Through Him, both of us (Jew and reconciled 10-Triber or converted pagan) have in the One Spirit our Way to come to the Father.

So, you (reconciled ones) are no longer aliens or foreigners (non-Jews); you are citizens like all the Tzadikim (righteous Jews) and part of God’s Household (12-Israel, as represented by custom and religion in Judaism) (3:5) This Mystery that has now been revealed … was unknown to any men in past generations.  It means that pagans (including degenerated and lost 10-Israel, now non-Jews) now share (together with Jews and as Jews) the same inheritance (- the inheritance was not taken away from Jews – it is now SHARED by pagans also!).  They are part of the SAME BODY (of Judaism /12- Israel) and the same Promise (as had been made unto 12-Israel of old) has been made to them (the pagans and lost Israelites) in Messiah, through the Good News! (that He, God in the manifested shape of man, will sacrifice His Life in order to reconcile them into Covenant relation with all its Divine Blessings)”