Financial Collapse of World’s Stock Market and financial system

The final decade of the 20th century saw the greatest accumulation and concentration of wealth that the world has ever known. This financial frenzy in a world of plenty, juxtaposed to increasing famine and disease in many parts of the world, reached its peak at the turn into the 21st century. The world’s stock markets ended the year 1999, contrary to the fears of a Y2K doomsday, on a historic all-time high, as if challenging and wiping out any doubts or fears about Y2K. The year 2000 saw a continuance of the relentless undying drive of the Bull.  The charts below clearly reflect the ‘golden’ chapter in the Stock Market,  the greatest ‘explosion of wealth’ since the 1929 Great Depression, and indeed, of all time!

This chart reflects the ‘Golden era’ growth of Shares in the decade of the 90’s – with the 1930 Depression as a mere blip!.
2000 – 2012 is much of a side-ways progression (see next chart).

Now see how Gold and Silver has outstripped the Stock Market since 2000!

The S&P 500® has been widely regarded as the best single gauge of the large cap U.S. equities market since the index was first published in 1957.

In Fact, the reality is far stronger for Gold the longer the term. Compared right back from the 1931 Depression, Gold exceeds the Dow Jones Stock Market Index relatively like a rocket launched towards the moon, compared to a Boeing take-off!  Yahoo Finance have removed these statistics from their Charts, clearly, to hide the Truth.  They have delinked the ‘linear’ version of the long term graphs (1929 to current date) which reflects the real ‘rocket’ take-off of gold compared to shares) and reflect the log version only, which then shows a moderate comparison.  The ‘log’ version shrinks incremental growth on the higher values in the graph, by allocating the same graphic space for growth from 10 000 to 15 000 than it does for 2 – 4000 at the lower values of the same graph. Total deceit!  You should do your own research on Google – but be wary – there are charts that create the impression that the Stock Market beats Gold – a total and infamous misrepresentation.

Of course, to ‘prove’ their point, the manipulators have crashed the Gold Price by 30% over the lat few weeks to bring gold growth more in par with the stock market. This manipulation was clear from the fact (to those who care to observe) that it was the flushing of the market with ‘paper’ Gold (derivatives, options, etc) while there was in fact NO physical Gold available for sale on the markets.  Those with Gold in their possession did not sell, while the demand for Gold increased drastically, fuelled by a shortage in physical Gold.  Yet, itys price went down.  A child should see this manipulation!

The real implication is, that while the general investing public gets robbed of their capital, the manipulators of the system make fortunes – whether the markets rise or fall!  This ‘redistribution of wealth’ is achieved by a new generation of mind-boggling financial tools like “futures, derivatives, options, puts, warrants, hedging,” and a host of ever new tools (‘exploding puts, knock-in calls,’ etc) which aid financial manipulation.

The USA trade deficit is also breaking all time peaks, now passing 17 trillion $’s (an amount impossible to conceive!)  If any business would reflect such a far reaching  bankrupt stage, it would have long been forced to close down and its directors most likely jailed.

 July 1, 2013 – Billionaire warns:- the World’s Financial System To Collapse!


30 June, 2013 – Billionaire Eric Sprott warned King World News that the global financial system is now in danger of a catastrophic and complete collapse.

Here are some extracts from his talk – refer to the above link on King World News for the full article and other reports in equally superlative titles. Note Sprott’s references to the manipulation and dangerous financial tools that the manipulators are playing with:

“When you have a notional (one) quadrillion dollars of derivatives (that is one bilion billion) and they change by 1% on one quadrillion, that’s 10 trillion dollars right there. It’s just incredible. It would wipe out the (entire) banking system.

“It’s a zero sum game, except the guy who’s losing can’t pay. Then of course they whole system comes crashing down because everyone worries about counterparties….”

Meanwhile King reports that Italy has now lost about 30% of its entire position in derivatives. That equates about $300 trillion (of derivatives losses). Obviously that’s a staggering number. It’s unimaginable.”

‘Bible Revelations’ Commentary

The frightening fact is, that should a 1929 type melt-down hit the world today, the results could be “too terrible to contemplate”.  Consider a world already rampant with crime, murder, rebellion, terrorism, political upheavals and poverty – a world without respect for law and order, with the means for ordinary people who are already armed, to manufacture bombs and weapons.  Frightening!