Paul’s blatant misapplication of a Divine Sign

In Galatians 2:7 Paul once more recognizes his mandate to preach to ‘non-Jews’:  “I had been commissioned to preach the Good News to the uncircumcised…” and then he makes an astonishing statement in total contradiction of what the NT states about the mission of the apostle Peter.  Paul claims “… just as Peter had been commissioned to preach to the circumcised.

Contrary to Paul’s statement that Peter was called to evangelize “the circumcised” (the Jews),  Acts 10 records a very explicit Divine confirmation to Peter that he should preach to non-Jews,  because “what God has made clean, you have no right to call profane.” Peter was given a Divine Vision, in preparation for God sending a non-Jewish Messianic convert, Cornelius,  to him for further guidance.

From this event we also clearly note the exclusively pro-Jewish and Jewish-only attitude of the early Messianic era, which grew out of Judaism in a Jewish Land, amongst Jews primarily at first.  To correct this selective attitude, God had to show Peter in a vision, that the Good News should be preached to non-Jews, who should not be regarded as ‘profane’ by the Jewish Messianics, because God regards them as ‘cleansed’ also, when they come into the Faith.

The Vision used by God for this purpose (Acts 10:10),  entails a container of mixed animals, birds and crawling insects, with the Divine Command to Peter to “Eat!” – which he refused, of course, being a Jew.  This vision is also often misapplied by Torah rejecting Messianics, who claim it to be a Divine rejection of the  ‘Kosher’ dietary laws of the Jews and a Divine sanction for eating whatever one pleases.  The logical counter reasoning would be: “Does God now allow us to eat all those crawling animals, snakes, rats and vultures which no doubt were in that container? Do we really wish to eat these?”

Peter got the correct Message after deep contemplation of this strange vision, as he admits to Cornelius:

Acts 10:28 “You know that it is forbidden for Jews to mix with people of another race and visit them, but God has made it clear to me that I must not call anyone profane or unclean …”

How clearly it depicts the resistance of those first Jewish Messianics to bring the Gospel to pagans, gentiles, 10-Israelites or anyone non-Jewish?  So much for those, who think that the original disciples of Messiah and the early Messianic congregations were Christians and churches!  Far from it!  They were as exclusively Jewish as the Messiah Himself was an orthodox Jew!

Yet, it was the Divine Intention to “bring the Gospel to pagans”, in order to conform and acquaint them to the One True original Bible Faith – Judaism.  Moreover, it was His Intention to reconcile exiled and rejected 10-Israel with His Covenant once more, like the Bridegroom taking back His Divorced and rejected Bride!