Jerusalem – Divine “Signal to the nations”

The foremost,  yet most ignored Divine Signal of fulfilment of Biblical Prophecy, is enshrouded in the ‘Final Status of Jerusalem’ conditions,  to be determined in Peace Talks between the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority who both claim sole rights to Jerusalem and its Holy Places.  These Talks now seem to have been abandoned on the rocks without any solution, while a protracted war situation between the Palestinians and the Israelis is raging.  Before the New York Islamic Terror Attack, there were expectations of a major regional war in the Middle East. In the aftermath of these barbaric attacks, Jerusalem is once more dragged onto the scene.  The US support of Israel in its ‘occupation of Palestinian territory’ has been given as one of the main causes which inspired Osama Bin Laden to wipe out some 2300 innocent civilians, classed by Bin Laden’s understanding of Islamic principles, as worthless and despicable ‘infidels’.

The US now intends to use the Palestinian issue to ‘befriend’ and appease the Arabs, in an effort to broaden their support base amongst Arabs in their declared War against Terror.  To achieve this, the US is prepared to force Israel into bartering the Holy City of Jerusalem and the Promised Land, in exchange for the ‘peace’ undertakings of the Palestinians who the US will then reward with a Palestinian State – and all that, while the US is fighting Arafat’s colleague, Osama Bin Laden!

The September 11 event happened at the moment that the Bush Administration was putting the final touches on a Middle East initiative, which included recognition of a Palestinian State, endorsement of the Mitchell Plan, and position statements about Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem.  This initiative was to be shared with the Saudi Ambassador to the United Nations on Sept. 13, with a formal presentation to the U.N. General Assembly by Secretary of State Colin Powell on September 23.  This meeting never occurred as the UN did not convene for weeks after the Attack, for security reasons.  This did not stop Bush and Powell who now took the matter into the open.

Koenig’s International News <> in a revealing article, notes that the three largest insurance claims in United States history all have direct connection to American involvement in the Middle East Peace talks when Israel was pressured to give up God’s Covenant Land in exchange for peace.  Click here for an extract  of this article

In his first public statement after the US war on Afghanistan had started, Bin Laden, for the first time, publicly associated himself with the Palestinian claim to Jerusalem and the Holy Land.  “There will be no peace and security for Americans”, he promised, “until the Palestinians have peace and security.”  This statement was welcomed by Palestinians and Arabs generally..

Bin Laden was sure to find a unifying communal Arab Cause in taking on himself the Palestinian Cause. The official Iraqi News Agency had earlier in the year reported that more than 7 million men and women – nearly a third of the 22 million Iraqi population – volunteered to liberate “all of Palestine”.

Though the New York Terror attack seems to be drawing away the spotlight from the Israel Arab conflict with Jerusalem as its Prime Object,  the truth is that the core cause of the now universal build-up of the Islamic conflict – the unifying Islamic objective,  remains to be Jerusalem and the destruction of the Jewish State.  Unwittingly the rest of the world shares in this objective by its opposition of Judaism and the Jewish Cause.  This Cause is defined in the Bible as the guarding of the Principles and the ultimate establishment of the Kingdom of God.  The motives underlying the constant persecution that the Jews had to endure throughout history, remains to be targeted at the prevention of the evolution of this Kingdom. The USA and the rest of the non-Islamic world has elected to assist in this prevention.

Is it mere co-incidence that the future of Jerusalem has reached its critical watershed now,  at the historical beacon of the entry into the 7th millennium?

For decades now, the Arab-Israel conflict was a potential fuse to the igniting of an international military confrontation – dreadedly of nuclear magnitude.  The Year 1997 will go down in history as the year in which “The Battle for Jerusalem” revealed itself to the entire world, in a matter of weeks, as the culminating flashpoint in the Middle East.   The Final Countdown to Armageddon has begun!

The ultimate outcome of this Battle for Jerusalem could be the Trigger to thrust the world into the Biblically prophesied fiery Abyss of Armageddon – the Final cataclysmic War of Wars, referred to by the Prophets as the War of Gog &  Magog!

Gradually it is becoming clear, that not Arab interests, not Palestinian oppression, not Jewish occupation, not territory, nor Peace, is really the issue – but, control of Jerusalem, now emerges as the flashpoint to, what Ancient Biblical Prophecies, as long as 3000 years ago, predicted would be the Cause for a Final World War of catastrophic magnitude – marking “The End of the World”.

Suddenly the Jewish 3000-year old claim to it’s ancient capitol – the central theme of Jewish prayer throughout its 2000-year exile from the Land – is vehemently opposed by the Palestinians who have never yet had a capital city, and who’s official religion, Islam, regards Jerusalem as only the third most important in the world.  The Israeli government initially vowed that Jerusalem will remain the “eternal undivided Jewish Capitol” – but under pressure from the USA and Europe, Israel, under Sharon have since buckled in and will now comply.  And behind the scenes, the Pope is making urgent overtures for internationalisation of Jerusalem under his control as Peacemaker.  In concert, the whole world has turned against Israel, denying the Jewish right to their ancient Biblical capitol – even the Jewish government itself is turning against its own people in opposing and denying its Divine Biblical heritage.

The Bible is brimful of Divine Oaths that Jerusalem would be restored by the remnant of its ancient Jewish nation,  in preparation for the establishment of the physical Kingdom of God on earth.  The last few decades have witnessed this unprecedented return of the exiled Jews from the four corners of the earth, after 2000 years’ living amongst other nations – and the rebuilding of ancient Jerusalem into a modern City.  This Regathering onto soil which in the interim had become a land of dispute between many nations, now became the cause of great friction between Jews and Arabs.  The ‘new’ Jewish State, declared in May 1948, was the cause of several wars with the potential every time, to ignite an international confrontation.  Nuclear warfare is now an open option, with Arab countries like Iraq and Iran frantically scrambling to create these weapons of mass destruction – while it is ‘an open secret’, that Israel has nuclear capabilities which it would not hesitate to use as its “Samson option” – namely, pushed far enough, to bring the whole building down rather than surrender its ownership.