5.7. God needs YOU!

Prose Poem – proposing a Scriptural answer to the popular objection that God in His Divine eminence does NOT need man.

Published here with permission from www.kolhator.com 

Does God need man to achieve His Purpose?
Does God need YOU? – or are you just another spec in the greater picture of the universe? – an insignificant number in His predetermined already completed Purpose?

Throughout the ages, the Almighty has employed human beings to fulfill His Plan for humanity on Planet Earth.  These people, without fail, had personal faults and weaknesses, notwithstanding the fact that they received the election of God – all because He ordained, that man should be a free moral agent – to choose Him or reject Him; to be His friend or His enemy;  His partner or His opponent.

These ‘favoured’ of God, had one thing in common – a burning desire to give Him all they had:  their hearts;  their love;  their patriotism, cooperation, time and effort – THEIR LIVES.   In all,  for them,  God was their first Choice – their most important purpose in life!  Mistakes they had many – but God NEEDED their loyalty … as much as they needed His favour,  in a bi-lateral contract founded on LOVE;  fulfilling their cry from an aching heart:


This is the Cry of man to his Maker – and it is the Call of Creator to His work of divine art!


This Cry runs like a golden thread throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.  It is as if we can hear His challenging Cry to men of Bible fame:

ADAM – I have perfected this earth and created life upon it.   I need you to replenish it.  Be fruitful and multiply and take care of all living creatures on the earth, in the seas and in the skies.” (Based onGen. 1:28).

Adam disappointed Him, yet strived to please Him to the end of his days.

When the majority of men on earth grew wicked and corrupt, God approached a man whom He favoured for his upright behaviour:

NOAH – I regret having created man!  I need you to build Me a ship which will serve to save one pair of each kind of animal, bird and reptile on earth, from the Flood which I am bringing to destroy all the wicked.” (Based on Gen. 6).

But wickedness of man’s own making remained, even after the Flood had purified the earth.

ABRAHAM – I need you to become father of a great nation – Israel – through which I will display to all mankind, what great Blessings are bestowed upon those who love Me and obey Me – and what curses will befall those who disobey Me.”  (Gen. 12:1-9; Deut. ch. 27 & 28).

After 400 years of slavery in Egypt, God called a man whom He had trained and
humbled over a period of 40 years – a former military giant – to release lsrael
from their bondage in slavery.

MOSES – I need you to lead My nation, lsrael, to freedom in the Promised Land …” (Ex. 3:1-12).

And when they were on their way out of Egypt, on their way to the promised Land. . . .

MOSES – I wish to test My People – to see whether they will honour My Covenant with them,  by following My Law or not.  I need you to go and tell them what I expect of them. (Ex. 16:1-8). Give them My Commandments (Ex. 20) and My Statutes (Ex.21, etc.) and build Me a Tabernacle where they can worship Me,  where I can dwell amongst them” (Ex. 25:7 onwards).

Moses had failings too, (Num. 20), but he executed God’s Command to his dying day (Deut. 34).

JOSHUA – I need you to take over from Moses, My servant who is dead – lead My People and teach them to stand firm in My Law”  (Joshua 1).

ISRAEL – My nation;  you are My first-born son – worship Me and obey Me. I need you in order to display My righteousness unto the other nations and to proclaim and teach them my Laws and Customs” (Based on Ex. 4:22, etc.).

What about Joseph, Gideon and Samson?
Deborah, Ruth and Esther? –
Yes, even Rehab, the harlot?
These were men and women,
who through Faith conquered kingdoms
and did what is right.
They could keep a lion’s mouth shut;
put out blazing fires and
emerge unscathed from battle.
They were weak people,
Who were given strength to be brave –
Thereby giving honour and glory
To their Creator!

Shall we, talk about Samuel –
David, Saul or Solomon?
Shall we stress God’s Great Need
for Prophets to speak through?-
To correct and rebuke?
or praise and inspire a people,
without whom He’d be unknown
to earthlings?

Yet, whether great or small –
An Elijah or a Jonah –
All had mistakes –
Too many to number.
If not disheartened like Elijah;
then stubborn like Jonah –
Refusing to bring Good Tidings to pagans!

Even when He would save us
from eternal destruction and death;
God needed a Body in which
He could dwell here upon earth.
A Man, born according to ancient Divine Promises,
descendant from Adam –
The Lamb without spot or blemish,
to be slain by His Own Creation!

No sooner was He risen from theGrave,
having broken Death’s hold –
the First-born of God’s New
Spiritual Creation –
when He passed on His duty
to those who’d profess Him:
“I need you …….
To tell men about Me!”

“Each Truth is a Jewel –
I’m revealing it to you –
Seek a heart-home for each.
And as you give, you’ll receive.
Some spirit-starved friend
will be glad to discover it.
Use all I have given;
drop one here and two there.
Into each life and heart
I ache to find a way –
A purpose for which I do need you.
As a Light, you should shine
and portray My Great Love,
till joyfully, they shout:
‘Come into my heart, Lord YAHU’SHUAH.'”

How could ever a man despise
this great Plan
whereby God uses those
who have hearkened.
Their plea He will answer:
“Lord, teach me to follow Thy footsteps
To light, out of darkness. ”
And to those who still doubt
whether someone as Great as God,
may proclaim :
“Yes, I need you?”
To you, my dear friend,
won’t you sit down and think:
“Love cannot be greater than giving
your life for a friend?”
Standing there, cleansed and redeemed,
having newly been purchased –
won’t you yield to the Heavenly Invitation?
Won’t you NOW – open your heart;
Give of your time,  all  your love? –
Won’t you yield to His Cry: