1.6. The One True Gospel of the Kingdom

The Authentic Version

Matthew 24:14And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the End come.”

Revealing Scriptural evidence that the popular Gospel preached in the world today, has missed the Core Issue of the True Messianic Gospel.
  • The True Mandate of the Messiah has been high jacked and contorted by popular Christian interpretation

  • Judaism, offended by this counterfeit interpretation, have overlooked the true Messianic Mandate of Mashiach ben Yosef as the Redeemer NOT of Judah (Jews), but of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel in dispersion amongst the nations.

How does one become part of His Kingdom? How do I avail myself of the Offer ‘to be saved for His Kingdom?’

Finding the Bible’s Authentic version of the Gospel

First of all, what is the meaning of the term, the ‘Gospel’?

Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Gospel: a word of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning …”Good News”. It is the rendering of the Greek  ‘evangelion’  i.e., “Good Message.”   It denotes

  1. the welcome intelligence of salvation to man …
  2. It was afterwards transitively applied to each of the four histories of (Messiah’s) life (in the Bible i.e. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), published by those who are therefore called ‘Evangelists’,  writers of the history of the Gospel (the evangelion).
  3. The term is often used to express collectively the Gospel doctrines; and ‘preaching the gospel’ is often used to include not only the proclaiming of the good tidings, but the teaching men how to avail themselves of the offer of  salvation, the declaring of all the truths, precepts, promises, …it is termed “the Gospel of the grace of God” ( Act 20:24), “the Gospel of the Kingdom” ( Mat  4:23), “the Gospel of Christ” ( Rom 1:16), “the Gospel of peace (Eph 6:15), “the glorious Gospel,” “the everlasting Gospel,” “the Gospel of salvation” ( Eph 1:13).

In essence therefore, the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’, is  “the Good News and Proclamation of all the Divine Truths, Precepts, Conditions, Requirements and Promises to mankind, as is required to avail oneself of the Divine Offer to enter the Kingdom of God which will replace the current world system, in a future dispensation of Peace.”

Chances are, that you have never heard of this version of the Gospel which this Web Page will proclaim;  and/or that you are following a Gospel that does not comply with the Requirements of God.  Scripture itself warns that you run the risk of worshipping Him  ‘in vain’  if you are not following the correct version of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Mark 7:7 “In vain do they worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.”

The religious institutions and congregations of the world are full of this – man’s rules, doing away with the Rules of the Creator God.

2 Peter 1:10  “Brothers, you have been called and chosen.  Work all the harder to justify it.  If you do all these things, there is no danger that you will ever fall away.  In this way you will be granted admittance into the Eternal Kingdom of our Lord and saviour YAHU’SHUAH”.

Is ‘the Gospel’ a New Testament Christian invention?

Hebrews 4:2For unto us was the Gospel preached, as well as unto them…” (All those whom Moses brought out of Egypt – the ancient Israelites Hebr. 3:16)

1 Peter 1:25 “But the Word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the Word which by the Gospel is preached unto you.”

Romans 3:2  “The Jews were entrusted with the very Words of God.” (Stern)

Acts 7:38  “It was he (Moses) who was entrusted with Words of Life, to pass on to us.”

John 4:22 Messiah declaring to the Samaritan woman: “You worship what you do not know; we (the Jews) worship what we do know, for Salvation comes from the Jews”

It should therefore be clear, that ‘the Gospel’ of the New Testament is not something new.  It is the same Message of Salvation and the Kingdom, and of  Eternal Life, which has been proclaimed throughout the centuries – first to Israel of old, then to Israel of Messiah’s time, and through to this day.  Throughout all this time, these Words or Oracles of God (the Gospel), which were entrusted to Israel (the Jews, Rom. 3:2),  contained a Divine Invitation which was extended to all humanity – all who would accept it.

Does the Gospel which is so popularly preached by the Churches in the world today, conform to the ancient Authentic Gospel?

A Gospel based on Love and Respect for the One True God

It should be obvious, that those who do not respect and love the One True God of Israel,  the Ruler of the coming Kingdom,  can have no hope of ever entering His Kingdom.

But, what is the Scriptural Test of this Love for God?

Matt.  7:21 “Not every one that saith unto Me, ‘Lord, Lord’, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven,  but he that DOETH the Will of My Father which is in Heaven.”

John 14:15 &  21 “If you love Me, keep My Commandments … anybody who receives My Commandments and keeps them. will be one who loves Me . . . and I shall love him and show Myself to Him”  (John. 8:51).  “Verily, verily, I say unto you,  (a Divine Oath) if a man keep My saying (Word,  Commandment), he shall never see death (eternal).”

A Gospel underwritten by an Eternal Divine Covenant

Simply ‘going to church, mosque or synagogue’,  won’t qualify you for escaping Divine Judgment or for entering His Kingdom,   Complying with His Covenant (Contract) will.  (Refer to the study on “The Eternal Covenant”).

How does one comply with His Covenant?

Firstly, and logically,  you have to become a ‘contracting party’.  In this way, you then become part of His Covenant People.  Scripture is clear,  that Israel and the Jews are His Covenant nation.

There is a general conception in the world today, that the Jews are no longer His Covenant nation.  A large section of Christianity believe that they were cut off after the crucifixion of Messiah, 2000 years ago.  Scripture, as well as the unblemished nature of Divine Sanctity, confirm that the Most High can never ever retract from His side of the Covenant.

Jer. 33:23  “The Word of YHVH was addressed to Jeremiah: ‘Have you not noticed what these people say: ‘The two families which YHVH chose (after the split of the 12-tribed Kingdom of Israel into two – Israel (10 northern tribes) and Judah – with Benyamin) He has now rejected?’  So, they despise My People, whom they no longer think of as a nation.  YHVH says this: ‘If I have not created day and night and have not laid down Laws for the heavens and the earth, why, then I reject the descendants of Jacob … (v. 21) then My Covenant with David My servant might also be broken.”

Lev 26:44 (the first part of this chapter confirms the calamitous sevenfold punishment that God would bring over Israel, His Covenant people, for their failure to keep their part of the Covenant)”And yet for all that, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not cast them away, neither will I abhor them, to destroy them utterly, and to break My Covenant with them: for I am YHVH their God.

Psa 89:34 “I will not break My Covenant,  I will not revoke My given Word,  I have sworn on My Holiness, once for all and cannot turn liar to David.”

The question now arises: ‘What right has the other nations, if any, to this ‘Jewish’ Covenant, and how does one become party to this Divine Covenant?”

To answer this question, from a Scriptural standpoint, the non-conforming masses in the world have to be divided into two categories:

  • A specific category of people which almost 3000 years ago was part of Israel, but due to a Divine Order of banishment for choosing not to comply with the Covenant, were exiled and cut off from the Covenant Promises (earning eternal doom), became integrated with the other nations and became known as “the Lost ten Tribes of Israel“, and
  • The rest of humanity, made up of all other nations, races and cultures.

The authentic Scriptural Gospel of the Kingdom, will identify itself by the way in which it provides for these 2 categories of people to become part of the Covenant.

As regards the second category, they have throughout history and time been welcome to be part of the Divine Grants under the Covenant, simply by accepting its terms and joining the ranks of the nation of Israel or Judah. One entire book of the Bible is dedicated to such a person who chose to make Israel’s God her God – Ruth.  Scripture also confirms that many Egyptians chose to leave Egypt in the Hebrew Exodus and become Israelites (Ex. 12:38).

Up to the time of the Messiah’s Appearance in Israel,  there were no other requirements put on non-Jews, but that they formally accept and join the nation of Israel or Judah.  The Advent of the Messiah and His Sacrifice was so enormous, that, in fact, it became the point of the Division of universal historic Time into what is commonly referred to as BC and AD, reckoned from the year ‘0’ which was calculated to be His Birth Date.

This was the Hebrew Messiah – rejected by the majority of Judah though, but accepted by great sections amongst the ‘other’ nations.  The Messianic Gospel was carried outside of the borders of Israel to the surrounding non-Jewish nations.  What was originally a Jewish Messianic Sect which accepted Him,  gradually became formal ‘Christianity’ three centuries later, under the banner, mainly,  of Roman Catholicism.  Another main branch of this Messianic Gospel became Protestantism, bringing a great ‘reformation’ from Catholic domination, in the Middle Ages. Religious freedom of the modern times, gave rise to a myriad of Christian sects – and then, miraculously over the last few decades, and notably in the nineties, masses of religious individuals through serious self-study of the Scriptures, started discovering their “Hebraic Roots”.  Gradually the various Hebraic Tenets of the original True Faith were restored, and, in fulfilment of ancient prophecies (Ezek 37 etc) a surge developed towards re-identifying with Judah – the one House of ancient Israel which maintained its identity throughout the ages and which was never cut off from the Covenant, notwithstanding God’s dissatisfaction with their integrity and dedication to Him.

Through the religious upheavals caused by the Messianic Advent and its progressive proclamation, gradually the vision and true Purpose of the Messianic Reconciliation became clouded.  The gradual restoration of the Original True Faith, brought about by the Hebraic Roots Restoration Movement of the last few years, have shed much New Light on the redefining of the Messianic Gospel and its relation to the age-old ‘Gospel’ to the Israelites.

And this is where our first category of non-conforming claimants to the Kingdom fit into the Messianic Gospel – that ‘lost’ House of Israel, inter-mingled with and integrated into the multitude of nations.  Serious contemplation and consideration of the Scriptural evidence in this monumental subject, reveals that Messiah’s Sacrificial Mission was for the reconciliation and retrieval into the Original Hebraic Covenant, of this ‘lost’ section of the original parties to that Covenant.

To understand this seemingly audacious statement, we need to be aware of the great historic events that gave rise to this situation.  But, firstly also, we will consider the Scriptural confirmation of this statement by quoting the Words of Messiah Himself:

Matthew 15:24  “But He (Messiah) answered and said, ‘I was sent only unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel.'”

To many Bible students, the ‘House of Israel’ simply means ‘The Jews’.  Thus, “Messiah was sent to “the lost Jews” they conclude. As we will shortly show below (as also in our comprehensive studies on this topic),  the “House of Israel” specifically refers to the Northern 10 Tribes of Israel which were exiled 8 centuries BCE and became intermingled with the nations of the world, totally loosing their Hebraic identity with time.  Considering the above text in context with the main theme of the entire Bible, the NT Messiah was sent “ONLY unto the lost sheep of the (Lost) House of Israel.”

Matthew 10:5  “These twelve (apostles) YAHU’SHUAH sent out with the following instructions: ‘Don’t go into the territory of the Goyim (other nations) and don’t enter any other town in Shomron, but go rather to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. As you go, proclaim ‘the Kingdom of Heaven is near.'”

A thorough consideration and re-evaluation of the true purpose of the Redeeming Messiah, will confirm that He was sent “”ONLY unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel” in order to bring them BACK into the fold again – in Covenantal relationship, together with Judah (the Jews), under the God of Israel, as part of His Kingdom.

About Paul’s mandate Messiah said: Acts 9:15This man is My chosen vessel to bring My Name before the nations and kings and before the Sons of Israel.

Paul’s insistence to go to the Jews rather, in conflict with the above Calling, and to his own eventual personal detriment, forms an entire different topic discussed elsewhere in our library.  The book of Acts chapters 22 – 24 deals with this conflict.

Bear in mind, that in those days the exile of the lost  ‘House of Israel’  was well known.  The great historian, Josephus, who was appointed by the Roman Empire to record the history of the Jews, refer to multitudes of these ‘lost Israelites’ who were still identified and living ‘across the Euphrates river’ in his time.  The later books of the Tanach (Old Testament), make a clear distinction between ‘Israel and Judah’.  Messiah’s reference and instructions quoted above,  must therefore refer to this ‘Lost House’, not to the ‘lost souls’ within Judah as it is generally interpreted.

Ps. 89:34 “I will not break My Covenant,  I will not revoke My given Word,  I have sworn on My Holiness, once for all and cannot turn liar to David.”

The splitting of ancient Israel into 2 distinct Houses

In ancient times, Israel originated as 12 tribes, according to the 12 sons of the patriarch  Jacob, who was the son of Isaac and the grandson of Abraham.  These 12 tribes settled in  what became known as the land of Israel and they built a Temple dedicated to their God, YHVH, in Jerusalem.  After the reign of King Solomon (970 – 931 BCE) and in fulfilment of ancient prophecy,  the nation split into two sectors:

  • JUDAH, which consisted mainly of the 2 tribes of Judah and Benjamin and became known as ‘the Jews’ (Judeans).  Theirs was the Temple at Jerusalem, their main city, and
  • ISRAEL, the 10 tribes who made Shechem, north of Jerusalem, their headquarters,  and built a Temple there.  They became known as the ‘Northern Kingdom’ of Samaria and, generally, retrogressed to paganism under the rule of idolatrous leaders, like King Jeroboam, and Ahab and his wife Jezebel.  (Refer The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel)

The Scriptures (Refer 1 Kings 12; 2 Kings 17 & surrounding chapters) abound with references to the animosity and wars that raged between these  two sectors of the same nation, that is, between the Jews and the people of upper Samaria – the Samaritans.  The latter were despised by the Jews.

In the year 721 BCE, Samaria was conquered by the Assyrians, the 10 northern tribes were deported and the land repopulated with foreigners.  This was the end of the Northern  Kingdom, Israel, after which they became known as “The Lost 10 tribes of Israel”.

Today, these ten ‘Lost’ Tribes of Israel are regarded as having migrated to Northwest and  Western Europe and their descendants are now in those areas or in North America,  Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.  Britain has characteristics of Ephraim,  Reuben  was important in France, Issachar in Switzerland,  Zebulon in Holland,  Dan in Denmark,  Naphtali in Norway,  Gad in Sweden,  the country of Finland was influenced by the Tribes  of Simeon, Issachar, and Gad;  Simeon, Dan, and Ephraim were important in Ireland.

(For proof that the Bible distinguishes between ‘Israel’ AND ‘Judah’ as TWO separate ‘Houses of Israel’, ref. kolhator.org.il/bible_confirmations.php)

Marriage, Divorce and Reconciliation

Divine Marriage on the rocks!

The Scriptures refer to God’s relationship with the twelve tribes of Israel as a dual Marriage with, on the one hand, Judah (the 2 Tribes of Judah and Benjamin), and on the other hand,  Israel (the Ten Northern Tribes).

This ‘stormy Marriage’, especially with the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel, ‘the unfaithful  Bride’,  is referred to in Scripture, in 3 major stages, the development of which will define  our search for the Authentic Gospel version.  These stages are:

  • The Divorce
  • The time of Separation
  • The Reconciliation

The main chapters that relate this development, and the theme that underlies all Scripture,  is:

  • Hosea 2 & 3
  • Jeremia 3, 30 &31
  • Isaiah 54
  • Ezekiel 16

(Please read the full chapters in order to follow and confirm the conclusions which are drawn in this study.  Space does not permit to go into the full details and we shall just highlight a few main Scriptures here).

The Divorce

Jer. 3:8  “I had repudiated disloyal Israel for all her adulteries and given her her divorce papers.”
Hosea 1:4 – YHVH puts an end to Israel’s sovereignty.
Hosea 1:6 – YHVH withdraws His Love from Israel, but not from Judah.
Hosea 2:1 – She is no longer His ‘wife’.
The rest of the chapter describes her whoring and punishment.
The latter part of ch  2 proposes her Return to Him.

The Separation

Isaiah  54:1 – She is a barren woman, forsaken.
Ezekiel 16:27  “I have handed you over to the mercy of your enemies.”
Ezekiel 16:37  “I will strip you in front of them and let them see you naked.”
Ezekiel 16:43  “I intend to bring your conduct down on your own head.”
Isaiah 54:7 – “I did forsake you for a brief moment, but with great love will I take you back.”

The Reconciliation

Jeremiah 3:14  “Come back disloyal children, it is YHVH Who speaks, for I alone am your  Master.”
Hosea 2:7 (or 9)  “Then she will say, I will go back to my first Husband.”
Jeremiah 31:8  “See, I will bring them back from the Land of the North and gather them  from the far ends of the earth.”
Jeremiah 31:10  “He Who scattered Israel, gathers him. he guards him as a Shepherd  guards his flock.”
Jeremiah 31:22  “For YHVH is creating something new on earth – the woman sets out to  find her Husband again.”
Hosea 2:19 (or 21) “I will betroth her to Myself for ever.”
Isaiah 54:5  “For now your Creator will be your Husband.”
verse 10 – “… My Love for you will never leave you, and My Covenant of Peace with you  will never be shaken.”
Hosea 2:2  “The sons of Judah and of Israel will be one again.”
Jeremiah 3:19 “In those days the House of Judah will unite with the House of Israel.”
Isaiah 54:4 – “… you will no longer remember the curse of your widowhood.  For now your Creator will be your Husband, His Name: YHVH Sabaoth”.
Hosea 2:18 – “When that day comes … she will call Me ‘My Husband’ … I will take the  names of the Baals off her lips.”
Hosea 3:4 – “For the sons of Israel will be kept for many days without a King, … without  Sacrifice. … Afterwards the sons of Israel will come back; they will seek YHVH their  God.”

Mind shattering Revelation

The progression through these three stages above, summarises the entire Authentic Gospel Message.  However, the Reconciliation does not go without a mind-blowing implication, brought about by the Torah restriction on Divorce:

Deut. 24:1 makes provision for a ‘Write of Divorce’.  Though interpretation has evolved  through the ages, the original Hebraic interpretation was far more strict than those which are prevalent today, both in Judaism and Christianity.  Messiah YAHU’SHUAH (Who is the  Lawmaker Himself – refer the Oneness studies at this Link by clicking here), also confirmed the restrictive view of Divorce, viz. that only adultery is a valid cause for divorce and  remarriage after divorce is tantamount to adultery and therefore forbidden (Mark 10:3-12Matt. 19:4-9).

Deut. 24:4 confirms “… her first husband who repudiated her, may not  take her back as his wife now that she has been defiled in this way.  For that is detestable in the sight of YHVH, and you must not bring guilt on the Land that YHVH your God gives for your inheritance.”

This raises a shattering implication in the Divine repudiation (divorce) of Israel. YHVH was bound by His own Law now, that He could not take 10-Israel back after he had divorced her!  Yet, He had made an oath to Abraham and the patriarchs, that all the descendants of Jacob (12 Tribes) would inherit the Promised Land as an eternal inheritance!  Already, the nations were scoffing and mocking about YHVH’s rejection of His elect! (Jer. 33:23).

This very question of the possibility of reconciliation between YHVH and His rejected Bride, is raised in the same chapter of Jeremiah which confirms YHVH’s divorce with Israel:

Jer.3:1  “If a man divorces his wife and she goes from him and becomes another man’s wife, will he return to her? Would not that land be greatly polluted? You have played the harlot with many lovers; and would you return to me? says YHVH.”

The restriction of remarriage for the Bride, would stand for as long as the ‘Bridegroom’ (YHVH) lived – and He lives for ever!  Jewish Law interpretation from the Torah (Halacha) allows a widow to re-remarry without breaking the Law after the death of her husband.

Much have been written and taught about the Sacrifice and Redemptive Process involved  in the Death and Crucifixion of YAHU’SHUAH, but nothing about this all embracing and  shattering Truth,  that Israel which had been rejected by God,  had no Hope of Salvation and no share in the Eternal Promises.  God was restricted by His Own Law from “remarrying”  the Bride whom He had divorced.  They were doomed for ever and could not return to  God!

NOW! – Behold the awesome Resolve to this Eternal Damnation of 10-Israel!

Joseph in the Snake Pit

Rabbis are unanimous on the fact that the recorded history of Joseph in the Bible serves as a metaphor for the abandoning of Yosef by his brothers and the subsequent reconciliation of the 12 brothers – depicting the abandoning by Judah of 10-Israel (Joseph) and the subsequent future Reconciliation and Restoration of the 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel. While the Rabbis today are still relatively unaware of the reality of the ‘Return of Joseph’ – viz. the reawakening of millions of Christians to their Hebrew Roots the world over as they return to Torah observance in stages – they (the Rabbis) present never ending enlightening commentaries on the Bible Readings (Parashot) from Joseph’s story in Genesis.

The following revelationary insight was derived at from the concepts presented in one such a Rabbinic commentary regarding Joseph in the Snake Pit – simply by applying the age-old Rabbinic insights into the Torah records to our existing insights into the True Gospel (as above).

Joseph’s brothers intended to kill him, but his brother Reuben wanted to save his life and suggested to his brothers:

Genesis 37:22, “Why should we shed any blood? Let’s just throw him (Joseph)  into this empty cistern here in the wilderness. Then he’ll die without our laying a hand on him.”  Reuben wassecretly planning to rescue Joseph and return (restore / save / deliver) him to his father.

Though the pit was empty, The Jewish Sage, Rashi, contemplates that the pit was full of snakes and scorpions. Now – why would Reuben knowingly attempt to save Joseph by throwing him into a snake pit? Because he knew that Joseph’s chances of survival would be so hopeless that only God could save him. He knew that, even though he was the firstborn, the birthright went to Joseph who, long after Reuben’s birth, was the first born of Rachel, Jacob’s beloved wife who had been barren until then. Reuben believed that God would therefore hear Joseph’s cries and save him.

We learn from Jewish Halacha how final this act of landing in a snake and scorpion pit really is. It defines that a woman may not remarry unless it is proven beyond any doubt that her husband (while she was married to him) had died.  But, it gets complicated where the husband is “presumed dead.” Halacha in that case defines that, if her man was thrown in a lions den and no trace was found of him after, it does not prove beyond doubt that he was indeed killed by the lions.  The lions may not have been hungry and would have allowed him to escape after which he went missing but may still be alive.  But – if he was thrown into a snake and scorpion pit, she would be allowed to remarry as no one can escape alive out of such a situation. Only direct intervention by God could save such a soul.

Joseph depicts 10-Israel in exile (in spiritual Egypt) – with NO Hope of survival but being redeemed by God Himself! If he was thrown into a snake pit, there would be no reason for doubt. ONLY God Himself could rescue 10-Israel from this snake pit. ONLY if it was God HIMSELF Who died (in His Humanity as YAHU’SHUAH – while His Spirit Being lives on eternally – and as Kinsman Redeemer mandated to marry the widow). With some reapplication of this metaphor – and little doubt that it was intended as such – the Snake Pit symbolic applied to the Husband (in this case Yosef, representing the Lost House of Israel), also allows the widow to to remarry on basis of the assumed ‘proof’ of Death of her husband.

Divine attribute of Omni-Presence to the rescue

For those readers who will regard the above claims as outrageous,  far fetched and twisted (while they discard a boatload of evidence to the fact, contained in Scripture), here is the Final Proof:

We have seen above how that God’s rejection and divorcing of 10-Israel meant eternal DEATH to them. This also meant that the entire Nation of God would eternally be destroyed, for the House of Judah without the House of 10-Israel would be like a car without wheels, an aircraft without wings!

God enacted a Redemptive Solution which shattered the Heavenly Host! YHVH, the  Creator God, would provide the Ultimate Sacrifice Himself to redeem 10-Israel which was  beyond redemption!  He would become the redemptive Sacrifice Himself, in the process suffering Personally at the hands of His own Creation, in the form of His Manifestation as  the Messiah YAHU’SHUAH, Redeemer of the ‘Lost sheep of the House of Israel’.

In this way He would also clear the legal hurdle which prevented Him from taking back His rejected Bride (as discussed above)!  According to His own Torah, He was not allowed to take back His Bride (10-Israel) whom He divorced and who became married to ‘another man’. If He, as original ‘bridegroom’ of this Divorcee (who was now cut off from the Eternal Covenant with Him), would die, His ‘brother’, as the Kinsman Redeemer, could marry her (if she was free to marry (in this case with her husband, Yosef, ‘presumed dead’ in the snake pit!

Now God, as Eternal Living Spirit Being,  can NOT die, but in His Omniscience, being an Omni-present Being  (able to be present in different places as various manifested Beings,  all at the same time), In another simultaneous Manifestation – this time as a Human Being born from a human mother, He also could DIE! – thereby becoming His own Bother, the Kinsman Redeemer!  (Refer also to Sitting at the Right Hand of God for a similar example of His Omnipresence).

Referring to this Miracle, the Prophet Isaiah shouts out:

Isaiah 54:4,5 “Shout for Joy, you barren woman who bore no children (for God had ‘divorced’ her, i.e. Northern ten-tribed Israel) Break into cries of Joy and Pleasure, you who were never in labour. For the sons of the forsaken one (10-Israel) are more in number than the sons of the wedded one (Judah, whom God never ‘divorced’, though He complained bitterly about her lack of spirituality and dedication to Him), says YHVH … for you will burst out to right and to left.  Your race will take possession of the nations (according to the Blessing to the first-born son which evolved onto Yosef – who is the metaphor for 10-Israel).  (verse 4) Do not be afraid … for you will forget the shame of your youth and no longer remember the Curse of your widowhood (having been cut off from the Covenant). For now your Creator will be your Husband.  His Name, YHVH Sabaoth – your Redeemer will be the Holy One of Israel.  He is called the God of the whole earth.”

This is what Messiah’s Death and Suffering truly signifies!  By dying as Man, YAHU’SHUAH would be able to re-marry the Bride whom He had divorced – the disloyal and unfaithful Bride, 10-Israel.  As Eternal living Spirit Being. As Kinsman-Redeemer He would then redeem her, in this way re-entering her into the Covenant. At His Return, the Marriage will be celebrated over the 7-day Festival of Succot, as the New Testament so often refers to – the ‘Marriage of the Lamb’!

Speak of ‘Grace’ – what measure of love motivated Grace that the Creator of mankind permeates, after having been scoffingly rejected by His ‘own’ people (1 Kings 12:16), by receiving back His Bride who left Him to fornicate with pagan husbands!

Judah’s rejection of the Gospel – for the sake of the Salvation of Lost Israel – and thus to save the entire Nation!

John 11:51 confirms this overwhelming Truth of the rejection of God by His own People when Caiaphas, the Jewish High Priest, unwittingly confirmed Prophecy at a critical point, when Messiah’s resurrection of Lazarus from the dead, posed a threat to the nation:  “… it is better for one man to die for the people (notwithstanding Him proving Himself to be God by His resurrection of Lazarus), than for the whole nation to be destroyed (for without Him dying, the Lost House of Israel could not be re-covenanted, thereby restoring the 12-Tribed House of Israel).  He did not speak in his own person, it was as High Priest that he made this Prophecy that YAHU’SHUAH was to die for the nation, and not only for the nation,  but to gather together in unity the scattered people of God.”

Can anybody suggest an alternative explanation for this Divinely inspired Prophetic declaration by Caiaphas?

Thus, by Judah rejecting the reconciling Messiah, it was possible for God to restore the entire 12-Tribed Nation – which is the Main Theme of the entire Bible; the total sum of the Plan of God for humanity. By their rejection and execution of the Redeemer Messiah (of 10-Israel), they unwittingly made it possible for the Lost House of 10-Israel to be re-covenanted to God!

1 Cor. 2:8 “None of the rulers of this world understood it, because if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory.”

Isaiah 49 recalls this Restoration of Israel by “The Servant of YHVH” – that is YAHU’SHUAH.
Verse 5 “He Who formed Me in the womb to be His Servant to bring Jacob back to Him and gather Israel to Himself: ‘It is too small a thing for you to be My Servant to restore the tribes of Jacob and bring back those of Israel I have kept.  I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that My Salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.’” Read the entire chapter 49.

Indeed, His Death would make it possible for the 2 Houses of Israel to be united again (Refer The re-unification of Israel and Judah ).  Without that, the Promise to Abraham of an innumerable number of descendants would have been nullified – the nation of Israel would have disintegrated!  The Eternal Promises to Abraham and the Patriarchs would have been invalid!

The resultant implication of His Death would eventually reprimand those scoffers referred to in Jer. 33:23 who despise His nation.  This would be brought about by the re-uniting of the “2 Families” again,  after their extended animosity which would last for nearly 3 millennia (a re-uniting prophesied for the End Time in Ezek. 37:15).  It would prove to the scoffers, that YHVH has not rejected His People and that He ultimately would reign supreme, as the Righteous and Loving God who does not renege on, or fail His Promises!

This is what the Sacrificial Offer of Messiah YAHU’SHUAH was all about!  God Almighty would ‘repurchase’ His own ‘Bride’ which He had divorced because of her pagan whoring.  This could only be fulfilled by Almighty YHVH Himself!

Judah (the Jews), as the other Covenantal Bride, on the other hand,  had NEVER yet been  ‘divorced’,  so  ‘she’ needs no repurchasing or reconciliation!

The Hidden Mystery: Blindness strikes BOTH Houses of Israel

This entire culminating Separation Drama between God and the House of Israel lies hidden in the history of Israel and in the seldom read Bible books of Kings and Chronicles: ref:
1 Kings ch. 11 &12;  2 Kings ch. 17. 2 Chronicles ch. 10, 11 & 12.

These chapters are truly a MUST READ for establishing this Revelation of the One True Gospel which have been concealed by miss-interpretation and miss-representation until the End Times!

Read this parting remark by the House of Northern 10-Israel which must have pierced the heart of God:]

1 Kings 12:16, “What share do we have in David, what part in Jesse’s son? To your tents, Israel! Look after your own house, David!”

Regarding the Messianic Reconciliation, Judah has been majorly blinded to His Advent 2000 years ago – thus conforming to the Divine Decree (Romans ch. 11).

This chapter from the book of Romans, reveals (v.25) that this whole matter was concealed by God in previous times.  It concludes that Judah’s rejection of the Messianic Gospel was simply for the benefit of the other nations, who were then granted the opportunity to receive Him  (Rom 11:11-15;  28,29).

Eph 3:5, 6  “In past generations it was not made known to mankind, as the Spirit is now revealing it …that in union with the Messiah and through the Gospel,  the Gentiles were to be joint heirs, a joint body and joint sharers with the Jews in what God has promised.” (Stern)

With all the new evidence provided today, 2000 years later,  and by way of the astonishing re-identification of ‘Lost Israel’ (prophesied for the ‘End Times’),  over the last decade,  as well as the ‘increase in Knowledge’ predicted by the prophet Daniel for the End Time (Daniel 12:3,4),  it seems clear that the apostles of the New Testament did not fully grasp this implication or the Messianic Instruction to “go rather to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”

If the Messianic Reconciliation was for the sake of ‘Lost Israel’ and not for Judah, why were the first Messianic believers mainly Jews?

It was vital but also logic, that the initial Messianic Congregation and Message had to be based on Jewish principles,  being a development within the Jewish nation and based on ancient Divine Promises to the ‘Chosen nation’ of YHVH, ‘the God of Israel’,  according to the Original True Hebraic Faith and Prophetic Scriptures.  It is so often assumed that the original Messianic congregations were based on ‘Christian principles’.  Truth is that the truly ‘Christian Church’ was only formalised three centuries later – and then, on opposing  religious tenets!  How else could the Divine Purpose in providing a Messianic Sacrifice ever have been achieved, than by establishing the Messianic Reconciliation on the foundations of Judaism – even then, if only for a ‘kick start’?  Could it have been handed to the Goyim (non-Jewish nations)?

Though this study only features specific powerful Scriptures on the subject,  this theme really underlies all Scripture throughout the Bible, as Truth indeed should do.  There seems though,  to be some confusion regarding the use of the word ‘Gentiles’ (non-Jewish nations) in some New Testament sections, where it should be referring to ‘Israel’, the 10 Tribes which, at the time, were intermingled with the nations as exiles.  As shown in this study and in texts quoted,  this whole concept (or topic) was gradually revealed and not known before. This development in revelation of former hidden things surely did not stop at the time of the writing of these texts which confirmed such a development.  The last few decades, and notably the final decades of the 90’s, saw an explosion in knowledge of the Scriptures and the Prophecies, as had been predicted by the prophet Daniel (Dan. 12:1-4). For more on the terms Gentiles – Goyim – pagans – nations, please refer to the study when you click here – The Fullness of the Gentiles

Even having originated on Jewish foundations (as indeed the first Messianic congregations did), yet, the Jewish foundations of the initial Messianic Faith soon crumbled to make way for pagan customs to infiltrate and overtake the new vibrant and fast spreading Jewish Messianic Gospel amongst ‘Lost Israel’ and the nations – thus the entry and establishment of anti-Jewish Christianity!  The great Divine Achievement would occur when,  in the ‘latter Days’, sincere believers would re-discover their Hebraic Roots and return to the Original True Hebraic Faith, as procured through the centuries by its Divinely appointed caretakers, the Jews, in Judaism. This again,  according to Divine Intention, so that out of the ‘Babylonian contortion’ of Christian Messianism, the Original True Gospel and Hebraism could be restored according to Prophecy,  as we currently have the blessed Joy to behold!

What then do we have to conclude and construe from our Scriptural analysis of the Authentic Gospel?

Defining the One True Gospel

  • It is not a Gospel which frees you from all obligations and puts the responsibility on God,  Who will save you by Grace only;  because He ‘understands’ and ‘forgives your inability to comply with His stringent and impossible Laws’;
  • It is not a Gospel which has done away with the Laws of God, ‘nailing them to the Cross’;
  • It is not a Gospel which  “annulled the ‘Old, Jewish’ Covenant and replaced it with  a ‘New’ Covenant of Love and Grace only”;
  • It is not a Gospel which transplanted the “old and outdated, burdensome religion of Judaism with a new, revitalized religion of  ‘freedom in the spirit’ “

But, it is a Hebraic Gospel which is based on the Eternal Promises to Abraham and Israel and conditional upon compliance with the Requirements of the Covenant.

God is perfect and He does not change.  He can not change a Perfect System. The Gospel of Salvation offers the same ultimate benefits to all mankind, whether you are physically part of His Covenant People (the Jews) or part of the other nations.  The ultimate reward is “eternal life in the physical Kingdom of God”.  The compliance parameters are also the same for Jews as for non-Jews, i.e.  observance of God’s Laws and Customs.

The qualifying process for this Divine Reward though, is different for Jews and non-Jews.

  • Jews are and have always been under the Covenant and simply have to comply with the terms of this Covenant, i.e. they have to repent and live by the Terms of the Covenant as specified in the Torah (first 5 Books of the Bible) and as interpreted comprehensively by the Rabbinic sages in the Halacha (Oral Tradition).
  • Those who are part of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel,  have to re-enter the Divine Covenant, having been ‘divorced’ as a ‘harlot’ bride, by YHVH.  This Reconciliation can only occur by the acceptance of Messiah’s Sacrifice.  Once reconciled with the Covenant, they, like the Jews, have to live by the Terms of the Covenant as specified in the Torah (first 5 Books of the Bible) and as interpreted comprehensively by the Rabbinic sages in the Halacha (Oral Tradition – refer Messiah’s Injunction to this effect in Math. 23:2; 5:17-20).
  • Non-Israelites (the other nations) seemingly have the choice to either become part of Judah, as throughout the ages, by accepting the terms of the Covenant with its Main contracting Party, the God of Israel,  and formal conversion to Judaism, or by becoming part of the Ten Tribes of Israel, by accepting the Messianic Reconciliation. Thereafter they will likewise be committed to the Covenant and its requirements

Once qualified, the same compliance is required of non-Jews as that which applies for Jews.  It is this qualifying process, which has been hidden by the traditions and erroneous interpretations of institutional religion.

We find this entire Gospel and the Messiah’s Divine Mandate,  specified by YHVH Himself in:

Isaiah 49:5-6  “And now YHVH has spoken, He Who formed Me (Messiah YAHU’SHUAH, a.k.a. Messiah ben Yosef in Judaism) in the womb to be His Servant, to bring Jacob (restored , reconciled and re-united 12-Israel) back to Him, to gather (10 ?) Israel for Him.  ‘It is not enough for You to be My Servant to restore the (12 ?) Tribes of Jacob and bring back the survivors of (10 ?) Israel.  I will (also) make You the Light of the nations so that My Salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.'”

Thus,  Messiah is to reconcile and re-unite the 2 estranged Houses of Israel and to “be a Light unto all the other nations.”  You can read more about this exciting Prophetic Reconciliation (which is in process of fulfillment right at this very time) at: Reidentifying the Lost 10 Tribes of IsraelThe Return of the Captivity of Israel

The Final Goal of the True Gospel

In Messiah’s address to His disciples after having partaken of the Last Supper (Pesach Seder), He unveils (though in concealed format) the ultimate award and position that YHVH’s true followers would achieve – their  ultimate Reward!  This speech spans several chapters – John 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17. This last chapter records His Prayer for His followers in which He emphasises this ONE-ness which is attainable in the Godhead.

John 17:11b  “Holy Father, keep those in Your Name whom You have given Me, so that they may be one like Us …v. 20  I pray not only for these, but for those also who, through their words, will believe in Me.  May they all be ONE.  Father may they be ONE in Us as You are in Me and I am in You” (also verse 22,23).

It seems then, that we have here,  yet another exhilarating extension of the Gospel of the Kingdom:   i.e. YHVH manifested Himself as a Human Being, the Messiah YAHU’SHUAH (ben Yoseph) in order to become the “first Born of many” who would become ONE with Him and YHVH, as they are One”

Can it be, that the ultimate Oneness will contain the ‘gods’ of Judah’ and the ‘gods of 10-Israel’ (called out and perfected by Messiah) to form the ONE Body (nation) that this Mystery seems to point to?

Could that be what the 144 000, going through 12 Gates into the City, refers to?

The true implication for Returning 10-Israel

For Returning 10-Israel, the implication and Message should be clear:’

“Be Holy as YHVH is Holy”

Commit yourselves fully to the Calling of YAHU’SHUAH – which is BACK into Covenant together with Judah.  This will require in-depth knowledge of His Torah.  The Body of Returning 10-Israel,  as the ‘dominion of YHVH’,  therefore has to subject themselves to the learning, teaching and authority of Judah’s  ‘elohim’ – the judges and rulers

  • the Mechoqeck (Lawgiver) of YHVH
  • the Sanctuary of YHVH

The authentic Gospel has been contorted and replaced by a watered-down version of a “‘Grace-only’ and ‘Holy Spirit inspired’ licentious anti-Torah Gospel'”  which has been greatly misleading the sincere believer.

May this study serve to provide you with the correct guidelines to reach YHVH’s  Eternal Kingdom of Peace, soon to be erected in Jerusalem.