QA: How does the Oneness doctrine differ from others?

Q: “What is the difference between the pure Oneness teaching and any other non-Oneness theology, like the doctrine of the Trinity and the more recent “Compound Unity” and  “two *YHVHs”  teachings?  Those who teach these latter theories, all claim to be centered on ‘ONE true YHVH'”.

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They all have to proclaim “ONE” God,  in order to conform with Scripture – but then they twist it to 2, 3 or a multiplicity.

The  ‘2 YHVHs’ teaching, in particular,  is a “horror” teaching, because the advocates thereof have advanced deep enough into Scripture,  to have to admit that Messiah, before His earthly existence, was indeed YHVH the Creator.  Yet, they have resultantly created the “2 YHVHs” theory in order to deprive Messiah of any real claim to outright Supremacy, which certainly belongs to YHVH, the Creator God of Israel!   They then degrade Him to an inferior position below an illusionary “other” YHVH!  Can you imagine, YHVH’s Greatest Commandment and exclamation that He is ONE (Deut 6:4), is turned upside down? The most basic of mathematics, the figure ONE is contorted to become 2 and even 3 with others!!!  God Almighty is corrected on an elementary fact!

The KEY for anyone to find Truth in this matter, is according to the following Test:  “Where does a specific teaching place Messiah in relation to YHVH, the One True God of Israel?  Do they place Him ON His Throne as YHVH, or next to His own Throne?

The reason many believers in the Messiah would want to see Him rather next to the Throne than on the Throne,  is that these promoters and believers in the non-Oneness teachings,  lack that overflowing Love for Him,  in order to exalt Him to the utmost height of Heights.  They have this image of a “Holy Supreme God”,  which position they reserve for some other Being above Messiah. This is the “unknown Father” figure in the Trinity;  and the “first YHVH” Who is placed above Messiah, Who is then claimed to be the “2nd YHVH”  in the 2-YHVH’s teaching.    When shown on the Scriptural Oneness of YHVH, followers of any non-Oneness teaching,  will insist on delving deeper into Scripture in order to find ‘proof’ for their downgrading of Messiah.  It is amazing to see what extent they will go to,  in order to confirm their belief.

These people should realise that HaSatan (satan, the fallen arch angel, Lucifer) has as his mission,  the exaltation of himself above YHVH – to usurp YHVH’s Throne.  Thus,  this “unknown superior being” which they proclaim, could well be HaSatan himself!    It must be stressed that most of these believers are doing so in ignorance.  They have been misled by the arch-liar.  Why they fall short in their love for Messiah,  is a mystery.  Those who have a burning urge to raise Him to the Uppermost, should be extremely thankful!

Any thorough student of Scripture should know undeniably, that YHVH Himself  appeared as a Malach (angelic Being) to Avraham,  to Manoah and his wife, to many others according to the Tanach,  and later as the Saviour, YAHU’SHUAH the Messiah..

Please refer to the Bible Course at– consisting of four lessons only,  which comprehensively explain these Personal manifestations of YHVH from Scripture, and finally reveal the Oneness Truth.  However, many believers, even after admitting to these explicit Scriptures,  still fail to give Messiah the full honour as being the human manifestation of the Spirit God, YHVH.

It is true though, that no amount of explanation will ever reveal the sublime Truth of the Oneness,  unless God reveals it to to the searching believer.  He has promised to reveal Himself to anyone who is searching for Him in true and honest humility of spirit – those who are willing to exalt Him to that Glorious position of being the Most High YHVH Himself.  On the other hand, He will not impose on those who wish to degrade Him, to whatever small degree it may be.

Many believers will contend that YHVH is so superior and exalted, that it is beyond man’s comprehension – it is an area who should not endeavor to treed into, they will say.  This is most probably rather a defensive barrier behind which they hide,  a barrier set up by those who are confronted by the Truth, and who are hesitant to admit to His full Greatness.