6. Facts versus Fiction about Jerusalem

On this page you’ll find links to pages with factual and educational info about Israel, Jews, Judaism, the Middle East Crisis, Jerusalem, the ‘occupied territories’, Islam, the Palestinians, the Peace Process, the indomitable Spirit of Israel and other issues which underlie the current Crisis in Israel.

This section also contains Links to Jewish Web Sites of value, to abate the false accusations of anti-Semitism against Zionism, Judaism and so-called ‘Rabbinism’.

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6.1. Jerusalem Facts

Various snippets of facts and information regarding Jerusalem, the Peace process, the Arab Israel conflict etc.

6.2. The Decline of Israel

Developments in Israel,  put into proper Biblical perspective to unlock current and future News Trends in the fulfillment of Prophecy before our eyes

6.3. Discover Islamic Terror

What Islam really stands for.  It is time that honest Muslims distantiate themselves from the Lie!  What Muslims say about Islam and its Aims

6.4. The final resurrection of Israel

The History of Israel, since antiquity, revolved from Times of national Decline to Times of national Ecstasy. The current “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” facing this invincible nation is now turning the Tide to what may become the Final Interlude before the establishment of the Glory of the God of Israel through this nation!

6.5. Rabbinic sources of Torah proof about possessing the Promised Land

Who owns the Land in the disputed territories of Israel which the world accuses Israel of illegally occupying.?What does the Bible claim about the ownership of this Biblical Land?

6.6. Letters from Israel

Reflecting the indomitable Spirit of Israel

6.7. Links to Jewish study Sites

Links to authentic Jewish Web Sites providing:

Jewish Wisdom for Success;  Jewish Bible Calendars;  Live Camera on the Wall; Sources for Bible Studies; Israeli News Sources and more.

Links to Jewish sites that promote the concept of the Return of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel

6.8. Hebrew Dictionary

Basic Dictionary reflecting the words commonly used in Bible studying