6.7. ‘Spirit of Torah’ Wisdom

Providing Links to Sources of knowledge which can guide the flood of believers the world over who are being drawn back by the Spirit of the Most High to “The Original True Hebraic Faith”.

Learn with Original Sources of authentic Jewish Torah Wisdom – the “Guardians of the Oracles of The Holy One of Israel” (Blessed be His Name).

While at this time personal spiritual association with authentic Judaism as foreseen by the Prophets, is not yet possible, we also provide Links to Torah observing Messianic groups in your area.

Please note!

The Publishers of the Links which are featured on this Page have no association whatsoever with “BIBLE REVELATIONS” or with the Publishers of this Page – and they probably do not endorse the views as expressed by “BIBLE REVELATIONS” in the other Pages of this Web Site.

These Links are provided here purely for your information, as a public service. Please contact the Webmasters of these Linked Pages directly for any further information or closer association which you may require.

Refer also to Important Note re. non-proselytizing assurance to Jews.


1. Authentic Jewish Sites

Window on the Western wall at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Round the clock view of the Wall!
Enables you to pray at the Wall – any hour of the day or night – no matter where you are in the world!
With those Jewish Guardians who have a daily 24-hour ‘vigil’ at the Wall – Experience the Power of Inspired Prayer at the Wall in Jerusalem.

“Pray for the Restoration of Jerusalem”
“If I forget you, O Jerusalem, may My Right Hand forget its skill”

Click here to go to the Wall on-line & live
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Hear the other side of the story – the side which the world’s media will never tell you!
Schedule of Programs – Click here
Live Stream Program – Click here


Your Personal Success thru the Jewish ‘Spirit of Torah’ Wisdom

Window to the World of Success

  • 48 Ways to Wisdom and Success
  • How to be successful in Business and in your Life
  • Improve the quality of your life – find the “instructions for life” as conveyed by God to Moses and recorded by him in Jewish Scriptures meticulously guarded to this day
  • Secrets of abundant Life, waiting to be revealed by the intellectually active mind
  • Discover the “Tree of Life” –  the Torah of the Creator God

Click here to go to “48 Ways to Success”.


Spirituality – Aish.com

Discover the true meaning of Abundant Life by perfecting your Spiritualty on the following levels

  • Personal Growth
  • Inner Happiness
  • Wisdom
  • Enduring Freedom
  • Personal Renewal
  • Prayer

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Assessing correctly the Jewish Torah Faith from:

* Jewish Rabbinical teaching
* Shiurim (studies), Divrei Torah (essays, sermons)
* Parshat – The Weekly Torah Reading
* Ask the Rabbi (about Jewish Faith ONLY!)

Torah.org and Weekly-Torah-Reading-List

Beginners, Intermediary and Advanced level Studies on Weekly Torah Readings.

Very useful: List of Weekly Torah Readings.



Rabbinic Reviews – the Weekly Reading (Parshot) – Torah Lessons – Shiurim – Rabbinic Essays


Tenets of the Jewish Faith

The 613 “Laws of Moses”

Divine Guidelines to abundant Life, Health, Success and Prosperity.

Click here for a Summary of the 613 Laws


Calendar of Jewish Holidays

Featuring Dates and Studies on Basic and Advanced levels: OU.org



with Instructions for Preparations and Festive Symbols

For explanation of Hebrew terms, go to “Hebrew Word List” further down on this Page.

Click here for Free Copy of Haggadah



Basic Concepts explained – Jewish Festivals – Life Cycle
Prayers & Blessings – Terminology – Torah Readings
Sabbath – Torah – Talmud – Jewish Law
Kosher Sex – Charity – Cooking
Great Jewish Scholars
and much more, conveyed  in easy style

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Learning Hebrew to unlock the ‘Spirit of Torah’ Wisdom

Hebrew Word List

A Shortlist of Hebrew words & terms with their meanings to help you understand the studies featured in the Web Site of BIBLE REVELATIONS.

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Authentic Jewish Sites which support the Return of the Lost 10 Tribes Prophecies


Working for the Reconciliation of Judah with the Returning Ten Lost Tribes for the establishment of Peace in Zion and for the Restoration of the 12-Tribed Kingdom of HaShem.

Click here



Rabbinic and Jewish scholars tracing the roots of the Lost 10 Tribes promoting the concept for greater awareness extensive library of studies on the concept.

News List to join.

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2. Hebraic Restoration, Torah observing Messianic Congregations & Websites

The Watchman

Torah and One True Faith studies from a Jewish and Messianic perspective.