There has never yet in history been a time when the practical fulfilment of so  many fearsome prophecies were physically possible.  We have now reached a  stage where the glittering creations of mankind stand the real chance of crumbling in the dust!

What remains for us, is to decide how to cope with such eventualities.

The foundation for the outcries of this Web Site is based on ancient Prophetic  Scriptures as contained in the Bible.  The warranty underlying the probability of a  near future fulfilment of these Prophecies,  is based on the factual outcome of so  many of these Prophecies – especially over the last few decades and seemingly  culminating at this very time of the closing of the millennium – the 6th since  Creation, according to the Bible.  The 7th Day – or Millennial Sabbath – is dawning,  and as foretold in Prophecies written 4000 years ago, would be  preceded by increasing world turmoil, and a time of distress “as never before in  history”  (Refer Daniel  12, Matt. 24:21,29,  Rev. 7:14).

That these “Times of Distress” are with us already, should be clear from the fact  that there are so many Doom Prophets around at this time?  Why is this Page  simply one of thousands proclaiming the same Message of looming distress and  World Chaos?  And, it is noteworthy that these outcries of warning come not only  from ‘religious freaks’, but also from informed scientists, educators, medical  specialists, economists, investment fundies and the likes.

And why should there be Times of Distress?

So that mankind should find the solution, which forms the basis of the Divine  Intent behind the Creation of this wonderful Planet Earth in the limitless Universe.