6.2. Israeli Decline

Israel – shall surely rise from its current Decline to its destined Eternal Glory!

A Review of News & Views which you are unlikely to have heard or read elsewhere. Put into proper Biblical perspective to unlock current and future News Trends in the fulfilment of Prophecy before our eyes

This Page features several reviews of the current slide of the modern State of Israel, from being one of the most advanced military powers in the world, with a modern war record featuring miraculous victories, to a guilt riddled, operationally restricted and almost fearful nation,  prepared to barter their heritage, the Land of Israel,  for a deceitful promise of ‘Peace’ with a nation which until now has not even had weapons to wage a war!

The Bible is brimful with recorded history of the Land and nation of Israel – God’s  ‘Sign to the nations’.  This history has a simple but crucial lesson for the world and its inhabitants:   If we turn our backs on our religion and on God, we can expect disaster.  The current government of Israel has brought down the wrath of God on the Israeli people for turning its back on their heritage and having succumbed to trading “Holy Land” for “Peace”.


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Introduction & Overview

Israel stands alone in the world today.  Officially, all nations oppose it in the UN.  Not only this, but from inside, Israel is being sold out to its enemies by its own government.  This at a time that many of its neighbours and enemies are arming themselves with nuclear arsenals.

The current ‘Battle for Jerusalem’ may well be the prelude to the Final episode in World History – the final World War of “Gog and Magog”, generally referred to as Armageddon – the War which will precede and lead to the establishment of Divine Rule on earth, from this contested City of Jerusalem in Israel.

As surely as Israel rose from its devastation time after time in the past,  just as surely it shall ultimately rise to its Divinely predestined Eternal Glory!


June 10, 2008

Where Did the Israeli Army Go?
Ze’ev Tzahor

Published: 06.10.08, 09:54 / Israel Opinion

Longtime Gaza region residents have been on Israel’s frontlines for dozens of years now. The Qassams and mortar shells in Nahal Oz, Nir  Am, and Kissufim are the continuation of the infiltrations and landmines that residents coped with generations ago.

Yet there are two differences between the security distress of the past and what is going on today.

The first difference is that back then, residents in the area drew  strength from the home front, which displayed solidarity and supported the front. Now, those who were able to hold on feel that they have been abandoned by the State and left to fend for themselves; a front without a home front.

The second difference is even sadder: The IDF, which once served as a buffer between residents and the border, is now hiding behind the residents’ backs. Area residents watch with sad eyes how military units desert their outposts and move to bases that are far away from the Qassam range, leaving the communities and their residents as a frontal shield positioned in front of the army.

Most Gaza-region communities make a living from agriculture. Once the area was an empty desert, but the residents changed reality. Those who dare visit the area these days will discover spectacular green pastures and tens of thousands of dunams used for growing plentiful crops such as potatoes, carrots, peanuts, and seeds. This abundance is produced by people; residents who built their homes there.

Army no longer a buffer

There, right next to the border, they work their fields from morning till evening, plow, sow, water, and pick. There is much work there; hard work. They are being fired at, sometimes gunfire and sometimes mortar fire, they are being ambushed, and traps are being laid for them, just like it used to be dozens of years ago; however, back then the army was the buffer between the shooters and the farmers.

Today, the army is no longer a buffer. On occasion, when the Palestinians fire, the army arrives, as long as the soldiers are well protected: A protective vest, a helmet, and other protection means. The soldiers arrive in armored vehicles. If an armored vehicle malfunctions, heaven forbid, the troops won’t be sent int. The farmers continue to work the fields on their own.

How have the tables turned this way? How is it that on the front lines we see civilians working while being exposed to the fire, while the army, which is well protected from head to toe, safeguards itself behind them?


June 10, 2008

Crisis of Confidence in Israel’s Public Institutions
by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

7 Sivan 5768, 10 June 08 05:12

(IsraelNN.com) According to an annual report by the Israel Democracy Institute, presented to President Shimon Peres on Tuesday, public trust in national institutions has dropped on nearly all fronts over the last 12 months. Exceptions include the military. As part of its efforts to preserve and encourage democracy in Israel, the Democracy Institute surveys and analyzes levels of public support and trust for various institutions and political figures.

According to the report, less than half of the nation expressed confidence in the Supreme Court (49 percent). This result contrasted sharply with last year’s results, in which 61 percent of the public said they had faith in the nation’s highest judicial authority. The drop in trust in the high court also knocked it out of its previous position as a “defender of democracy” in the public’s view. That designation was awarded by those surveyed to the mass media, primarily for its contribution in exposing public corruption.

Perhaps in correlation with the media’s exposure of high-level corruption, more than 90 percent of the Israeli public believes Israel “is touched by corruption and that corruption is a necessary tool for public advancement,” according to the Democracy Institute report.

Public confidence in the Prime Minister is at an unprecedented low, the report noted, and the Knesset fares little better. Only 17 percent of the public has confidence in Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, while 29 percent of the public expressed confidence in the nation’s legislators.

At the same time, Israelis expressed their belief that the state has a responsibility to provide the citizenry with their social welfare needs. The fact that they felt unable to trust existing political parties and institutions to fulfil that function led many Israelis surveyed to express a lessened interest and involvement in the nation’s political life.

The Israel Police lost the public’s trust as well, dropping from 41 to 31 percent.

The Justices ‘Dug Their Own Pit’

The Legal Forum for Eretz Yisrael responded sharply to the collapse of public confidence in judicial institutions as noted in the Israel Democracy Institute’s 2008 report. %ad%

The Chairman of the Forum, Nachi Eyal, said, “Those who would shine their enlightened eyes upon the petitions of the enemies of Israel, but who shut the door on issues of national importance must know now that the public has lost their confidence in them….”

Eyal said that the Supreme Court justices “have dug a pit for themselves, which is now obvious to everyone, and the public’s confidence will dissolve even faster if the Supreme Court doesn’t balance itself with regards to crucial issues.”

Moshe Feiglin, head of the Jewish Leadership faction in the Likud, said that the low public trust in the court system is the direct consequence of the judicial activism of former Supreme Court President Aharon Barak.

“The self-exaltation of the judicial branch over the elected authority did not secure democracy, but quite the opposite – it brought about the loss of public trust in it. Only a change in the method by which judges are appointed, such that they represent the variety of views in society, and public hearings and oversight ahead of their appointment (as is the practice in the United States) might restore public faith in the courts,” Feiglin said.


February 10, 2007

As we bumble into war

Caroline Glick, THE JERUSALEM POST Feb. 8, 2007

Indeed today, in a manner eerily reminiscent of last spring (2006), we (Israel)are on the precipice of a new war and our leaders stubbornly reject truth for delusion. Unless they acknowledge reality soon, they will again bar the Israel Defense Force (IDF) from fighting effectively, again maneuver us into diplomatic isolation and so again lead Israel to defeat.

With this in mind, it is our duty today to take a hard look at reality.

As they did in the months that preceded the outbreak of their jihad in September 2000, for the past several months the Palestinians have been accelerating their preparations for war. On Monday Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) Director Yuval Diskin revealed some of those preparations.

Diskin said that in 2006, the Palestinians imported 30 tons of explosives into Gaza from Egypt. Hamas has dug 10 tunnels into the western Negev from which it will be able to launch attacks against the IDF or against civilians. The situation along the breached Gaza-Egypt border is even worse.  Diskin referred to the weapons and personnel smuggling tunnels there as “one big rabbit warren.”

As the Palestinians prepare themselves for battle, this week they invented their justification for attacking the Jews. Just as they did in September 2000, this week Palestinian and Israeli Arab leaders opened their propaganda campaign for war by falsely accusing Israel of conspiring to destroy the mosques on the Temple Mount.

Like its excavation by the Western Wall that has been going on quietly for the past several months, the Israel Antiquities Authority coordinated its salvage dig by the Mughrabi Gate of the Old City with the Islamic Wakf, the Jordanian government and all other relevant authorities before its archeologists began their work this week. Everyone understood that the excavation is being conducted 70 meters away from the Temple Mount and will in no way affect it.

But facts are irrelevant. The Arabs are not interested in the facts. They are interested in war. Sheikh Abdullah Nimer Darwish, the head of the southern branch of the Israeli Islamic movement, made this point clearly Thursday morning when he told Israel Radio that the war will likely begin when the heads of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh, return from Mecca. It can be reasonably concluded from Darwish’s statement that the Fatah-Hamas unity talks taking place in Mecca have more to do with coordinating the coming jihad than with dividing government ministries in their soon-to-be-formed, Saudi-sponsored terrorist unity government.

However the talks conclude, there is no doubt that the PA is gunning for war with Israel. Palestinian television, which Abbas and Fatah control, has been showing incendiary live and archival footage from the Temple Mount for the past three days. The images are interspersed with speeches by Palestinian and pan-Islamic leaders calling on the Muslim world to protect Al Aksa mosque.

As Israel’s leaders praise the Saudis for their role in promoting the peace process, Al-Jazeera satellite network is broadcasting live calls to war to the entire Muslim world live from the Temple Mount. While Al-Jazeera reporters have been kicked out of Algeria, Iraq, Sudan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan for calling for war against anyone who doesn’t talk like Osama bin Laden, and even the PA closed its offices twice, the Israeli government apparently has no problem with Al-Jazeera reporters calling the Islamic world to launch a genocidal jihad against the Jewish state from the Temple Mount.

On the Lebanese front, the situation is also frighteningly familiar. Just as last summer the Palestinians and Hizbullah worked in close coordination, so the escalation of hostilities along the border with Lebanon this week shows that their coordination remains high. What is new in the current situation is the hostile role being played by the Lebanese military, and what this role tells us about the nature of the coming war.

Last summer many warned Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni that it would be unwise to allow the Lebanese military to deploy to the border. To the extent those forces participated in the last war, they did so on the side of Hizbullah. Lebanese units directed Hizbullah’s missile attack against the INS Hanit. They were similarly involved in identifying targets in northern Israel for Hizbullah’s rocket units. Forty percent of the soldiers and officers serving in the Lebanese army are Shi’ite and many of them owe their primary allegiance to Hizbullah.

In spite of these warnings, Olmert and Livni did not merely accept the Lebanese army’s deployment along the border. They insisted on it. And Wednesday night, when the Lebanese military attacked IDF units operating within sovereign Israel, those who preached caution were proven right. By insisting that the Lebanese army deploy along the border, Olmert and Livni effectively enabled Hizbullah’s reassertion of control over south Lebanon.
It should be recalled that the timing of last summer’s war was anything but a coincidence. At the time, Iran ordered Hizbullah to attack Israel two days before the G-8 summit where the world leaders were poised to condemn Iran for refusing to cease its uranium enrichment activities, and a week before the International Atomic Energy Agency was scheduled to refer Iran’s nuclear program to the UN Security Council.

So too, today, the escalation of enemy incitement and operations is anything but random. On February 21, IAEA inspectors are scheduled to report to the Security Council that in defiance of Resolution 1737 from two months ago, Iran has not ceased its uranium enrichment activities. In the wake of this report, the sanctions set out in the resolution are supposed to be firmly enforced.

On the Iraqi front, hostilities between the US and Iran escalate daily and signs abound that the much awaited US offensive in Baghdad is about to start. If successful, the offensive will seriously weaken Iranian proxy forces in that country and similarly weaken Iran’s influence over the Iraqi government.

All in all, a two-front war against Israel would go a long way towards advancing Iran’s interests today.

All of this naturally raises the question: What are Israel’s leaders doing as our enemies prepare for war?

While demanding that Olmert order the IAA to stop its salvage dig at the Mughrabi Gate, Defense Minister Amir Peretz is preparing to renew his hostilities against his greatest foes – the Israelis who live in Judea and Samaria. Last week Peretz ordered the IDF to draw up plans to destroy several Israeli communities in the areas. As to the Palestinians, Hizbullah and their state sponsors, Peretz has nothing constructive to say.

For her part, Livni continues to applaud her brilliance in negotiating the cease-fire agreement last summer under which Hizbullah has rearmed and reasserted its control over south Lebanon. Then too, Livni continues to act as the spokeswoman for the Fatah terror organization.

In her joint appearance with British Foreign Minister Margaret Beckett on Tuesday, Livni said that Israel and Fatah (which she refers to as the “moderates in the Palestinian Authority”), “are on the same side.”

While repeating her vapid mantra distinguishing “moderates” from “extremists,” Wednesday Livni claimed that the incitement surrounding the Temple Mount is being carried out by “irresponsible elements” which include “political groups within Israel and extremist elements outside Israel.” As is her practice, Livni ignored the fact that her “moderate” friend Abbas stands at the center of those “extremists” inciting for war.

Finally we have Prime Minister Ehud Olmert himself. In his testimony last week before the Winograd Commission which he appointed to investigate last summer’s war, Olmert continued to insist that Israel won. This being the case, we oughtn’t be concerned about the defeated Hizbullah.

As to the Palestinians, Olmert is now busily preparing for his February 19 meeting with Abbas, the “moderate” terror master, and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. He continues to forbid the IDF from striking the burgeoning terror armies and armories in Gaza and refuses to acknowledge the known fact that Fatah is supported by Iran.

This week Olmert again tried to lull us into complacency about the ayatollahs’ nuclear weapons program. Speaking to the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations, Olmert enthused that we have ample time to deal with the threat and that anyway, the international community including China and Russia can be counted on to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons through diplomacy.

At this juncture it is worth recalling precisely what was wrong about the Olmert government’s handling of the war last summer. While the Winograd Commission writes its report, the citizens of Israel should realize that regardless of what the members of the commission who Olmert appointed say, the war was not merely or mainly a military failure. The central cause of Israel’s defeat was the incompetence of our political leaders. Specifically, Olmert and Peretz failed to act to ensure that the IDF achieved the goals they set for it.

Before ordering the IDF to war, Olmert held no discussions regarding the conditions on the ground, and so did not consider whether the war plans he approved were relevant to the achievement of his declared goals.

Olmert and Livni failed to grasp the diplomatic opportunities the war created. Had they been paying attention they would have seen a tangible willingness in Washington to consider a joint Israeli-American strike against the terror headquarters and training bases in Syria that serve not only the Palestinians and Hizbullah, but the insurgents warring against coalition forces in Iraq. The consequences that such a joint operation would have had on both Israeli-US relations and on Syrian-Iranian relations would have changed the face of the region in a dramatic and positive way.

Due to their ignorance of both military and diplomatic affairs, Olmert and colleagues barred the IDF from conquering south Lebanon and so denied the army the only means of achieving the goal of ending the missile attacks on northern Israel and destroying Hizbullah as a fighting force.

When Olmert’s, Livni’s and Peretz’s incompetence last summer is compared to their current behavior, the unavoidable conclusion is that they have learned nothing from their experience and so remain incompetent to contend with the dangers we face today.

And so, as they bumble us into another war while speaking dreamily of their friends in Mecca, at least Olmert, Livni and Peretz cannot say that they weren’t warned.


December 30,  2006

Israel’s dominance going into reversal
By Rami G. Khouri (Beirut) Daily Star staff


By most measures, it would seem the Israelis are winning the Palestinian-Israeli war. They control and colonize Arab lands, enjoy military superiority and total American support, and unilaterally define most diplomatic parameters of the conflict. Yet this may be a mistaken assessment: The Palestinians and Arabs are perhaps starting to win some battles, while Israel is losing some of its dominance. Seven events in the past five months seem to lend credence to this view.

The first was Hizbullah’s ability to fight Israel for 34 days this summer, and on the 34th day to keep firing hundreds of rockets into Israeli territory. Morality and political consequences aside, this reflected a truly historic combination of political will, technical military proficiency, and a capacity to remain shielded from Israeli, Western and Arab spies and infiltrators. No Arab party had ever crossed this threshold in the century-long conflict with Zionism and Israel.

The second event was Israel’s (and Washington’s) having to accept the August cease-fire resolution at the United Nations, after the United States had given Israel weeks of extra warfare to hit Hizbullah. A determined Arab group forced Israel and the US to accept a political resolution instead of military victory, and the cease-fire resolution included measures that Israel had previously always rejected – addressing the occupied Shebaa Farms area in the context of the Israel-Lebanon conflict, rather than as occupied Syrian land, and specifying the return or exchange of Israeli and Lebanese prisoners.

Israel quietly dropped its previous position that the two Israeli soldiers natched by Hizbullah on July 12 had to be returned unconditionally. The stationing of over 20,000 Lebanese and international troops in Southern Lebanon has long been an Israeli demand, but also came at a price: limiting Israel’s scope of action in Lebanon and its overflights.

The third noteworthy development was Israel’s accepting a cease-fire with the Palestinians in Gaza in late November, after it had said that it would not end its attacks and would do anything required to retrieve Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, whom Palestinian guerrillas had snatched from an Israeli Army post on the Gaza-Israel border. The juxtaposition of events in Lebanon and Gaza this summer was powerfully telling. Israel’s once vaunted military prowess and frightening deterrence failed to stop Lebanese and Palestinian fighters from abducting three of its soldiers from border areas.  Israel’s subsequent severe, savage military attacks and mass punishment of civilian populations failed to make the Arabs cough up the soldiers. Weeks or months later, Israel swallowed its words, put away its ultimatums and threats, and accepted cease-fires in both cases.

The fourth important recent development is that Israel has been unable to stop the firing of rudimentary Qassam rockets into its southern region by  Palestinian militants. Israeli military might and intelligence capabilities – along with killing some 400 Palestinians since June – have not stopped determined young men from firing these rockets into Israel.  (In the 4 weeks since a so-called ‘cease fire’ from end November, 70 Kassam rockets have been fired on Israel, seriously injuring Israelis and properties, one hitting near a very sensitive target that could have released poison gases over a city killing thousands of Israelis – and still Prime Minister Olmert instructs no retaliation – BibRev edit)

The fifth striking incident occurred in early November, when Israel had pinned down a group of Palestinian fighters in a mosque in Beit Hanun in northern Gaza, expecting them to surrender or be killed. Instead, over 200 Palestinian women broke through the siege, swarmed the mosque, and provided cover for the young fighters to escape, with two women being killed and a dozen injured. Battle lines that had been defined by Israeli troops fighting a handful of Palestinian youths were transformed into the Israeli Army’s finding itself helpless – and defeated – in the face of the Palestinian civilian population.

The sixth incident happened in mid-November, when the Israeli Army telephoned the home of a Palestinian militant in Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza and warned the inhabitants to leave the three-story residential building because it was going to be destroyed. Instead of fleeing as they had usually done, hundreds of civilians swarmed into the residence, stood on the rooftop, and dared the Israelis to kill them all. Faced with civilians who no longer feared death, the mighty Israeli killing machine and its befuddled political leaders suddenly became much less impressive – for they had lost much of their capacity to intimidate.

The seventh incident, earlier this week, was Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, where it was announced that Israel would release $100 million of withheld Palestinian tax revenues and remove some checkpoints in the West Bank. Reversing his previous refusal to make such gestures or meet with the Palestinians before Shalit was released, Olmert met, talked and made concessions to the Palestinians with Shalit nowhere in sight.

History will clarify if these events indeed signify a change in the military or political balance of power in Arab-Israeli confrontations.


August 15, 2006 – By accepting the UN Resolution 1701 Cease Fire between Hezbulla and Israel in Lebanon, the weak and inexperienced, leftist, self delusionist government of Israel has sealed Israel’s first defeat in its modern post-1948 history

Israel’s Broken Heart. Final Reckoning
by Yossi Klein Halevi TNR OnlinePost

However hard Ehud Olmert tries to spin it, the U.N. ceasefire that began yesterday is a disaster for Israel and for the war on terrorism generally. With an unprecedented green light from Washington to do whatever necessary to uproot the Iranian front line against Israel, and with a level of national unity and willingness to sacrifice unseen here since the 1973 Yom Kippur War, our leaders squandered weeks restraining the army and fighting a pretend war. Only in the two days before the ceasefire was the army finally given the go-ahead to fight a real war.

But, by then, the U.N. resolution had codified the terms of Israel’s defeat. The resolution doesn’t require the immediate return of our kidnapped soldiers, but does urgently place the Shebaa Farms on the international agenda–as if the Lebanese jihadists fired some 4,000 rockets at the Israeli homefront over the fate of a bare mountain that the United Nations concluded in 1967 belonged not to Lebanon but Syria. Worst of all, it once again entrusts the security of Israel’s northern border to the inept unifil. As one outraged TV anchor put it, Israeli towns were exposed to the worst attacks since the nation’s founding, a million residents of the Galilee fled or sat in shelters for a month, more than 150 Israeli civilians and soldiers were killed along with nearly a thousand Lebanese–all in order to ensure the return of U.N. peacekeepers to southern Lebanon.

This is a nation whose heart has been broken: by our failure to uproot the jihadist threat, which will return for another and far more deadly round; by the economic devastation of the Galilee and of a neighboring land we didn’t want to attack; by the heroism of our soldiers and the hesitations of our politicians; by the young men buried and crippled in a war we prevented ourselves from winning; by foreign journalists who can’t tell the difference between good and evil; by European leaders who equate an army that tries to avoid civilian causalities with a terrorist group that revels in them; by a United Nations that questions Israel’s right to defend itself; and by growing voices on the left who question Israel’s right to exist at all.

At least some of the disasters of the past weeks were self-inflicted. We forfeited the public relations battle that was, in part, Israel’s to lose. How is it possible that we failed to explain the justness of a war fought against a genocidal enemy who attacked us across our U.N.-sanctioned international border? It’s hard to remember now, but we began this war with the sympathy of a large part of the international community. Some Arab leaders, for the first time in the history of the Middle East conflict, actually blamed other Arabs for initiating hostilities with Israel. That response came when Israel seemed determined to defeat Hezbollah; but, as the weeks dragged on and Hezbollah appeared to be winning, moderate Arabs adjusted accordingly. They didn’t switch sides because we were fighting too assertively but because we weren’t fighting assertively enough.

Even before the shooting stopped, the reckoning here had already begun. There are widespread expectations of dismissals for senior military commanders who–when finally given the chance to end the Hezbollah threat they had been warning about for almost 25 years–couldn’t implement a creative battle plan. But demands for accountability won’t be confined to the army alone. Journalist Ari Shavit, who has taken on something of the role of Motti Ashkenazi–the reservist soldier who led the movement to bring down the government of Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan after the Yom Kippur War–wrote a front-page article in Haaretz calling for Olmert’s resignation. And that is only the opening shot. Even Maariv’s Ben Caspit, one of Israel’s most pro-Olmert journalists, published an imaginary Olmert speech of apology to the nation. A cartoon in Maariv showed Olmert as a boy playing with a yo-yo inscribed with israel defense forces. None of Israel’s wars was ever fought with greater micromanagement by a government, and no government was ever less qualified to manage a war as this one. Just as the post-Yom Kippur War period destroyed military and political careers and eventually led to the collapse of the Labor Party’s hegemony, so will the post-Lebanon period end careers and perhaps even the short-lived Kadima Party experiment.

A long list of reckonings awaits the Israeli public. There’s the scandal of the government’s abandonment of tens of thousands of poor Israelis who lacked the means to escape the north and were confined for weeks in public shelters, their needs largely tended to by volunteers. There’s the growing bitterness between Jewish Israelis and Arab Israelis, many of whom supported Hezbollah in a war most Jews saw as an existential attack on the state. And there’s the emergency need to resurrect the military reserves, which have been so neglected that a majority of men over 21 don’t even serve anymore and those that do tend to feel like suckers.

Still, in the Jewish calendar, the summer weeks after the fast of the Ninth of Av, commemorating the destruction of the Temple, are a time of consolation. “Be consoled, be consoled, my people,” we read from the Torah on the Sabbath after the fast. And so we console ourselves with the substantial achievements of the people of Israel during this month of war. First, our undiminished capacity for unity. Second, our middle-class children, with their cell phones, iPods, and pizza deliveries to their army bases. In intimate combat, they repeatedly bested Hezbollah fighters, even though the terrorists had the advantage of familiar terrain. This generation has given us some of Israel’s most powerful images of heroism, like the soldier from a West Bank settlement and father of two young children who leaped onto a grenade to save his friends, shouting the Shema–the prayer of God’s oneness–just before the grenade exploded. Along with the recriminations, there will be many medals of valor awarded in the coming weeks.

But the last month’s fighting is only one battle in the jihadist war against Israel’s homefront that began with the second intifada in September 2000. Israel won the first phase of that war, the four years of suicide bombings that lasted until 2004. Now, in the second phase, we’ve lost the battle against the rockets. But the qualities this heartbreak has revealed –unity and sacrifice and faith in the justness of our cause–will ensure our eventual victory in the next, inevitable, bitter round. Such is the nature of consolation in Israel in the summer of 2006

Yossi Klein Halevi is a foreign correspondent for The New Republic and senior fellow of the Shalem Center in Jerusalem.



The current Middle East stage is set for the Final cataclysm. An extremist Arab who figures himself as the expected ‘Messiah’ of Islam, is in rule in Iran. He will soon have a nuclear device at his disposal to assist him in fulfilling his threat of “wiping Israel of the map”.  Israel’s current defeat and its ruler’s lame response have made the surrounding nations smell blood – Jewish blood! Already there are reports that Syria is massing at its borders. Islamic extremists only know how to pounce on the weak – as London has just learned from the plot to blow up some 4000 civilians in mid-air, and as Hezbullah has just proven, fighting their rockets war from amongst the civilians and targeting Israeli civilians with ball-bearing seeded rockets which tear the flesh and bodies of Israeli civilians, to maximise pain, injury and disfigurement.

Israel has failed this round as a result of its leadership weakness – this is FATAL in the Middle East where the goal of “wiping Israel off the Map” has been stated over and over – but that the deluded Western culture and Israeli leftist, anti-Kingdom political rulers refuse to take it serious. The fact that their illusions about not being attacked by rocket fire have been rudely shattered thru this latest defeat, still did not wake them up from their perfect-world dream.

It seems that this last stretch of the Way towards Gog Magog (Armageddon) is not going to be pre-empted by a spiritual revival of the masses. On the contrary – we are going to face increasing, hardened opposition against the sanity of the true reality. This Reality is understood by a small minority of Bible believers only, in and outside of Israel, who emphatically trust the Divine Promises and who strive to be part of an elect of ‘the God of Israel’, Who will set up His Kingdom in Jerusalem. This will happen when He appears in Power and Glory during the War of Armageddon, to fight on the side of Israel against the multitude of nations who will be attacking Jerusalem. (Zechariah 14, Ezekiel 37 & 38).

As a prelude to this Coming Final War of Wars, it seems that God is preparing His elect by humbling them – in order that they would trust in Him and Him alone. Prophetic Scripture is clear, that YHVH the God of Israel Alone will be venerated in this Final Cataclysm – to the acknowledgement of every being on earth – “every knee shall bow to Him”, yes, even those who now oppose His Purpose on earth.

To His righteous followers living in the Land of Promise, in expectation of the Coming of His Kingdom, this means:

  • NO invincible IDF (Israel Defence Force)
  • NO imposing political or even religious leaders
  • NO inconquerable nation (but one we have to hang our heads in shame for at the moment, for supporting this insane UN Peace Treaty, i.e. 24 – 0 Knesset approval and 70% approval by the Israeli nation according to a poll!)
  • NO solution on the horizon of someone who can fill this gap, or a nation that will wholeheartedly seek the shelter of God!

JUST the Guardian God of Israel to rely on!

What a precious Place to be! 

To anyone who at this time of Israel’s defeat, wishes to revel in its downfall, take note: The Creator God of Israel will discipline Israel, but NEVER forsake her!” READ:


Jan. 22, 2006

Israeli Police chief:  may shoot citizens in Hebron eviction

News from Hebron – The Hebron Press Office

Hebron Children Demonstrate in Jerusalem


Taken from: www.hebron.com

Yesterday, Israeli police chief Moshe Karadi, speaking on Israel television, said that he would not rule out using weapons during the planned expulsion of Hebron families from the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood (of Hebron).

In reaction, a group of over 50 Hebron schoolchildren traveled to Jerusalem this morning and protested outside the police headquarters wearing bull’s-eye targets saying, “Karadi Shoot Me.”   Hebron leader Noam Arnon told journalists, “Karadi said he would shoot us, so we decided to make his life easier for him – we brought the children here – why should he have to trouble himself to come to Hebron to
shoot them!?”

“Today, the problem is Olmert. Rather than fight terror, he has declared war on Jews, most particularly those of us living in Judea and Samaria. One of this first stops is Hebron.”

When the children arrived and lined up on the street outside the headquarters, a security agent appeared opposite them, carrying two weapons: an Uzi-gun, slung over his shoulder, and a drawn Gluck 9mm pistol in his hand. A bystander standing at a bus stop told one of the Hebron participants: “I am here every day. Arab buses and Arab pedestrians use this road all the time, yet I’ve never seen a
policeman here before. And this, an agent with his gun drawn…?”

According to media reports, the government plans on implementing the expulsion next week, following the Arab elections on Wednesday.

The Gush Katif eviction of 1800 families from their homes, farms and businesses is reported and reviewed here.


Jan. 5, 2006

Israel in Crisis on several fronts – and without leadership

The increasingly threatening situation for its survival, which Israel comes to face, is aptly summarised in the following review


Israel after Sharon

Wednesday night ushered in a new era in Israel’s political history. Sharon’s massive cerebral haemorrhage on Wednesday night spelled the end of his political career. Sharon will never return to lead the State of Israel. He will never make a full recovery. (Dec. 2006 – one year after, he is still unconscious).

Without a doubt, the greatest challenge facing the State of Israel today is Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Until Wednesday night, the rumour-mill running between Jerusalem, Washington and the capital cities of Europe was full of reports that Sharon planned to order an Israeli attack against Iran’s nuclear installations just before our general elections at the end of March. There can be no room for doubt. The need to conduct a military strike against Iran’s nuclear program increases with each passing day.

Israel’s experience, like the experience of the Jewish people throughout its history, has taught that such anti-Semites seek out opportunities to use their acquired means to kill Jews. And now, against the increasingly tangible threat that Iran will soon acquire nuclear capabilities, Israel finds itself in an election season marked by political uncertainty and instability.

Even in the absence of domestic political chaos, any Israeli plan to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities is today hampered by two things. First, the anti-Semitism that is endemic in the Iranian regime is equally endemic throughout the entire Muslim and Arab world. Were Iran to carry out tomorrow President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s promise to complete Hitler’s work, such an act would no doubt be met with glee throughout the Arab and Muslim world.

As well, Iran has been able to advance its nuclear weapons program in large pa! rt due to the vast increase in anti-Semitic sentiments throughout the Western world. Over the past five years, the notion that there is something acceptable about murdering Jews and seeking to destroy Israel has met with increasing acceptance among large swathes of European society and the ranks of the international Left. Today, as Israel enters the post-Sharon era, it is hindered by unprecedented diplomatic weakness, largely as a result of the prevalence of Western anti-Semitism and its concomitant demand that Israel do all it can to appease its enemies.

The genocidal anti-Semitism that lies at the root of Iran’s quest to destroy Israel with nuclear weapons is also the source of Palestinian-led terror war against Israel. Yet, unlike the case of Iran, whose wherewithal to match its desire to destroy Israel with actual military capabilities has been uninfluenced by Israeli actions, the Palestinians’ terror capabilities have been vastly expanded as a direct result of Israeli policies. Today, as the Palestinian Authority has ceased to operate in any coherent manner; as the Egyptian border with Gaza has been open for terror traffic for three months; and as Hamas has emerged as the most prevalent force in Palestinian politics and society, it is impossible to deny that Sharon’s decision to withdraw Israeli forces from Gaza and northern Samaria has vastly empowered Palestinian terrorists. Today the Gaza Strip has become one of the most active and dangerous bases for jihadi terrorism in the world.

And yet, the rapid transformation of Gaza into the most active terror base in the Arab world has not led to calls by the international community, led by Washington for Israel to take the military measures necessary to destroy the emerging threat. To the contrary: The international community, led by the Bush Administration, has greeted Gaza’s mutation into what Palestinians refer to as a new Somalia, and what for Israelis and Westerners in general is more comparable to Taliban ruled Afghanistan, with ever more strident demands for continued Israeli appeasement of Palestinian terrorists.

Amid the threat now constituted by Gaza and the rising chaos in Palestinian society generally, … Israel’s defense and diplomatic establishments have no answers to give. Israel has no coherent policy to speak of for dealing with the acquisition of Strella anti-aircraft missiles or Katyusha missiles by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza. It has no policy for contending with the fact that Al Qaida has now become an actor in the Palestinian areas and in south Lebanon. It has no effective policy for dealing with the repeated attacks against its vital infrastructures in Ashkelon having now transferred their newfound capabilities from Gaza to Judea and Samaria. Israel’s security brass has no policy for contending with the manifest links between the Iranian regime and Palestinian terror groups.

In a transcript published by MEMRI, Farahat, who justified the murder of all Israelis everywhere as a legitimate means of jihad, spelled out what “peace” with the Jews means for Hamas. For her, “Peace means the liberation of all of Palestine, from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] Sea. When this is accomplished – if they want peace, we will be ready. They may live under the banner of the Islamic state. That is the future of Palestine that we are striving towards.”



by Prof. Louis Rene Beres

Department of Political Science, Purdue University West Lafayette IN  47907

The young Israeli soldier, cowering under frenzied Arab blows in an automobile before running for his life (3Dec 1998), is Israel in microcosm. Reviving a painful historic image that Jewish sovereignty should have expunged forever – the image of the vulnerable Jew, stooped-over, beaten and weak – this event finally revealed the full horror of what Israel has done to itself.  Crippled by Oslo and humiliated by Wye, the self-defeating Jewish State has now managed to set back the Jewish People two-thousand years.

Israel now makes us ashamed!  Unlike the Holocaust, when unarmed and stateless Jews were altogether powerless and driven into slavery by overwhelmingly superior armed forces, the current situation is one where a militarily powerful Jewish State chooses slavery.

Corporal Assaf Mayara, 19, cowering under frenzied Arab blows, did nothing
wrong.  The real point is not that he should have fired his weapon, but that he had already been rendered impotent by his own government.  Newly recruited to a Jewish army whose generals now work assiduously at formalizing national defeat, he could hardly have been expected to stand up to his tormentors.  Newly oriented by his commanders to behaving like a Jewish slave, he acted exactly as one would now expect of an Israeli soldier.

LOUIS RENE BERES (Ph.D., Princeton) lectures and publishes widely on Israeli security matters.
e-mail: beres@polsclpurdue.edu


The Lebanon Withdrawal

Israel on the run while the US tightens noose
24 May 2000


On 24 May 2000, in a surprise move,  Israeli Forces withdrew within 24 hours from its self declared Security zone in Southern Lebanon.  This was done in the framework of United Nations Security Council Resolution 425 and under pressure of the USA and Pres. Clinton.

Considerable quantities of heavy weapons were left behind as no arrangements were provided for in Israel’s flash withdrawal,  to either take or provide for the destruction of tanks, cannons, electronic and other equipment used by the SLA – the Christian Lebanese forces which supported the Israeli forces during its 20 year occupation.  The invading Hizbullah terrorist forces immediately filled the vacuum and occupied abandoned SLA/Israeli positions.  Israel’s ‘grant’  to them of tanks, 130 mm. artillery pieces and other equipment left behind in the rush, will now enable Hizballah to easily shell Israel’s Haifa oil refineries 27 KM. away.

Millions of dollars in equipment and weapons,  unable to cross through Hezballah lines back into Israel,  were destroyed by Israeli jets which bombed their own installations after the withdrawal.

The Judean Voice News reported as follows on the Israeli pull-out from Lebanon:
“Barak, Israel’s celebrated war hero,  has succeeded in completely destroying any last drop of deterrent factor that the Israeli Defense Forces once had,  in a matter of months.  For the first time in Israeli history, Israel lost and surrendered in war. 600 Hezbollah terrorists succeeded in bringing Israel to their heals and forced the mighty IDF to run away, in the middle of the night with their tail between their legs. The Lebanon surrender will go down in history as the biggest blunder in Jewish history. Just as the world remembers the IDF encircling the Egyptian 3rd army in the Yom Kippur War, they will now have a similar memory. Only this time, it was not Israel encircling Egypt’s finest, but Israel allowing the Hizballah to encircle her own troops, SLA installations and Northern Israel.  It boils the blood of any Jew with an ounce of pride to see the IDF soldiers running away like mice.


August 2002 – IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon, in an interview, was asked:

“Do you think the withdrawal from Lebanon was a mistake?”

“Today the withdrawal from Lebanon is perceived in the region as the major success of the export of the Islamic revolution. That is why it has a strategic price. It had implications for the Palestinian arena and in the long run, it also has implications with regard to the Syrians. It greatly reinforces the theory of the spider web (i.e. Israel giving the impression of intricate power, but being a soft taget after all).”

For nearly 20 years, the feeling developed in the Middle East that even though the Israeli army is strong, the unwillingness of the Israeli society to make sacrifices is creating a strategic Achilles’ heel.”


Ariel Sharon,  after his visit to the Refugee center of the Lebanese Christian SLA fighters who were forced to leave Lebanon at the time of the hasty Israeli withdrawal,  had this to say:

“I walked among them. I saw a veteran Christian fighter whom I first met many years ago in Lebanon. He clung to me, crying “What have you done to us? We fought at your side for 25 years.” I had no words for him.  I was ashamed.

Zo Artzeinu, a rightist Israeli movement,  held a protest demonstration at one of these refugee centers, expressing shame over the treatment of  SLA.

“Jews do not forsake their allies!”, they claimed.

“As sons of the Jewish People we express our disgust and embarrassment by the way that the State of Israel betrayed her ally in Lebanon.

“We cry out: This evil was not done in our name.

“It is not the way of the Nation of Israel to ‘use and dispose’ friends who helped us, and struggled with us with their sweat and blood.  Today we face them in shame,  with heads bowed.  Because the Government of Israel betrayed the soldiers of the SLA.

“We warn that the disintegration of the SLA is basically a process of our own moral and existential disintegration.  The pictures of the refugees from the South may, in the future,  become pictures of us if we continue on the path of betraying our values and run from every challenge.”

An Editorial – ‘The Maccabean’ – http://freeman.io.com/online.htm



By Bernard J. Shapiro

There have been two major stages in modern Israel’s development: Construction – the building of the State and Destruction – the tearing down of the state. What follows is a brief description of these significant stages.

A Roman legionnaire stands on a hill overlooking Jerusalem. He watches the city burn and proclaims proudly, “Judea capta est” Judea is destroyed. It will never rise again. Rome’s rulers even decreed a change of name for Judea. Henceforth it would be named after the Philistines (or Palestine) and the Jewish connection would be obliterated forever.

Yet, like the legendary Phoenix, rising from the ashes of its own destruction, the new nation of Israel burst onto the international scene in 1948, with the lusty cry of a newborn infant, yearning to breathe free. Five Arab armies rushed to invade Israel and crush the life from the new Jewish State. With unbelievable bravery and heroism the new state survived. Six thousand of its young defenders gave their lives that Israel might live.

In blood and fire was Israel born, and on a hot anvil was she forged. Her youth understood that life in the new Jewish homeland would require sacrifice. With stories of burning flesh from the ovens of Auschwitz embedded deep in their psyches, the young Israeli soldiers fought with the firm conviction that there was “no alternative” (ein brera).

The history of the modern State of Israel can be divided into two stages. The first began with Theodore Herzl’s convening of the First Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland in 1897. Herzl proclaimed prophetically that their would be Jewish State in 50 years: “If you will it, it need not be a dream.”In the half century that followed, with blood sweat and tears, a modern Jewish State was born.

Israel prospered as millions of new immigrants returned to their homeland. Displaced persons from Europe, survivors of the Holocaust, were reborn as proud citizens of a proud Zionist State. Jews from Arab lands, expelled from their homes of over a thousand years were welcomed in an Israel yet to be built. Jews from Russia, Ethiopia, Europe and the Americas joined the exotic mixture that makes up the Jewish State’s vibrant character.

In 1967 Israel fought and won an impossible war of survival and miraculously, after just 6 days, Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza were returned to their rightful owner. The covenant with Abraham had been fulfilled.  Genesis 15:17-18. Some Israelis, and many liberal/left intellectuals from the West were disconcerted by Israel’s great victory. They loved the Jews as victims and could not appreciate them as victors.

This period following the Six Day War was the beginning of the second stage that I call the deconstruction of Israel. This period marked the rise of the post-Zionists and historical revisionists. There was, indeed, also a surge of Zionist messianic fervor following the Six Day War. Unfortunately the Left managed to persevere and infiltrate the universities, schools, media, judiciary, and military of Israel. Over a 25 year period they were able to destroy most Zionist principles and destroy the nation’s patriotism.

In rapid succession, a series of events turned the deconstruction from a gradual drift to a sickening free fall. Those events in brief:

1. 1987 — Intifada & Loss of Deterrence

The Israeli government lacked the will to put down the revolt decisively. The Israeli Defense Forces were defeated by 12 year old Arab boys. It is important to note that the world media used this conflict to slander Israel and create a myth of David (Arab) versus Goliath (Israel).

The intifada presented Israel with a new challenge. It was a new kind of war, but with the same aim of driving the Israelis out of their country. The Israelis fought the intifada with many handicaps, not the least of which were their own rules of conduct. Israeli soldiers failed to cope with attacks by teenage Arab boys. In the course of several years, the Arabs learned that the soldiers would not aggressively retaliate for their attacks. They became emboldened.

THE LESSON: What seemed like moderation and civilized behavior to Israelis was seen as brutality by the West and weakness by the Arabs . The failure to learn this lesson still continues.

2. 1990-91 — Persian Gulf War & Loss of Deterrence

The failure to retaliate against Iraq for its SCUD attacks greatly weakened Israel’s policy of deterrence. All the world saw Israelis cowering in their sealed rooms. The Arabs loved the sight and it emboldened the Palestinian Arabs. More serious damage was done to the Israelis psyche. From a proud macho national image, was born a new vulnerable, dependent (on America), ghetto mentality. The Israeli public was “tired of fighting” and felt they could not cope with the new threats to their survival. The looked for a new peaceful solution.

3. 1993 – Oslo Accords: The movement toward destruction speeds up

The Israelis had always yearned for peace. Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin and others secretly negotiated the Oslo Accords, which created a Palestinian State. Israelis were told that this was a “peace” agreement, but they soon found out that it would lead to more death and destruction. Eventually they would learn of its fatal consequences in strategic territory, water and the surrender of its Holy Places. Oslo set in motion the following negative forces:

  • Creation of a new political entity which claimed Israeli territory, water and history as its own
  • Cast in doubt Jewish rights to Israel
  • Put Israel’s capitol, Jerusalem, up for negotiation
  • Placed Arab refugee return and compensation up for negotiation
  • Created terrorist safe havens in all PA territory
  • Created terrorist passageways across Israeli territory
  • Israel became a collaborator and promoter of Palestinian terrorism and gave a lesson to future terrorists that if they just kill enough people over a long period of time they could become successful.
  • Israel is giving up the strategic territory that protects it and has allowed a hostile army to develop in its very heartland.
  • There is much more, but you get the picture.

Here are the benefits that Israel received as a result of its participation in Oslo: 0 (zero)

Israel did not get peace, cooperation, good neighbors, an end to anti-Semitic incitement, security, etc…. they got nothing!!


The process that is going on now is nothing less than the destruction of the State of Israel. Everything that is happening strengthens the Arab claim to Eretz Yisrael. Nothing helps Israel.

The truth, which many find inconvenient, is that the Land of Israel was promised by G-d to Abraham and his seed in perpetuity. The Land of Israel is not speculative real estate to be bartered away for some high sounding false promise of peace. The hills and valleys of Judea and Samaria contain the collective memory of the Jewish people. It was here that the Israelites first entered the Holy Land. And it was here they fought the battles, built the towns, elected their kings and were preached to by their prophets and judges. And it was on this soil that they wrote the Holy Scriptures we call our Bible.

The Israeli governments of Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu, and Barak are transitory. They hold office for a few years and then pass into history. G-d’s covenant with Abraham is eternal. Israel holds these lands as a sacred trust for the Jewish people for all time. It would not only be sinful, but also criminal, to abuse that trust by denying future generations of Jews their Holy Land—-Land of their fathers; the one tiny spot on planet earth given to them by God.

Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor

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As “God’s SIGN to the nations”,  the Bible is brimful with recorded history of Israel through repeated cycles of their national advance and subsequent decline, prosperity and doom, Blessing and Curse – all measured and ‘earned’ according to the Divine Mandate, based on this nation’s reliance upon and dedication to the Divine Requirements which have been set upon them as an exemplary ‘model’ to the nations of the world.

Today, we witness once more a repeat of this Cycle in Israel’s history.  After the heroic conquests of this ‘reborn’ nation, and their miraculous resettling in their ancient Homeland after 2000 years of world-wide dispersion and international persecution,  the nationhood of Israel has over the last 30 years been in ever steepening decline.

For the first time in Israel’s modern history,  the once mighty army of Israel had to virtually ‘run for their lives’ under the cover of darkness in chaotic fashion, leaving behind them heavy armour and electronic equipment. This humiliating historic episode took place on 24 May 2000, when, in a surprise move,  Israeli Forces withdrew within 24 hours from its self declared Security zone in Southern Lebanon. While bringing great joy to the invading Terrorist forces of Israel’s enemy,  both the Prime Minister and the self-despising leftist section of the Israeli nation regards this humiliating military withdrawal as a ‘plus factor for Peace’ while they prepare to surrender further sections of “The Divinely Promised Land” to Palestinian claimants who have neither a registered historic right,  nor a Divinely Promised Biblical Right to this ‘Holy Land’.

No surprise therefore, in the War with Hizbullah terrorist forces in Lebanon, July/August 2006, in a 34-day war, which saw 200+ rockets rain daily on Israel cities, Israel failed to stop the rockets and lost their first war in modern Israel’s history!  Now facing a nuclear threat by Iran, with a determined mad-man Ahmadinejad, promising Israel’s total extinction, and ruled by the worst inept government in Israel’s entire history, under the incompetent 3-some leadership of Olmert. Livni & Peretz (PM, foreign affairs & defense), the End of Days as predicted in the Bible, are no doubt at hand!

There is a harsh Warning for the whole world (including Israel),  inherent in the national decline of Israel, for turning the back on God and His Promises.  This Divine Admonition stands recorded in the very Oracles of God which He mandated to them, to carry throughout time and the world, and we quote:

Deut. 28:47  “For failing to serve YHVH your God in the Joy and Happiness that come from an abundance in all things, you will submit to the enemies that YHVH will send against you, in hunger, thirst, nakedness, utter destitution.  He will put an iron yoke on your neck until you perish.”

verse 25  “YHVH will have you defeated in front of your enemies;  you will come at them by one way and flee before them by seven.”

verse 45  “All these Curses will … pursue you and overtake you until you perish for not obeying the Voice of YHVH your God, by keeping those Commandments and Laws of His which He had enjoined on you.  They will be a Sign and a Wonder over you and your descendants for ever.”

For those readers who may still doubt whether this is applicable today,  notice the clear warnings enshrined in these very same ancient Scriptures, 2500 years ahead of time, concerning Israel’s suffering during Hitler’s Holocaust during W.War 2

verse 63 – 67  “For not obeying the Voice of YHVH your God … you will be torn from the Land (the world wide Diaspora through the last 2000 years) YHVH will scatter you among all nations, from one end of the earth to the other … Among these nations there will be no repose for you, no rest for the sole of your foot … YHVH will give you a quaking heart, weary eyes, halting breath.  Your life from the outset will be a burden to you.  Night and day you will go in fear, uncertain of your life.  In the morning you will say, ‘How I wish it were evening!’ – and in the evening, ‘How I wish it were morning!’  Such terror will grip your heart, such sight your eyes will see.'”

History undeniably records the persecution of Jews throughout these 2000 years, strewn amongst the nations – pogroms, inquisitions, persecution – culminating in the Holocaust under the human butcher, Hitler.

But, just as the Biblical record relates how time and time again, Israel, having turned back to YHVH during times of persecution, would be raised again, like the Phoenix,  rising to great Glory from the ashes of destruction – so, after the greatest persecution imaginable, Israel rose again – this time, miraculously, restored on the soil of their ancient Homeland!  Virtually ‘crawling’ Home from the slaughter camps of Israel,  within years, the Reborn State of Israel was declared in May 1948.  For a nation rising from the ruins of their devastated Homeland, Miracles were daily routine – the Desert was toiled and turned to blossom, as predicted in ancient Biblical Prophecy.  Surrounded by enemies on all flanks of their Land,  miraculous victories were attained by an elite army which, in the early sixties, were acclaimed invincible!

Then, the tide started changing again – downhill:  militarily, culturally, religiously while the Reborn Country took its place of leadership amongst the world’s most technologically advanced nations.

As BIBLE REVELATIONS understand Prophetic Scripture, the bottom of the barrel has not yet been reached.  That will probably occur when Jerusalem is bartered to ‘strangers’ for the sake of a perceived ‘Peace’.  And this Time is now fast closing in on us!  This Time setting is unique in the following aspects:

– The Palestinian’s Battle for Jerusalem,  the Al Aqsa Intifada,  has started exactly at the time of the season of the Jewish Biblical Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 2000 – the Prophetically destined season for the Time of Restitution;
– It falls in the final year of the 6000 year period which, according to ancient Rabbinical interpretation, was destined for the Dispensation preceding the Messianic Kingdom Age;
– It is the culmination point for an international onslaught on the disputed Right of Jewish ownership to, and jurisdiction over Jerusalem and ‘the Holy Land’.
– the ‘Battle for Jerusalem’ seems to hold the flint which could ignite an all-nation nuclear or bio-chemical holocaust, as predicted by ancient Biblical Prophecy.

Where would that place Israel on the Cycle of Rise and Fall?

Scripture leaves us in no doubt as to the outcome of this Battle of the Ages:

Ezek 20:33 – 44  “As I live, I swear it – it is the Lord YHVH Who speaks – I am the One Who will reign over you … I will bring you out from the nations and gather you together from foreign countries amongst which you had been scattered.  I will lead you into the Desert of the Nations (Judgment Day for the nations? – Joel 4:2) and condemn you to your face … but, continue reading! … (verse 39)  “… Go on, all of you, worship your idols, but I swear that you will hear Me in the end! You will stop profaning My Holy Name… For on My Holy Mountain, on the high mountain of Israel – it is the Lord YHVH Who speaks – is where the whole House of Israel, resettled in the Country, will worship Me. There I will welcome you … like an appeasing fragrance, when I bring you out from among the nations.  I mean to gather you together from the foreign countries in which you had been scattered.  Through you I intend to display My Holiness for all the nations to see.  And you will learn that I am YHVH when I bring you back to the soil of Israel, to the Land which I solemnly swore to give to your fathers … Then you will learn that I am YHVH, when I treat you as respect for My own Name requires, and not as your wicked behaviour and corrupt actions deserve.”

The rest of this amazing chapter reviews the millennia long history of this nation which has intrigued the other nations, resulting in their scorn and condemnation. It reviews the continuous Rise and Fall Cycle of this amazing nation which had been Divinely selected to serve as the Sign Piece of the Creator God – of Blessing and Curse, of exaltation and degradation, but always ending in the Divine Oath so often repeated in this chapter 20 of the prophet Ezekiel:  “I resolved to discharge My Anger on them and exhaust My Fury against them,  but respect for My Name’s sake, kept Me from allowing it to be profaned in the opinion of the nations under who’s eyes I had brought them out, for I had given them My Word, that in the sight of those nations, I would lead My People out.”

Can He ever break His Word?

Nations – take heed!  Claimants on Jerusalem and on the Land promised to Israel – take note!  Subject yourselves before He pours out His anger on the nations surrounding Jerusalem in that Great Battle of Gog and Magog – the Final War of Armageddon – on that Last Great Day which now seems so imminent!

Refer:  War declared on God