4. Revelations about current News trends

…and how it fulfils Bible Prophecy

Tracking the News for trends which confirm the fulfilment of ancient Biblical prophecies – especially for these awesome times that we are living in right now.

Scroll through the links on this Menu which will lead you to views and informed articles, gleaned from various news sources, which you may not normally find in the popular media of the world which deny and oppose the Purposes of God as defined in the Bible.

News reporting strategy of this Web Site:

We don’t have to publish daily news events here – the media do that in prolific abundance.  But, we will correlate current news events with Bible Prophecy, which was written 3000 years in advance.  For this reason, only certain selected news developments and commentaries will be published here.  These are selected to set and confirm Prophetic trends.  Enlightened to these trends, you will then find the mass of available news in the media to fall in place, thus acting as indicators to our future.

The Main Prophetic Indicator is the City of Jerusalem and its People, the Jews. We feature these developments in a special section under item 6 of the Menu.

This service is brought to you in a sincere endeavour to provide you with Peace of mind and understanding of the Biblical guidelines to life abundant here today and hereafter in the Eternal Kingdom of the Creator God of Israel.