Insight into the Greatest Mystery of the Bible 

The Greatest Bible Revelation in just 4 lessons – you will find Truth that will astound you!  Exposing  Religious Tradition’s greatest Lie about the True Identity of the Living Eternal Creator and Saviour of mankind!

BE SURE TO COMPLETE ALL FOUR LESSONS – but study them in context, as the one builds on the other.  In only four lessons, you will experience a stunning revelation, straight from Scripture!

Dear Friend,

Welcome to this, the advanced section of the Bible Study Course. May you enjoy the Eternal’s richest Blessings on your studies. Sincere and careful study will bring about some of the most astounding revelations of your religious experience. No doubt the ultimate revelation must still come from above and this will necessitate sincere prayer and unconditional and unprejudiced acceptance of the divinely inspired WORD (the Bible) on your part.

In this revised edition we have decided to reinstate the Divine Name of the Most High, right from the outset.  The use of the Sacred Name has become of such common knowledge and usage amongst students of the Bible, that we assume the reader may very likely already be acquainted with it.  Please click here for a brief review of the facts regarding and our reasons for using the SACRED NAME/S.

We have also decided not  to follow the general trend of the Sacred Name Movement, namely, to discard the most descriptive and uniquely identifying TITLE of the Most High, viz. `God’, and substituting it with the Hebrew title “Elohim”.  We believe that this Hebrew title is merely a direct translation of the title “God” anyway, and that the use thereof blinds the believer to the TRUE IDENTITY of the God of Israel and of the Universe, which is of vital importance for overcoming and qualifying according to Divine prerequisite. (There is a special study available on this subject, entitled “God or Elohim”? Please read it carefully and prayerfully). It is also precisely the reason why we do not use the Orthodox Jewish form “G-d” (for ‘God’, which so many believers regard as a Sacred Name for the Most High – which it is NOT).  ‘God’ is merely a Title  and not a Sacred Name.  In order to pay due respect to the Sacred Name, we print it in capital letters YHVH.

David, the Psalmist declared in Psalm 145:1, 2 that he “daily blessed and praised the Name of the Most High”.  The last verse of this Psalm also makes it incumbent on “all human beings to bless His Holy Name.”  It is absurd to expect someone to “bless and praise a Name” while prohibiting the actual use or pronunciation of that Name!  It is the misuse of the Sacred Name which is profanation and detrimental to the user  thereof.   In fact, the suppressing of the proper use of the actual Name, has caused it to become non-blessed or non-praised, even by His followers, for the Name has become lost!

Our respectful request to the student who insists on the use of “Elohim” or “G-d”, and to those readers who do not wish to see the Sacred Name in print, is:  In order to consider the vital content of this Bible Course and Web Site, please apply the same rule that you have to apply when reading the Torah or Bible Translations which use the Titles “God” and “LORD”, i.e. read `over’ it and substitute it in your mind with the form which you prefer. Beware therefore,  that your insistence does not stand in the way of you receiving further Truth!

Please also bear in mind that this is a universal Course, directed at all believers, Jews, Christians and Muslim. We therefore also quote from the New Testament, which we will see from our studies, has been greatly misinterpreted by all religions, including Christianity, to which it is foundational. We will see from our studies that, interpreted correctly, the N.T. does not contradict the Tanach (Old Testament) as is so commonly asserted by both Jews and Christians.

This is not a “glance-through” course, yet the knowledge is in reach of any willing student.

Under each subhead-title of the lessons we will indicate that portion of Scripture reading which should be studied from the Bible. This additional reading is vital for several reasons:

  • So that the student may follow and ensure conformity to the context of the Scriptures and confirm the points that are being stressed in the lesson.
  • So that the Almighty may speak to the student through His WORD.
  • Lack of space and the vast content of each subject does not permit us to go into many details in this course. The student will also be referred to other supporting studies and booklets from time to time.

We suggest that the student, in studying this course, proceeds as follows:

  • Obtain a pad or note book for your own notes and observations. These should be kept for future reference.
  • Study each subhead together with the quoted Scripture reading,
  • Do not hesitate to underline important verses or words in your Bible even using different coloured inks for different subjects. This will aid easy future reference.

Quotations in this course are made from the following Bibles:

THE JERUSALEM BIBLE – because of its modern and simple language and because of its restoration or replacement in its rightful place, of the true Sacred Name of the Eternal.

THE KlNG JAMES VERSlON – because it is one of the most commonly used translations. We have however, restored the Sacred Names in our quotations from these Scriptures.

THE STANDARD REVlSED VERSlON – because of its close affinity to the King James version – yet using modern English. Sacred Names have been restored here also.

May we stress, however, that ANY translation may be used and, in fact, as many different translations as possible SHOULD be used and, if possible, be compared with the original Hebrew transcript.

You are now ready to start on Lesson One of this Advanced Section of your Bible Course.

Blessings on your studies!