1. The Great Return of the Ten Tribes of Israel – a Prophetic Fulfilment NOW in process!

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One of the greatest Mysteries which has been enshrouded for non-Jews and all but an enlightened few scholars in the Bible, throughout until the mid 90’s, revolves around the exile, disappearance from history, and the whereabouts of the Ten Northern Tribes of the ancient United Kingdom of Israel.  This left only the Tribe of Judah (the Jews) identified as the historic “people of the Book”, Israel (or Israelites, Israelis) to this day.

Where are the Ten Tribes?

The Ten Tribes of Israel constituted the far greater majority of the ancient Hebrew nation, i.e. 10/12ths, measured by the number of Tribes of Israel.  Many nations have disappeared from history, but the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel are unique because their future re-identification, their regathering and reuniting with the House of Judah (the Jews), and the restoration of the 12 Tribed United Kingdom of Israel,  has been foretold by Bible Prophecy and speculated upon by Bible students throughout the centuries.  This reunited 12-Tribed House of Israel, according to the overwhelming masse of evidence presented in the Bible by its ancient Prophets, will form the Kingdom of God to rule over the world from Jerusalem in the Middle East.

Gradually over the last decade, this Mystery has become unveiled as God began removing the veil of secrecy that He had placed over the nations as protection for His people. Equally enshrouded were these Prophecies which form the far greater proportion of all Bible Prophecy, concerning the regathering and reuniting of the two estranged Houses of Israel.  But, as the Mystery unfolds, the pace of revelation on the topic and the actual process itself is gathering momentum, like a great Tsunami wave of knowledge and insight into this Mystery, encompassing the earth.

What Bible Prophecy describes as The Greatest Event of all time, to take place in the history of the “nation of the Book”, Israel,  is now in process of fulfillment – in these very days of our time.  If the Return of the Jews (from the Israelite Tribe of Judah) in 1948 to their ancient Homeland, Israel, was a Divine Miracle after 2000 years of universal dispersion and exile (as it has been acclaimed by Bible scholars of repute) then Prophecy foretells an even Greater Event – the re-identification and Return of the ‘lost’ Ten Tribes of Israel, after 3000 years of dispersion amongst all nations of the world, to be reunited with Judah into one restored United Kingdom of 12-Tribed Israel!

The amazing part of this Prophetic Event is that the Land which had been promised to ancient 10-Israel (the Northern Ten Tribes which became “lost” amongst the nations due to their exile) is actually the much-disputed “occupied territories” in Israel.  While Israel today is being pushed by the entire world to relinquish their control on this disputed land which the Palestinians, backed by the entire world claim as land stolen from them by the Jews, it remains to be seen what the outcome really will be – and whether the Bible’s predictions will come true, that God will rule over the nations, through His restored and spiritually refined 12-Tribed Nation and that it will be the re-identified lost Ten Tribes of Israel that will settle those mountains of their forefathers. This disputed Land is referred to in the Bible as ‘Samaria’ (Hebrew:  ‘Shomron’).

Behold! – the Kingdom of God!

Heard about the new buzzword? – The ‘Hebrew (or Hebraic) Roots Restoration’ movement of late is filled with ever new and interesting Bible Revelations which drive millions of seriously seeking Bible searchers to their ‘Jewish Roots’!  God is waking up millions of Hebrew Roots Christians to their true, original identity, as being the Ten long Lost Tribes of Israel. In this ‘evolutionary’ process, many of these restorers have become known as Christian Zionists, and their Voice is being heard in increasing measure in support of Israel, the Jews, and Jerusalem under Jewish jurisdiction.  This all according to Divine Intent as defined in the Bible. Other restorers refuse to share any Christian identity any longer and regard themselves as ‘Messianic Israel’, ‘Hebraic Roots Restorers’, ‘Ephraim’, ‘Yoseph’, ‘Ten Tribers’, ‘True Israelites’ and a host of other undefined titles.

The result? – these staunch Bible believers share the common urge to restore in their new found ‘faith’, the Biblical (Jewish) Sabbath, the Jewish Biblical Feasts,  Torah observation, Hebrew language, and support for Israel and the Jews in their battle against Islamic Terror and disapproval by the nations.

It does not end there – there even is a clamouring call and search for means for them to ‘Return’ to the physical Land of Israel, which they now regard as their ancient Homeland and Divine Inheritance together with Judah (the Jews).  These people come from all walks of life – they come out of Christianity,  from amongst Islam, yes! – and even from the secular world’.  Because they are not united and appear around the world as small unrelated and unassociated groups, even individuals, their voice is not heard en masse.  There are moves by leaders amongst them, to raise a combined Voice.  A noted association, claiming to simply be “A Vision” and representing both Houses of Israel, Jewish (Rabbinic) and 10-Israel, is KOL HATOR, operating from Jerusalem and from within the Shomron (Samaria, “occupied” territories) in Israel.

Ancient Bible Prophecy, 3000 years ahead of time, have foretold for “the End Times’,  a Return by these Ten Tribes, who had rejected the Torah of G-d and His mandated ‘caretakers’ of His Law and Customs, the Tribe of Judah.  This Return to Torah (Law and System of the Creator God of Israel) would be a guarantee of the authenticity of their intentions because mankind’s nature is to rebel against God’s Law and ‘Jewish’ System and Customs.

The current increasing threat posed by Islamic terrorism, not only to Israel but to the entire non-Islamic world, together with the internationally supported call for an Arab Palestinian State’ to share the Land of Israel with the currently beleaguered Jewish State (an idea well supported by the Jewish government itself!),  will simply serve to bring about a renaissance in Judaism, in which Jews will recognize and claim the Land of Israel as their God-given and therefore inalienable inheritance.  The government of Israel and the far greater majority of the Jewish nation (probably 60% +) deny the reality of this Biblically proclaimed Divine Right and vehemently oppose the seriously religious minority (5%) who claim this Right and who have settled in the Biblical Land – labeled “occupied territories” by the world.  Leftist Israeli rulers, like Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni,  Simon Peres (Israel President), and almost the entire government of Israel are hell-bent on fulfilling their anti-Torah intentions of giving 90% of the Biblical Promised Land (promised to Israel, 12 Tribes) to the enemies of Israel. The Feb. 2009 elections in Israel though, have shown a remarkable drift to the right, as Jews are becoming aware that pleasing the enemy does not bring Peace but the prospect of losing their Land to their sworn enemies.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, though somewhat more leaning towards the rights of his Jewish nation to the Land,  still sways to the pressures of world leaders and flirts with the Left in order to appease the world.  The new Muslim favouring president of the USA, Barack Hussein Obama (if that is not a Muslim name, what is?), is taking a firm stand and is demanding that the Jews remove themselves out of the Shomron and “all occupied territories”.  If indeed the Bible is correct that there is a Creator Who claims to be the “God of Israel”, then Obama has certainly audaciously declared “War on God” (refer to our study on this topic).

It will require a total ‘renaissance’ in Judaism to open the Gates of Return for the pounding masses of lovers of Zion, Judah, and the God of Israel, waiting outside.

But the thrust of this reawakening will be directed also at the re-identifying Hebraic Roots Restoration Movement. The more they realize the centrality of Israel and the Jews in God’s overall Plan for mankind, the more they will identify not only with the One True Biblically proclaimed Faith of the God of Israel, Judaism, but also with the physical claiming and settlement of the Land of Israel in expectation of the Divine Promise of the establishment of the Universal Rule of the Kingdom of God from Jerusalem.

In this way,  the Divine Covenant will be reaffirmed and the centrality of the Torah in government and private life be restored.  The proper realization amongst reawakening 10 Tribers should also stop their destructive actions of evangelizing and proselytizing of Jews,  whereby Jews are dragged away from their historic religious culture and Bible-founded faith, from the very Faith to which God is busy restoring 10-Israel after 3000 years of exile.

God promised it, and it is fast materializing today!

Sections Index and Short Reviews:

1.1. Restoration of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel

Behold! – the miraculous fulfillment of Prophecy before our eyes. After 2700 years of lost Identity amongst the nations of the world, the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, the ‘Skeleton’ of Ezekiel’s Prophecy – is coming ALIVE!

Proof that we are standing at the dawn of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

1.2. Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel

Jerusalem will be called “the Throne of YHVH…” Jeremiah. 3:17 “I shall live here amongst the sons of  Israel forever” – Ezekiel. 43:7

Why then do the nations of the world deny Israel any Jurisdiction over the City of Jerusalem and the Promised Land?

1.3. Evangelizing or Proselytizing of Jews – A Divine Order or Taboo?

If the New Testament is so clear and emphatic that ‘God blinded the Jews’ to the recognition of the Messiah, is their proselytizing zeal then not tantamount to a challenge against the Decree of God?

Notwithstanding Paul’s repeated admissions that his mandate was to the non-Jews, he nevertheless persisted in going “to the Jew first”. Proof from the NT of Paul’s blatant misapplication of a Divine Sign.

1.4. The Greatest Obstacle to the reunification of the 2 Houses of Israel

Proselytizing, evangelizing, or missionizing of Jews is the single most important obstacle which prevents the 2 estranged Houses of Israel  (i.e. Jews and Messianics, Christian Zionists) from uniting.

1.5. Rabbinic sources of Torah proof  about possessing the Promised Land

Who owns the Land in the disputed territories of Israel which the world accuses Israel of illegally occupying? What does the Bible claim about the ownership of this Biblical Land?

1.6. True Gospel

Revealing Scriptural evidence that the popular Gospel preached in the world today, has missed the Core Issue of the True Messianic Gospel.

1.7. Fullness of the Gentiles

Is it the duty of Christians and Messianics to ‘save Jews’?

Why do Jews not accept the ‘Christian’ Messiah?

How could Messianics provoke the Jews to jealousy?

1.8. Return the Captives of Israel, My People

This article reveals stunning proof of how the Greatest Message of the Bible has been concealed and contorted, how it smothered the Bible Proclamation of:

  • Freedom to the Captives;
  • the core reason for Y’SHUAH’s Coming;
  • the core Divine stipulation and requirement for entry to the Kingdom

Read how you too can be part of this Miracle which is so clearly described in the Original Hebrew version of the Bible

1.9. Revealing the Messiah’s role in The Return of the Lost 10 Tribes

Learn about the 2-phased Jewish Messiah now! And what His Divine Mandate truly is for His first and His second Advent. Understand His role in The Return of Israel, especially the Lost Ten Tribes – and the Jews.  Why Jews should not and would not accept His first Advent.

1.10. Until Shiloh come

Did the Advent of Messiah 2000 years ago, annul the leadership and rule of Rabbinic authority and vested it in the Messiah?  – or would Judah retain religious leadership until His future Coming as ‘Messiah ben David’?

1.11. Judah – “the Lawgiver of God”

Awesome Biblical Proof that:

Judah is the Judicial Authority (Mechoqeck) of the Creator God on earth.  Judah is the sole representative of the Kingdom of YHVH on earth.  The Rabbinical leadership is the authorized Teacher of the Law of God and its interpretation – AND ABOVE ALL! – – – Judah is ?……READ ON for this staggering Revelation, direct from the Bible!

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