Concepts of the Hebraic Restoration Faith

SCRIPTURAL PROOF – These concepts are comprehensively expounded on in the multiple articles presented on this Web Site.  The exhaustive Scriptural references can be substantiated by referring to the various Menus below

THE HEBRAIC RESTORATION FAITH – represents the Return from pagan infested Christianity to the Original One True Faith.

Because Lost 10-Israel had to be restored to the Torah and to the Covenant with God (together with Judah), it required the intervention of Messiah ben Yosef (i.e. YAHU’SHUAH).  In this regard, and only this, the Hebraic Restoration Faith differs from authentic Judaism which, by Divine Decree, did not recognize Messiah ben Yosef Who’s sole  Mandate was to redeem 10-Israel and reconcile them to the Covenant – NOT Judah who remained in Covenant throughout time.


Two tenets are defined in Scripture by which to measure the Original True Faith:

“To the Law (Torah) and to the Testimony … if they speak not accordingly, it is because there is no light in them.”  Isa. 8:20

All major points of Truth will fall under one of these headings –

The LAW – which defines the Will of the True Deity as defined in the Torah (first 5 Books of the Bible),  and

The TESTIMONY – which defines the nature of the True Deity.

 We will first analyze the latter and thereafter the former:

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 A.  The TESTIMONY – Defines the nature of the True Deity


 The True Creator identifies and separates Himself from other worshipped beings by the following criteria:

  • That He alone is uniquely different from other objects of worship which mankind presents and worships, in the following unique aspects:
  • He alone is omnipotent (all-mighty without limit)
  • He alone is omniscient (all-knowing without limit)
  • He alone has omnividence (all-seeing without limit or border)
  • He alone has power over Life and Death (the power to create life and to restore life from death)
  • He alone created the universe and the earth from nothing
  • He alone is the distinguished “Guardian of Israel”
  • He alone is the Creator of the universe
  • He alone has omnipresence (the ability to be present at different places throughout the earth and the universe at the same moment of time, in various physical shapes (whether human-like, angelic or phenomenon of nature) and/or in unseen Spiritual Presence of Power.
  • He alone can reconcile descendants of the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel who have been cut off from the Eternal Covenant because of their rebellious, lawbreaking, non-conforming style of living,  to worthy qualifiers and citizens of His future Universal Kingdom of Peace.
  • He alone can fulfill His Own Requirements for this Reconciliation of 10-Israel to the Covenant and to the House of Judah,  by providing Himself as the Perfect Reconciliatory Sacrifice. Messiah ben Yosef.  For this reason He has manifested Himself as a human being, in a Human Body called YAHU’SHUAH of Nazareth, born from a Jewish Israelite woman some 2000 years ago.  He lived and taught amongst His fellow Jews,  was convicted for high treason He never committed and was slaughtered by capital punishment on a crucifixion stake.  He resurrected Himself from the grave after 3 days, and after final deliberations with His limited band of Jewish followers, 40 days later, ascended to His Throne in His heavenly domain from where He shall return as Messiah ben David at the time of the War of Armageddon, to protect Israel from total annihilation and to set up His reunited 12-Tribed Kingdom in Jerusalem to rule over all the nations of the entire world.

YAHU’SHUAH or Messiah ben Yosef, the Messiah Who’s sole mandate is to return the Tribes of Israel to Torah, the Covenant, and to the Land, is the One Who complies with every characteristic and accomplishment listed above.   YAHU’SHUAH claimed also to have been the Living Torah, impersonated.  As such, Jews are therefore in fact unwittingly worshipping Him through their dedication to the Torah.

There should therefore be no hesitation for restored 10-Tribers to accept the Jewish Faith which is the One only True Faith.

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The True Creator identifies and separates Himself from other worshipped beings by His True Identifying Name YHVH, meaning “He is all and all”  This calls for the restoration of the Sacred Name in the Scriptures and in worship after it had become ‘lost’ for Messianic believers for many centuries,  only to be generally acknowledged over the last 2 to 3 decades.

YAHU’SHUAH means “YHVH the Saviour”  (Redeemer of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel)

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The main distinguishing qualification and Divine Claim of the Almighty is that “He is ONE’ unlike the pagan philosophies of multiplicity in some or other form, whether family units, triune units, or ‘compound unities’.  He claims to know no other gods next to Him or under Him.  Any presumption or Scriptural seeming indication of multiplicity should be understood as His capacity of omnipresence,  that is,  to be present in various forms at multiple places at the same time.

  • YHVH  Himself  is the Creator of all
  • YHVH  Himself  is the Ruler of the Universe
  • YHVH  Himself  sits on the Heavenly Throne
  • YHVH  Himself  came to live on earth amongst His nation Israel
  • YHVH  Himself  manifested in Human form as YAHU’SHUAH, Saviour of 10-Israel
  • YHVH  Himself  will come as Mashiach ben David of Israel in Armageddon
  • YHVH  Himself  will judge the nations and mankind
  • YHVH  Himself  will be the King of the whole earth from Jerusalem
  • YHVH  Himself  is ‘the Father’
  • YHVH  Himself  is the ‘Holy Spirit’
  • YHVH  has no ‘Son’!  He Himself was manifested and called  ‘the Son of God’
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B.  The LAW – Defines the Will of the True Deity


His Will is defined in His Torah which is contained not only in the “The Ten  Commandments”,  but in all 613 Laws as stipulated in the Torah (Five Books of Moses) and as proclaimed in the Jewish Faith and interpreted by the 3000-year-old Academy of higher Jewish Torah learning..

These Laws regulate proper:

  • Moral precepts
  • Dietary & Health regulations
  • Agricultural science
  • Financial success principles
  • Sexual behaviour
  • Nature conservation
  • Religious practice

As with any other product on earth, proper use requires proper handling, care, and maintenance.  These Laws form the Divine Creatural Manual for the proper and successful use of Divinely given Life and Natural resources on earth.  Misuse, ignorance, and rejection of these Laws are the sole causes of mankind’s unhappiness and distress;  the general deterioration of society, nature, and the environment, and the absence of Peace in general.

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The greatest achievement in life is to live in Peace.  Peace can only be obtained by adherence to His Laws.  Law Adherence is of no value unless it is driven by a sincere desire of LOVE towards the Creator God of Israel, towards  His Creation of Nature and towards fellow mankind (ALL of them).   With this LOVE as the Driving Force and with no rebellion against His Laws, His Kingdom will last forever and will be the Kingdom of Peace.  Without it, it will merely be a repetition of the horrors of history.

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The Divine Law also prescribes the Divinely ordained religious Festivals to be commemorated by His true followers.  The major festivals are:

  • THE WEEKLY  7TH DAY SABBATH (SATURDAY – from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset – commemorating the Creation of the Sovereign God).


FIRST SECTOR mainly in the 1st Biblical month (depicting Messiah’s 1st Coming as Sacrificial Lamb)

  • PESACH  incl. 7 days of  ‘Unleavened Bread’  (Passover Festival / Sacrificial Crucifixion of YAHU’SHUAH the Messiah – to be commemorated annually on this day by partaking of the ‘Lord’s Supper’,  viz. Pesach Seder / Meal).
  • SHAVUOT  – 3rd month  (Pentecost – Giving of the Law at Sinai / Renewal of the Covenant Confirmation by a manifestation of the Spirit in the first congregation of Messianic Jews in Jerusalem 50 days after the Crucifixion on the day of ‘Pentecost’).

SECOND SECTOR –  in the 7th Biblical month – depicting Messiah’s 2nd Coming as Supreme fighting Warrior on the side of Israel in Armageddon, then to be Judge of the earth and then to take up His Reign as King of the Universe in a New World Order

  • Yom Teruah  (‘Feast of Trumpets’ – depicting the Return of Messiah for Judgement of the nations.  Probably the exact Day on which He will return)
  • Yom Kippur – (‘Judgement Day’ following 4 days after His Return)
  • Succot, the Joyous 8-day Festival following the Judgment for those who overcome and will be elected for citizenship of His New Kingdom ruling over the nations from Jerusalem.  It depicts the Marriage Ceremony and joyous Feast.


In order to commemorate these Divinely ordained Festivals, it is also necessary to re-establish the Sacred Biblical Calendar as followed by Jewish tradition over the last 3 500 years.

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The Crucifixion fulfilled the emblem and meaning of the annual Pesach Festival.  In the year that the actual Event took place, Pesach fell on a Thursday. The crucifixion took place on the Preparation Day, which preceded the Festival, thus on Wednesday afternoon. 3 Days and 3 Nights (72 hours) further brings the Resurrection to the end of the Sabbath Day, i.e.  Saturday afternoon after sunset.

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C. General


YHVH the Creator, God of Israel,  will rule over the nations of the world “with a rod of iron”, ruling from a reconciled and reunited 12-Tribed Nation of Israel (and all those who wish to subject themselves to His Rulership).  His Government will be made up of Rulers whom He will select according to His righteous criteria,  from amongst the overcomers – His followers who lived according to His Torah Requirements during their lifetime on earth.  Citizenship of His Kingdom is open to all humanity, of every race and nation – as long as they comply with His Divine Requirements.  The Reward for qualifiers is Eternal Life in the Presence of the Living Creator in His Universal Kingdom.  Both the living and the dead (after they have been resurrected back to Life), will share in the inheritance of Eternal Life, having qualified in the Judgment of course.

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Baptism is the process through which the repentant, returning, stray Ten Triber or stranger,  confesses his/her Faith in the Reconciliatory Sacrifice of the Messianic Manifestation of the Creator God of Israel to bring them into renewed Covenant relationship with God. Through the process of Baptism, they receive His Name as an identifying Sign of ‘family-ship’ of the True Family or nation of God.  Baptism should be by bodily emersion in water, in the “Name of YAHU’SHUAH”  the Messiah, which is  “the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (because God is ONE and NOT three!.  It is divine Grace only which allows this Reconciliation – and resulting righteous living by the baptized convert according to His Law, which will determine the grade of qualification, if at all, for the eventual Divine Reward of Eternal Life.

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God expects purity of worship.  He despises pagan tainted customs.  This List is long and exhaustive.

Only a few major items will be listed here:

  • Christmas celebration
  • Easter celebration
  • Names of idols in worship, like ‘Amen’,
  • Any form of a multiplicity of God, e.g.. Trinity, 2 YHVH’s, compound Unity,
  • Church steeples
  • Religious relics, objects, and emblems – including the XP sign
  • Lucky charms and objects
  • Astrology, horoscopes, soothsaying


  • Messiah’s Name was not ‘Jesus’  but YAHU’SHUAH
  • The teaching of a Trinity is unfounded and makes Messiah subject to an unknown ‘Father’  God.
  • Sunday worship has no Scriptural foundation.
  • Easter Friday Crucifixion and Sunday Resurrection is unfounded.
  • The Law has not been done away with by the Crucifixion
  • Grace has not replaced the Law but is in addition to it.
  • Love does not do away with Law, it fulfills it.
  • It is not only 10 Laws, but ALL 613 Laws that must be adhered to.
  • The Kingdom will not be in Heaven, but in Jerusalem in the Middle East.
  • The Jews have not been rejected by God but represent the Kingdom of God on earth.
  • All God’s Laws are for all humanity – for Peace, Health, and Prosperity.