5.8. The Secret of Success and Happiness

The Secret of a successful and Happy Lifestyle is contained in the Creator’s long-term Plan for YOU and every human being on earth


If you regard this statement with disdain or with doubt – then be fair and brave enough to face the undeniable Proof of God’s existence today,  as contained in the history of the hitherto invincible nation – the Jews – with their invincible City – Jerusalem – and their invincible God Who inspired Prophets of 3000 years ago to write down the History of Israel in advance!   You may discard theological claims which are dime a dozen today – but you dare not discard the proof that history holds, neither can you discard the current  fulfillment of these ancient predictions which are screaming out from the News Media daily!   What  you should discard is the contorted presentations and interpretations which are commonly held about this nation, their City and their God.  The Revelationary Knowledge which you may share freely on this Web Site, will assist and direct you.

In this connection, you are specifically referred to the On-Site edition of “JERUSALEM – Final Countdown to Armageddon”  (Click on Title to read FREE copy of 160 pg book)


If you already are conversant with this Plan and Purpose of the Creator for humanity, you will do well to take note of the true requirements expected of those who wish to share in this Plan – requirements which have been equally contorted and misrepresented by the traditional religions and their promoters!

  • IF you truly want to know the Creator’s Plan for mankind:
    • “What does the future hold?”
    • “What is Life all about?”
    • “Why are so many successful people desperately unhappy?”
    • “Is there Life after death?”
    • “How is true Peace and Happiness obtained?”
    • “How to overcome fear, sorrow, non-achievement – “
  • IF you want to know where the world is heading
    • “Why are there so many wars, crime, terrorism, public uprisings …?”
    • “Why is drug abuse rampant and on the increase?”
    • “What will the end result of Aids be?”
    • “Will mankind succeed against pollution, natural disasters?”
  • IF you want to understand the present world turmoil
    • “Why are the nations restless?”
    • “If the world is destroyed in the War of Armageddon – what then?”
    • “If World Chaos destroys this System?”
    • “Can man and nations achieve Peace on earth?”
    • “Where will  ‘global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, pollution’ stop?'”
  • IF you worry about surviving the coming world scourge
    • as feared for the change-over into the new millennium;
    • as proclaimed by most religious believers throughout the world:
    • the rule of the “Antichrist”;
    • the Great Tribulation to precede the Setting up of the Kingdom of God:
    • the “Last Plagues”;
    • the “Rapture”
  • IF you doubt the existence of a Living, Loving God…
    • How can a Loving God allow all the unfair things to happen?
    • Why does He favour some people above others?
    • Why should you do what He requires?
    • Why are there so many ‘religions’ in the world?
    • Why is so much harm done to humanity in the name of religion?

Then you have come to the right Web Site!

Then it is time that you share in the revelationary Knowledge about . . .


The TRUE Purpose of Life

The chances that this world is simply crashing forth through Time. without a Purpose, a distinct Plan or an ultimate Destination,  is as impossible as having an explosion in a printing factory and finding in the aftermath, after the dust has settled,  a perfect copy of a comprehensive dictionary, having created itself out of the debris!

This is what Science wants you to believe!  The far more logic answer, underwritten and derived at by many of the world’s greatest achievers, including several Astronauts after their  experience in outer space, is that:


Man’s inherent nature rebels against the Creator’s Laws of Order – in the process reaping the effects of disorder.  Disorder in personal lives, disorder in society and international disorder.  The results are:  unhappiness, disease, destruction of nature, crime and wars – a total lack of Peace!


 The Coming World Empire of Peace

If there is a Creator God, then it is certainly not His idea that the world should be in the condition which it is today.

A correct and plain rendering of the Source Scriptures which have survived the critical onslaught of thousands of years, will reveal that:

  • The Creator God established Creation in a perfect state;
  • The refusal of humanity to go by His Rule Book, has caused immense human suffering and the serious breakdown of nature;
  • Man’s great ingenuity stands to be toppled by World Chaos, which may be caused by several events currently threatening to bring this World System, as we know it, right down to its knees and start a Biblically prophesied “Time of trouble like the world has never yet experienced, neither ever will again”,   for God will have to intervene personally “else no humans would be left”!
  • The eventual climax of man’s rebellion is now looming and will end in the nuclear holocaust of the War of Armageddon in Jerusalem in the Middle East, not too far in the future;
  • At the time of this War of Wars, the Creator God will personally and physically intervene to prevent the annihilation of Israel, which is His token to the world of His Integrity and Faithfulness to His Promises of erecting an eventual World Empire and universal rule over all the earth from Jerusalem, with a ‘government’ which He will elect out of those people who took Him and His System serious enough to live accordingly;
  • Under His Rule on earth over all the nations,  perfect judgment will prevail, thereby controlling and eradicating crime, war and evil which have become a signpost of these modern times.  The result will be the reign of Peace on earth which mankind has strived for, but never attained’
  • At the time of His Appearance in the War of Armageddon, the Creator God will judge the resurrected dead and the survivors of the War of Armageddon.  This Final Judgment will take place in order to account to each human being their ‘reward’ according to their works during their lifetime – To the overcomers amongst all nations: eternal Life in the presence of the Creator in a World of Peace.  To the condemned:  eternal death without any reward.


In order to acquaint yourself with the facts, you do not need super intellect, high education or other special credentials – simply an open mind, common logic and a non-rebellious attitude.
If you have this, then …

Your Success is guaranteed – because the revealing studies contained in this Web Site of BIBLE REVELATIONS will lead you to the true revelationary SOURCE of LIFE – the rest you will find right there!

It is right there in the Scriptures. It is in layman’s language.  Simply read –  think — and accept!