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In our effort to be a valuable service to our readers, we link on this page the most valuable resources on the internet today. Topics are placed into sections, advice is given and links are provided for your convenience and erudition.


These links confirm and expound on the general topic headings under which we place these Links.  This does not mean that we agree with other teachings that may be mentioned or referred to in these Linked Sites.

General Links

Comprehensive and in-depth research information on Bible topics like:

  • Prophecy: The Great Tribulation, prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelations; Preparing for the Kings of the East; Reidentification and Return of the Lost 10 Tribes and their Reconciliation with Judah
  • Messiah:  Rabbi meets Messiah; Messiah and Hillel
  • Israel:  The Last 7 years before Messiah Comes; Zionist, neo-Cons and Sabbatean Jews; Biblical festivals
  • Misc.: The Hebrew Nazarene ecclesia;  Bible archeology; dissent in the early Church; planetary catastrophes and the Final Apocalypse; Vatican’s claims to Jerusalem; One World government;

– and much, much more valuable research information!

Brit Am

The most authoritative Web Site presenting Yair Davidy’s research and commentaries on the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel and the Restoration and re-uniting of the estranged 2 Houses of Israel.  BRIT-AM – working to re-unite the southern (Judah), and the northern (Ephraim),  kingdoms of Israel   In-depth studies on this exciting subject which is in the process of fulfillment of one of the most astounding Bible Prophecies of all time.

The KOL HATOR Vision for the Restoration of Israel

Know how YOUR Life will be affected by this Greatest Event that the world has ever seen – which is now taking shape – and how it will affect everyone else on Earth!

The regathering and rebirth of Re-united 12-tribed Israel as foretold 3000 years in advance in the Bible.

This Event, according to hints given in the Bible, is to take place when the “Voice of the Turtle Dove“ (Kol HaTor) is discerned. In addition, the main theme of Prophecy throughout the Bible entails the formation through the return from exile across the World of that seemingly invincible nation, the Jews – or, in its broader Biblical application – the full 12-Tribed nation of Israel.

Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful

Read their personal witness of the great archaeological discoveries under the Temple Mount which are frustrated by the Israeli government under pressure of the Arabs in their urgent attempts to conceal and eradicate the hitherto hidden proof of Jewish ownership of the Temple Mount and Jerusalem.

Oneness, Sacred Name and Torah

Spiritual Abuse

Links to several studies by various authors on Oneness v. Trinity

Nazarene Israelite  / Messianic Jewish Websites


They worship exclusively in Orthodox Jewish synagogues (where available) and cooperate with Orthodox rabbis.  The Netzarim have been restored to their 1st-century historical Judaic heritage within the Orthodox Jewish community,  who continued to live in harmony in the Jewish community — and, as Eusebius most pointedly recorded — in opposition to Christianity into the 4th century.

Qumran Bet Sacred Name Community

Extensive Sacred Names Sites Directory.

Online Sacred Name Bibles and Study Programs

Read our note on how to evaluate a bible translation! (See below)

Sacred Name King James Version

Presented by

The Scriptures (Dr Koster)

Replaces many traditional English terms in an attempt to sanctify the textual language.  But refer to Note on how to evaluate the spirit of translation. (See below)

World English Bible

Uses ‘Yahveh’ in the Old Testament & ‘Jesus’ in the New Testament

Jewish Commentaries on Torah and Tanach

The Ante-Nicene Fathers

Translations Note

To test a translation for its non-corruptive spirit,  one of the most affirmative test Scriptures is: Isaiah 9:5 (or 6 in some versions):

Here is the original Hebrew version and its literal word meanings:

Ki – Because
Yeled – a boy
yulad – born
lanu – to/for us
Ben – a son
natan – was given
lanu – to us
va’tehi – and shall be
ha’misrah – the rule, dominion
al Shichmoh – on his shoulder
va’yikra Shmoh – and – shall call – His Name
Peleh – Wonderful
Yoh’etz – Consultant, Councellor
El Gibor – God Mighty
Avi-ad – Father Eternal
Sar-Shalom – Ruler of Peace

The literal word meanings above,  indisputably refer to the Messiah as the  ‘Mighty God and Eternal Father’ – but when comparing different translations, it becomes clear that some translators deliberately conceal this Revelation by their manipulative renderings.  The reader may be sure that the rest of such a translation, in the many less affirmative texts, will certainly continue this cover-up.