QA: End of the World in sight?

Q: “Do you think the world is going to end sometime soon?”.


Yes – if we may keep the word ‘soon’ somewhat flexible.  It could be really soon, like in months – or soon, like in years or a few decades.  Centuries or millennia? – No!  My personal expectations? – rather sooner than later.

The positive side of this question is that, should this world ‘end’,  then it means the BEGINNING of the New World under the Rulership of God Almighty directly from Jerusalem in Israel,  is at hand.

The time piece of God’s Program, is Jerusalem.  Most of the prophecies in the Tanach (Old testament) are concerned with “That Day”, when God will set up His Kingdom of Peace and restore Jerusalem to its destined Glory as a Testimony to the nations and according to His Promises.  The Promise is for Israel and ANY individual who wishes to abide by His Purpose and conditions.

Thus, the “end’ of this current world system, should pose no fear to anyone who sincerely follows Him and looks forward to ’emigrating’ to His Kingdom under His Rule.

THIS, in short, is the True ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ – a Message which has been greatly misinterpreted by would-be followers of God.

Why do I believe the ‘End’ is close?  Because of what’s happening in and around Jerusalem – God’s Sign Piece for the world.  The current ‘Battle for Jerusalem’  between Israel and the Palestinians (the pawn of the Arab nations and of Islam),  according to ancient Bible Prophecies,  will escalate to World War 111  which, if God does not personally intervene to save Israel from nuclear annihilation,  would mean the end of His ‘Chosen Nation’.  This, He took an Oath would never happen to Israel (Read Ezek ch 20).  Never before in history was such a nuclear confrontation, as predicted by Biblical Prophecy, even remotely possible.  Today, it is a very real threat with Israel possessing nuclear capability, and its enemy neighbours, Iraq and Iran, well on its way to nuclear capability.  Muslim Pakistan, already has the ‘bomb’!  The Arabs, through the Palestinians, are pushing for an unwarranted possession of Jerusalem – and the whole world backs them!  So, it really is a ‘declaration of War on God’!

Then also, Prophecy predicts a “Time of Great Trouble like the world has never seen’, just before the setting up of His Kingdom.  The world is currently heading for just such a catastrophe, threatened by a confluence of several unique events unparalleled in history – each one of these powerful enough to cause major World Chaos.

These currently raging or threatening events are comprehensively reviewed in the BIBLE REVELATIONS Web Site and can be found by clicking on the following Pages:

Warning Signs of impending World Chaos?  – Several world shaking events are threatening to  fulfill the ancient Biblical Prophecies of   “A Time of Great Distress”  to come over the world,  just before the establishment of The Kingdom of God from Jerusalem in Israel.

“JERUSALEM – Countdown to Armageddon”FREE on-line copy of 160 page book reviewing the amazing fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy in the history of Israel to date – and how the current Middle East unrest  will lead to a Nuclear Holocaust,  necessitating the physical Return of Messiah to save Israel from total annihilation and set up His Kingdom to rule over the earth from Jerusalem.

Conclusion on Y2K

The New World Order of the Kingdom of YHVH which will be established by the returning Messiah,  over all nations,  from Jerusalem

“Declaring War on God” Any non-Israeli power today, claiming rights over Jerusalem, or accusing Israel of having designs on world domination (Illuminati), simply do not conform with the Divine Mandate of God, and are direct challenges  against the Plan of God for Jerusalem and all Mankind.  This confrontation with God will culminate in the Final War of Gog and Magog (War of Armageddon), as foretold, 3000 years in advance, in the Bible.

The only true security that one has under the circumstances, is to ensure that one is spiritually prepared and that one conforms to God’s requirements.  The reward for that, is Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God.

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