Bible predicts: “Financial World will crash in One Hour!”

The Bible renders an amazing forecast of the scenario which has been sketched above and which is a fact of life today:

It is significant that the final pages of the New Testament Bible Book of Revelations, in a forecast of the final world events at the ‘Time of the End’,  refers to “the fall of Babylon”, the ‘prostitute’,  occurring  “in one hour” (Rev. ch 18note v. 10 & 19).

Rev. 18:19  “They will throw dust on their heads and with tears and groans: ‘Mourn for this great city (Babylon) whose lavish living has made a fortune … ruined within a single hour.’

More amazing, is the fact that this “Babylon, the harlot’,  who has “intoxicated all the nations with the wine of her prostitution”, is defined in this chapter as a ‘force’ which perfectly fits the profile of the world’s capitalistic ‘free’ financial system which is in peril at this time.

Note, in the following Scriptures which define this ‘Babylon’ which will come crashing down in ‘one hour’,  how the accent is on business and trade as the ‘deceiving god’,  the “opium of the masses”.

Rev. 18:9 –  ‘the kings of the earth lived with her in luxury’
verse 3 –  ‘every merchant has grown rich through her debauchery’
verse 11 – ‘the traders of the earth wept in distress over her fall’
verse 12 –  ‘there is no one left to buy her goods’
verse 14 –  ‘the life of magnificence and ease has gone’
verse 15 –  ‘the traders had made a fortune out of her’
verse 17 –  ‘her riches were destroyed in a single hour’
verse 18 –  ‘all those making a living out of the sea and sea transport, lamented over her fall’
verse 19 –  ‘her lavish living had made a fortune for shipowners’ (oil?)
verse 23 –  ‘her traders were the princes of the earth and all the nations were under her spell’

It is significant that ‘financial misbehaviour’ is also given as the Cause for the destruction of the world in the Prophecy which we quoted in our Introductory section on the Tsunami Wave of Death:

Isaiah 24:1,2  “See how YHVH lays the earth waste …

Seller and Buyer,  Lender and borrower, creditor and debtor –

ravaged, ravaged the earth; despoiled, despoiled.”  Read verse 1-14 in context

When the financial systems of the world collapse, mankind will find that their money, savings and pensions are worthless!

Babylon’s Final Verdict?  She will fall in one hour! – and never be revived again! (Rev. 18:22,23).

Then God will set up His righteous Kingdom – described in the directly following and final 4 chapters of the Bible – Rev. 19 – 22

This entire Web Page was created in 1999, pre Y2K,  with the emphasis on The Feast of Trumpets depicting the Final Collapse of this Dispensational System, to inaugurate the establishment of the Kingdom of the God of Israel in the Land of Israel. Every year, staggering events occur at the Time of this Biblical Festive Season – but the End is not yet.  We will continue to look forward with great expectations every year at the time of Succot (Feast of Trumpets & Tabernacles).

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