1.9. Identifying the True Messiah

The One True Identifying Sign which so many Christian and even Jewish Messianic Teachers have refused to acknowledge:
NOW! – Renewed evidence from Tanach (Old Testament),
Brit Chadasha (New Testament),
 authoritative Jewish literature, and 
fulfillment of Prophecy right before our eyes
– by which the True Messiah is identifying Himself and His Purpose!


 BIBLE REVELATIONS is a non-proselytizing Messianic Website that is NOT directed at Jews – but at Zionist Christians, to proclaim Judaism as the One Only True Faith under Rabbinic authority to them.

If you are Jewish and want to know why you should NOT accept the ‘Christian Messiah’, then please read here what the Mandate of the ‘Christian’  Messiah really was.

What is the true Bible meaning of ‘Salvation’?

A most spectacular and stupendous Event of all time is fast taking shape across the world – God is fulfilling His Prophetic Desire to rescue the remnant of the scattered exiles of all 12 the ancient Tribes of Israel, from the four corners of the earth, and resettling them in Israel,  the Land of their forefathers to whom He had covenanted it by Divine Oath.  This entails not only the regathering of the Jews (remnants of the ancient Tribe of Judah), but, more spectacularly also,  the re-identifying of the hitherto ‘Lost Ten Tribes’ of ancient Israel, intermingled with the nations since their exile from Israel, nearly 3000 years ago.  The uproar that this repatriation and Biblically prophesied ‘Return to Zion’ is causing in the international arena of nations, is clearly evident in the troubling Times that the world has entered into – a world faced by international terror of draconic proportions;  a broiling Middle East, constantly threatening to unleash a Doomsday Armageddon holocaust on a tottering world – problems for which the root cause is constantly blamed on Zion (the Mount of Jerusalem) and ‘the Jews’.

It is in the actual fulfillment of this Return and Reconciliation of the hitherto estranged 12 Tribes of Israel that the True Messiah identifies Himself as ‘the Shepherd of Israel’ and the Supreme Deity of all the nations of the world.

Who is this Good Shepherd?

Who will all have entry into His World Dominion?  Do you also have a chance?

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