4.3 Tsunamis in Bible Prophecy?

The awfully destructive power of recent Tsunamis has shed new Light on ancient Bible Prophecies about “The End of the World” and has brought refreshing re-awakening Warnings of the perilous End Time which will precede the Coming of the Messiah for Judgment Day.

2011 – Japan Tsunami kills 28 000 people!

Houses, cars and other debris are washed away by tsunami tidal waves in Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture, northern Japan, after strong earthquakes hit the area Friday, March 11, 2011. (AP Photo/Keichi Nakane, The Yomiuri Shimbun) JAPAN OUT, CREDIT MANDATORY


Scientists warn of gigantic Mega Tsunamis with power to wipe out entire cities

From a BBC Science & Nature TV Report – in the year 2000 already, 4 yrs before the Asian Tsunami struck!

Mega-tsunami: Wave of Destruction

BBC Two 9.30pm 12 October 2000 (before Asian Tsunami 2004)
Revisited: BBC Four 7pm 24 May 2003

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Followed by commentary from BIBLE REVELATIONS!

Scattered across the world’s oceans are a handful of rare geological time-bombs. Once unleashed they create an extraordinary phenomenon, a gigantic tidal wave, far bigger than any normal tsunami, able to cross oceans and ravage countries on the other side of the world. Only recently have scientists realised the next episode is likely to begin at the Canary Islands, off North Africa, where a wall of water will one day be created which will race across the entire Atlantic ocean at the speed of a jet airliner to devastate the east coast of the United States. America will have been struck by a mega-tsunami.

Back in 1953 two geologists travelled to a remote bay in Alaska looking for oil. They gradually realised that in the past the bay had been struck by huge waves, and wondered what could have possibly caused them. Five years later, they got their answer. In 1958 there was a landslide, in which a towering cliff collapsed into the bay, creating a wave half a kilometre high, higher than any skyscraper on Earth. The true destructive potential of landslide-generated tsunami, which scientists named “Mega-tsunami”, suddenly began to be appreciated. If a modest-sized landslide in Alaska could create a wave of this size, what havoc could a really huge landslide cause?

Scientists now realise that the greatest danger comes from large volcanic islands, which are particularly prone to these massive landslides. Geologists began to look for evidence of past landslides on the sea bed, and what they saw astonished them. The sea floor around Hawaii, for instance, was covered with the remains of millions of years’ worth of ancient landslides, colossal in size.

But huge landslides and the mega-tsunami that they cause are extremely rare – the last one happened 4,000 years ago on the island of Réunion. The growing concern is that the ideal conditions for just such a landslide – and consequent mega-tsunami – now exist on the island of La Palma in the Canaries. In 1949 the southern volcano on the island erupted. During the eruption an enormous crack appeared across one side of the volcano, as the western half slipped a few metres towards the Atlantic before stopping in its tracks. Although the volcano presents no danger while it is quiescent, scientists believe the western flank will give way completely during some future eruption on the summit of the volcano. In other words, any time in the next few thousand years a huge section of southern La Palma, weighing 500 thousand million tonnes, will fall into the Atlantic ocean.

What will happen when the volcano on La Palma collapses? Scientists predict that it will generate a wave that will be almost inconceivably destructive, far bigger than anything ever witnessed in modern times. It will surge across the entire Atlantic in a matter of hours, engulfing the whole US east coast, sweeping away everything in its path up to 20km inland. Boston would be hit first, followed by New York, then all the way down the coast to Miami and the Caribbean.

End of quote

Of course, scientists normally have opposing views.  Thus there are those who deny that such a Mega Tsunami is possible – refer www.drgeorgepc.com – bear in mind though, that at best of times, scientists are caught on the wrong foot when disaster hits unexpectedly.  What is clear in these days (apart from having specific Biblical Prophecy), is that Tsunamis go with certain earthquake movements, and the world is currently experiencing an increasing wave of earth quakes and threatening volcanic eruptions.


The Asian Tsunami was a catastrophe of true “Biblical Proportions”.  Before it struck on Dec. 26, 2004, bringing death and destruction to 13 countries bordering the Indian Ocean shoreline,  Tsunamis was  an almost totally unknown concept to most people.  In its frightening aftermath, certain Bible Prophecies regarding “The End of the World” have now taken on new shape, bringing refreshing Warning about the seriousness and the reality of the Divinely promised Judgment of mankind by God  and the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.  To religious contenders, striving for the ultimate Goal of gaining entry to this Kingdom, it brought renewed inspiration and cause for serious spiritual introspection.

Now that we all know about Tsunamis and the scary threat that they pose to mankind, the contents of the above BBC Scientists’ Report becomes all the more real and frightening.  Only now, we realize the true meaning of the Messianic Prophecy that “men’s hearts will fail them for fear because of the roaring of the sea and its waves.”

Luke 21:25-26 “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;  Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

This prophecy was given by Messiah as part of the “Signs of the End of this Age” and the calamitous events preceding His Coming as the Ruler of His Kingdom. The concept of  “the roaring of the sea” has in the past erroneously been interpreted by most Prophecy commentators as referring to the “clamour (unrest) of the nations”, according to the common interpretation of Prophecy that ‘sea and waters’ represent masses and nations.   This threat posed by the sea has also been confirmed by the visionary writings of the Jewish Lubavitch Rebbe as long ago as 1944 – see Report further down this page.

The fear that will come upon people for the “roaring of the sea” is currently (April 2005) clearly depicted by the fear that fills Indonesians where almost daily quakes have not stopped since the disaster of 26 Dec.  Every time a strong quake rumbles, they flee to higher ground.  Read article below to Reports on the “roaring of the sea” during Tsunamis.

Isaiah 24: 1-7  “See how YHVH lays the earth waste … buckles its surface (as was the cause of the Tsunami disaster, i.e. an earth quake along a 1000 km fault in the sea) … The earth is defiled under its inhabitants’ feet, for they have transgressed the Law (Torah) … broken the everlasting Covenant (YHVH’s conditions for sharing in His ultimate Blessings for that part of mankind which  complies) … So a Curse consumes the earth and its inhabitants suffer the penalty.  That is why the inhabitants of the earth are burnt up and few men left (refer the Prophecies re. Armageddon nuclear holocaust).

Earth buckling quakes will be a major feature of the “End Time”.  Only now, that we have experienced the reality of what a disturbance in the water mass of the oceans can wrought, can we start to imagine the awesomeness of these apocalyptic events destined for the “Time of the End of the World”.  Only now do we fully understand the cataclysmic risk of an asteroid or a comet crashing into the oceans of the sea (which form 70% of the earth!

For a review of one such a mega quake now in the making,  read a scientist’s report of the splitting of Africa’s N-W top along the rift that runs from the Dead Sea (next to Jerusalem), right down to mid Africa.  This rift has recently been acclaimed by a Jerusalem professor as “the mother of all quakes.”

This quake will be caused by the creation of a new ocean as predicted in the Bible for the End Time – Read “African continent is splitting along the Ethiopian Rift creating a New Ocean!” in 4.1. The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

For other “End Time Signs” now in the making, be sure to refer to:

Next article (below) – Prophetic interpretation of Lubavitch Rebbi concerning the threat posed by the sea in the End Times.


Lubavitch Rebbi foresaw the “Drowning of an entire nation” in the “End Time”

The prophetic words of the previous Lubavticher Rebbe, from the newsletter HaKria V’HaKedusha (Date: Tammuz, 5704  / 1944) Extracts from www.Shmais.com

We find yet another confirmation of “the roaring of the sea and its waves” in the interpretation of Ps. 93 by the visionary Rebbe, as long ago as 1944.  Following are some extracts from his writing:

Psalm 93 “The Lord is King; He has garbed Himself with grandeur; the Lord has robed Himself, He has girded Himself with strength; He has also established the world firmly that it shall not falter.  Your throne stands firm from of old; You have existed forever. The rivers have raised, O Lord, the rivers have raised their voice; the rivers raise their raging waves. More than the sound of many waters, than the mighty breakers of the sea, is the Lord mighty on High. Your testimonies are most trustworthy; Your House will be resplendent in holiness, O Lord, forever.”

This chapter of Tehillim was composed by the G-dly poet (psalmist) regarding Yamot Ha’Moshiach (the Messianic days). He hints briefly at the events which will take place before the Geulah (redemption). The central theme of the chapter is that the Jews living at that time will understand by means of these events, that the Galut (exile) is over and Geulah (redemption) has begun.

Hashem will be king by wearing greatness!  We generally think the world is run by nature and we forget entirely that there is a G-d who rules over nature. It’s only when an unnatural occurrence takes place such as a flood, earthquake, and other terrible upheavals, that we remember that there’s a Ruler of the world who rules over nature; Then all will say that G-d is king! He put nature aside and showed his absolute sovereignty over nature.

Hashem will rise to fortify the Torah in the world, and just as when it was given the first time (with fire and lightning on Mt Sinai),  it was accompanied with proof that He is the ruler over nature, so too (will it be) the second time. The process of kabbolas ha’Torah (receiving the Torah) will include displays of gevura whose purpose is that the entire world accepts the Torah. But, continues the poet (psalmist), He has also established the world firmly that it shall not falter.: many will err and think that Hashem is destroying the world. That’s why the poet writes that the world will remain fortified and it will not falter. It will only be the Jewish people and the Torah which will be elevated once again: Hashem is giving might to His people!

This time it won’t be in order to destroy the world, but in order to fortify the Torah, and to bring about the realization of the Promise “and Hashem will be king over all the world” through this – that the world will gain knowledge of Torah (and accept it) through the Jewish people.

The rivers have raised, O Lord, the rivers have raised their voice; the rivers raise their raging waves.: the literal meaning of the verse is that the rivers will lift up Hashem; the rivers will raise their voice, the rivers will make a lot of noise! This means that the roaring and raging of the rivers will elevate Hashem. The only meaning in this is that Hashem will be uplifted by His making the oceans roar before the Geulah. Through this noise everybody will understand that Hashem is elevated.

The practical conclusion is that the roaring rivers will bring great changes to the world; for example: they will drown an entire nation or at least a great portion, and this natural disaster will cause a revolution in man’s perspective. They will see this as a G-dly punishment. It’s also possible that this natural disaster will change the world political map by a chain of events which will begin with that nation that drowns.

In summary: before the Geulah there will be a great roaring of water which will shake the world with its intensity, to the point that the world will return to elevate Hashem. That’s how we can understand the verse that the water will elevate Hashem by means of their noise and rage.

More than the sound of many waters, than the mighty breakers of the sea, is the Lord mighty on High: the sound of the many waters will cause the powerful ones to break, and then Hashem will be the powerful One. This means that as a result of the crashing waters, the mighty ones of the earth will be wiped out. World empires will collapse in the face of the water’s strength and then people will acknowledge and agree that Hashem is the only mighty One in heaven.

(End of Quote)


BIBLE REVELATIONS Commentary – While the Rebbe applies this Prophecy mainly to Judah (the Jews), we know that it includes all 12 Tribes of Israel. We therefore have confirmation in this Psalm also of the Restoration of Torah observance, not only amongst Jews (which is the only solution for Israel’s current problems), but also amongst Restorative Hebraic Messianism, i.e. the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel in process of re-identification and re-union with Judah – refer: 1.1. End-Time Joining together of the Two Houses of Israel

Although this Psalm refers to ‘raging rivers’ and waves,’  the Rebbe applies it to the oceans also.  Bear in mind that the oceans contain great sea streams or ‘rivers’.  It is hardly likely that the ‘raging waves’ which the psalmist refers to, apply to river waves rather than ocean waves.

Who will take it upon themselves to move 100 million people away from that probable disaster zone?  How will the mega costs to abandon huge cities like New York and Miami affect the economy?  How will the lost production capacity of all the factories in that area be absorbed?  How will an entire city flee before a skyscraper high wave approaching them at the speed of a jetliner?  It simply would be an absurd and vain attempt. Man’s heart will certainly  “fail them for fear!”

The Roaring of the Sea

The recent Tsunami was described as “a roaring wall of water” by many survivors.  as established also by the following quotes:

 “Yusniar still hears the roaring in her head, the waves thunderously loud. The sea that was supposed to be a mother, protecting, sustaining, became a fury, sweeping two of her children away” (TIME, January 17, 2005).

“Bustami, a fisherman from the Sumatran village of Bosun, is one who experienced the quake and the tsunami and lived to tell about them. Sometime after 7:30 on the morning of Dec. 26, he says, he was on his boat just off the coast when he felt the sea moving around him. ‘That must have been when the earthquake hit,’ he says. About half an hour later came the shock wave – tsunami – that devastated the region. At first, Bustami saw water retreat from shore, with fish jumping around on the empty beaches. Then, he says, ‘I heard this strange thunderous sound from somewhere, a sound I’d never heard before. I thought it was the sound of bombs.’ The water rose behind him as high as the coconut trees on the shoreline, and he was thrown off his boat. It felt like doomsday” (TIME, January 10, 2005).

We have another report about the roaring of a Tsunami which struck the northern coast of Papua New Guinea on July 17, 1998.  Retired Colonel John Sanawe,  survived the tsunami and later told his story to Hugh Davies of the University of Papua New Guinea. Just after the main shock struck only 20 kilometers offshore, Sanawe saw the sea rise above the horizon and then spray vertically perhaps 30 meters. Unexpected sounds–first like distant thunder, then like a nearby helicopter–gradually faded as he watched the sea slowly recede below the normal low-water mark. After four or five minutes of silence, he heard a rumble like that of a low-flying jet plane.


Super Storm Sandy

– not even a Tsunami –

buries cities on the East Coast of USA under water!

What will happen if a Tsunami hits the US East Coast?

What are the chances of this happening?

The devastation from Sandy Mega Storm (Oct. 30, 2012) across the USA Eastern Seaboard death toll hit 95 a few days after the storm and damage tops $20 – $30 billion.

Aftermath in New Jersey, USA
NOTE: Building structures are ON the beach and level with the sea in-land!

New Jersey USA after Sandy
NOTE: ON the beach – not much lee way for surf surge!

New Jersey USA after Sandy
NOTE: Level with surface of the Sea!  Imagine a Tsunami!

New Jersey.
NOTE: Inland, horizons, as far as the eye can see: Flat Land. Typical of USA East Coast

New York, Queens Beach-front Mansion.
Do people really expect different – really?

  • Devastating destruction and demolishing of homes, flooding – and this was NOT even a Tsunami!
  • President Obama describes the storm as a major disaster
  • Governor Chris Christie said whole stretches of Jersey Shore washed into the sea
  • Cost of damage estimated at $20 to $50 Billion
  • Eight million homes remain without power and NY subway has no timetable for opening

The true scale of the devastating damage left in the wake of Super Storm Sandy came to light this morning (Oct. 30, 2012) as startling before-and-after pictures emerged of what was left of the East Coast.

Further dramatic photos (link further down) tell the awesome story.

Did any one tell Americans that there are such things as Tsunamis? If a super storm can do this awesome damage, then “God help America” when a Tsunami hits its East Coast, much of which is built up level with the sea!

Watch these photos and see how man has challenged the sea, building virtually on the beaches!. And then there are cities like Fort Lauderdale and Miami, where the sea forms channels (streets) throughout the city, to anchor their super boats in front of their mansions! Much of the East Coast seems to be level with the sea as far as the eye can behold!

With the main sea just a few Km away and level ground as far as the eye can see, this Fairyland can rapidly change into a Horror Scene by some scientific and Biblical projections.

Fort Lauderdale, USA – waterways for mega residences and city buildings

Typical Ft Lauderdale city suburb

We have seen what a Tsunami did to Japan on March 11, 2011 (photo top of this page – and there were hills!). It washed an entire part of a city into the sea on the opposite side of the island, killing 28 000 people! God help America when such a Tsunami hits its Eastern shores!

One wonders, if insurance companies who are now facing super claims in the wake of Sandy,  will take the risk of insuring such areas again?  With earth quakes and volcanoes more active than ever before and on the increase, it is a ticking time bomb for these low level areas across the world.  (Ref. to reports on the Rising of Sea levels, further down on this Page).

What about God’s Rainbow Covenant?

If the Bible predicts further devastation by water, does that mean that God is  reneging on His Promise that the world will never be destroyed by water again?  One of the photo testimonies of Sandy’s destruction even shows a rainbow across New York during this storm!

God will never destroy all humanity and all the animals again, as He did with the Great Flood of Noach!  These continued destructions by water simply serve to make mankind aware of the Power and Intent of a Living God Who has a sincere and exalting Purpose for mankind  – those who wish to side with Him.  The US East Coast, even the entire great America, is only a small fraction of the entire world.

The Great Flood came about because the Creator was “disturbed at heart” (Gen. 6:5-7) that He had created mankind who’s only thoughts were about evil! Similarly, He will again use water punishment ‘selectively’ in response to mankind’s rebellion against Him and His Intentions for His Nation and for the Land of Israel. We currently have rampant testimony of world leadership rebellion and opposition against the re-erection of His Promised Land, Israel. And America is heavily involved in this opposition, by its leadership.

It therefore is an opportune time, in the wake of this storm and our recent Parashot, to review our personal obligations towards the Purpose of God and where we wish to fit into His Plan for mankind – which obviously is the entire Purpose of the “Divine Exercise.”

So, after you have checked these photo testimonies, go to the top of this page to check out our commentaries made after the Asian Tsunami Dec. 2004.. Our research at the time has unearthed some scary projections both by scientists and by Rabbinic Bible Prophecy interpretation, of a Tsunami which could one day wash 20 to 50 Km into the USA’s East Coast with Mega Tsunami waves flooding entire tall buildings!

More pictures and video of destruction in the wake of Sandy:



Sea Levels rising faster than expected

Nov. 2, 2012

Rapidly Rising sea forces Panamanian islanders to move to mainland


CARTI SUGDUB, Panama – Every rainy season, the Guna people living on the Panamanian white sand archipelago of San Blas brace themselves for waves gushing into their tiny mud-floor huts.

Rising ocean levels caused by global warming and decades of coral reef destruction have combined with seasonal rains to submerge the Caribbean islands for days on end.

Once rare, flooding is now so menacing that the Guna have agreed to abandon ancestral lands for an area within their semi-autonomous territory on the east coast of the mainland.

“The people know this isn’t normal,” said Francisco Gonzalez, 38, the school principal on Carti Sugdub. “When the water comes in, they can’t do anything but wait.”

It is the largest of the Guna’s 45 inhabited islands, and its planned evacuation is among the first blamed largely on climate change. Scientists say worldwide sea levels have risen about 3 millimeters (0.12 inch) a year since 1993. Recent research suggests they could rise as much as 2 meters (6.5 feet) by 2100.


Nov. 3, 2012

Italy: Rising ocean levels and high tides leave most of historic Venice Under Water

VENICE, Italy — High tides and rising ocean levels have flooded Venice, leading Venetians and tourists to don high boots and use wooden walkways to cross St. Mark’s Square and other areas under water.

Thursday’s water levels that reached a peak of 55 inches (140 centimeters).

Many shops and ground-floor apartments were flooded.

Moveable barriers that would rise from the sea bed to protect Venice from high tides have been in the works for years but will not be operational before 2014.

November 2, 2012

Are the world’s great cities ready for rising waters and freak storms?

By Frank Jacobs Foreign Policy


LONDON — About 44 percent of the world’s population live beside the seaside, and that number is set to rise. Why? Maritime commerce and easy access to all that lovely seafood spring to mind.

Between 1950 and 2009, global coastlines rose between 0.6 and 1 millimeter annually. Taken together, those two trends spell global disaster, albeit of the very, very gradual kind.

But add a noticeable rise in extreme weather to those creeping sea levels, throw in a high tide surge, and you’ve got Superstorm Sandy. Suddenly, New York looks eerily like it does in all those apocalyptic movies that were enjoyable because they seemed distant enough.

From now on, New Yorkers won’t be able to say Mother Nature didn’t give them notice. Folks in New Orleans got a similar, albeit more distressing, wake-up call in 2005 from Hurricane Katrina. In both cases, the storms are forebodings of the cities’ future demise. Nothing is eternal. Like people and countries, cities too eventually kick the bucket. The likeliest scenario for New Orleans and New York is that they will die a watery death, swallowed up eventually by the otherwise life-giving sea. The waters will rise, steadily but imperceptibly.

Some of the world’s other great cities regularly threatened by coastal flooding, and long-term candidates for watery extinction, are:

Mumbai, India: 2.8 million inhabitants exposed to flooding

Shanghai, China: 2.4 million exposed

Miami, United States: 2 million exposed

Alexandria, Egypt: 1.3 million exposed

Tokyo, Japan: 1.1 million exposed

Bangkok, Thailand: 900,000 exposed

Dhaka, Bangladesh: 850,000 exposed

Abidjan, Ivory Coast: 520,000 exposed

Jakarta, Indonesia: 500,000 exposed

Lagos, Nigeria: 360,000 exposed

But this accounting doesn’t include several notable cities. London is not on the list, perhaps because of its state-of-the-art Thames Barrier, the world’s second-largest moveable flood gate (after the Dutch Oosterscheldekering), which is nevertheless predicted to lose its protective function by 2050 due to rising sea levels. The artist Michael Pinsky earlier this year provided a poignant reminder of that future threat: his project Plunge encircled noteworthy London monuments in blue neon at the sea level predicted for the year 3111 — 90 feet above its current height.

Also absent from most soon-to-be-inundated lists is St. Petersburg. The former Russian capital was built on the marshy meeting point between the River Neva and the Baltic Sea, an area so flood-prone that it inspired one of Alexander Pushkin’s most famous poem.

Sea walls are the most expensive solution, and the only one enabling coastal cities to claim a victory over the sea, however tenuous and temporary. But while Manhattan could feasibly find the money to construct such fortifications, other flood-prone cities might not have the financial wherewithal to construct similar defenses, and may have to resort to strategic accommodation. According to the U.S. Global Change Research Program, coastal cities can either choose to work around the rising water by staying put, elevating parts of the natural and built environment; or beating the retreat as the shoreline inevitably advances inland.

In the Netherlands, which pioneered the expensive sea-wall solution, public debate nevertheless occasionally flares up about giving parts of low-lying wetlands, marshlands and farmlands — won so dearly over the centuries — back to the sea. Rising tides do imply a rising cost of maintaining the status quo.

Nowhere is that lesson more keenly felt than in Venice. Since its founding in the 6th century on an Adriatic archipelago as a refuge from the marauding Ostrogoths and other barbaric invaders, the city whose streets are paved with water has been sinking at an average rate of 1.5 inches per century. But now rising sea levels are combining with the area’s naturally soft foundations to accelerate the sinking by as much as five times the previous rate.

The MOSE Project, slated for completion in 2014, is a sea wall similar to the British, Dutch and Russian examples. When finished, it will be able to close off the laguna containing Venice, safeguarding it from high tides. The project is controversial (not to mention expensive, at some 4.7 billion euros), though, and its critics continue to push alternatives, like the scheme to pump the Venetian underground full of sludge to stop the city from subsiding.


November 2, 2012

Sea levels are rising faster than expected

by Staff Writers
Boulder CO (SPX) Nov 02, 2012

Sea levels are rising faster than expected from global warming, and University of Colorado geologist Bill Hay has a good idea why. The last official IPCC report in 2007 projected a global sea level rise between 0.2 and 0.5 meters by the year 2100. But current sea-level rise measurements meet or exceed the high end of that range and suggest a rise of one meter or more by the end of the century.

“What’s missing from the models used to forecast sea-level rise are critical feedbacks that speed everything up,” says Hay.

One of those feedbacks involves Arctic sea ice, another the Greenland ice cap, and another soil moisture and groundwater mining.

“There is an Arctic sea ice connection,” says Hay, despite the fact that melting sea ice – which is already in the ocean – does not itself raise sea level. Instead, it plays a role in the overall warming of the Arctic, which leads to ice losses in nearby Greenland and northern Canada. When sea ice melts, Hay explains, there is an oceanographic effect of releasing more fresh water from the Arctic, which is then replaced by inflows of brinier, warmer water from the south.

“So it’s a big heat pump that brings heat to the Arctic,” says Hay. “That’s not in any of the models.” That warmer water pushes the Arctic toward more ice-free waters, which absorb sunlight rather than reflect it back into space like sea ice does. The more open water there is, the more heat is trapped in the Arctic waters, and the warmer things can get.

Then there are those gigantic stores of ice in Greenland and Antarctica. During the last interglacial period, sea level rose 10 meters due to the melting of all that ice – without any help from humans. New data suggests that the sea-level rise in the oceans took place over a few centuries, according to Hay.

“You can lose most of the Greenland ice cap in a few hundred years, not thousands, just under natural conditions,” says Hay. “There’s no telling how fast it can go with this spike of carbon dioxide we are adding to the atmosphere.”

This possibility was brought home this last summer as Greenland underwent a stunning, record-setting melt. The ice streams, lubricated by water at their base, are speeding up.

Hay notes, “Ten years ago we didn’t know much about water under the Antarctic ice cap.” But it is there, and it allows the ice to move – in some places even uphill due to the weight of the ice above it.

“It’s being squeezed like toothpaste out of a tube,” explains Hay. The one thing that’s holding all that ice back from emptying into the sea is the grounded ice shelves acting like plugs on bottles at the ends of the coastal glaciers. “Nobody has any idea how fast that ice will flow into the oceans once the ice shelves are gone.”

Another missing feedback is the groundwater being mined all over the world to mitigate droughts. That water is ultimately added to the oceans (a recent visualization of this effect in the U.S. was posted by NASA’s Earth Observatory:http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD/view.php?id=79228).

All of these are positive feedbacks speeding up the changes in climate and sea-level rise.


Obama claims to initiate Slowing of Ocean rising!

Source: http://minx.cc/?post=332434

It is inspiring to motivate people to overcome the negative by co-operating productively. Though, taking Obama’s far reaching claims in proper perspective of his opposition to the very Power of Heaven which is confronting him, it becomes awesome and disturbing.  It could have been rejected as mere human folly, were it not for the mountain of evidence that Obama does not stand alone. He is backed by outspoken and financially powerful punters for One World Government – which is nothing less than the modern version of building a Tower of Babel – man’s audacious confrontation with and their challenge of the Supreme God of Creation!

The red line on the graph above reflects the acceleration rate of the rise.  Currently, a breather, no acceleration,  i.e. the sea is rising but at the same pace as before. This means that with time, great parts of the world that are now inhabited, will no longer be.  Ironically, this breather has not eased the plight caused by Sandy!

Add to all this, the damage caused to remaining inhabited lands, by storms on these rising levels. Science is vast and,  by long,  has not yet conquered the greatest mysteries of nature.  Debates, pro and con, will provide sufficient evidence for both sides – for and against God’s Purpose.  For average mortal humans who have to LIVE with the outcome, they can only go by the situations that face them daily.  Currently this to them,  is the increasing drama of daily survival and threatening limitation and control of their freedom. For this we need no scientific evidence or justifications!

Ultimately, there is one factor that plays havoc with man’s imaginations:  The forces of NATURE!

So, “Come Mr Obama. let’s see how far you get with your Challenge, imagining that YOU are in control of earth! Let us see what your End will be and all those who follow you!”

Be sure to read the commentary following here, which proposes to put it all in perspective of the overall Divine Plan for humanity.

BIBLE REVELATIONS Commentary – Call it co-incidence, once again, if you wish!

When Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, Rabbi Brody, Ashdod, Israel, wrote a clear Warning days before Katrina struck.  He derived this warning from Bible Codes, based on the name ‘Katrina’ as spelt in Hebrew.  He addressed this Biblical warning to Pres. Bush who was instrumental in bringing about the expulsion of 1800 Jewish families from their homes, farms and businesses  in Gush Katif, Gaza, Israel,  in order to hand the Land over to the Palestinians. This Web Site has been tracking the disturbing repercussions of the Gush Katif expulsion of Jews right from those days to date. This awesome record is published at 4.2. NOW! – THE PINNACLE OF ISRAEL’S DECLINE! – and to read about Katrina specifically, go to The Link between Katrina & Gush Katif: Katrina’s message to Bush & Madam Rice

Now, with Pres. Obama having turned his back on Israel, generally, and specifically, in the face of the threat of a nuclear attack by Iran on Israel, we have the following ‘co-incidence’ if you wish: We normally write a weekly commentary on the Bible Readings according to a pattern defined centuries ago by Jewish sages.  This pattern hardly changes from year to year, covering the entire Torah in some 52 sections spanning the Jewish (Biblical) year.  Each Torah Reading is linked to a specific Prophetic Books portion of the Bible – which also does not change.  It is uncanny how current news events never cease to be metaphorical fulfilments from week to week, as now is once more the case with Sandy’s Super Storm destruction.  As such, it serves as virtual warnings to anyone who has “ears to listen and eyes to see!”

For those who have not followed our Reading commentaries, let us summarize: For the week ending 20 Oct. 2012, the Bible Reading was ‘Noach’ – named after the introductory words of that Reading from Genesis.  In this Reading we learn of God’s regret for creating mankind who generally strives after evil.  He subsequently destroys the earth and all creatures (except for one righteous man and his family, Noach). Noach is saved because the righteous Creator persists in raising a righteous following who will eventually rule with Him in His Universal Kingdom. The following Reading (coinciding with the week leading to Sandy’s Destruction by water, once more) features God’s Blessing of Abraham, through who’s end-time descendents the True Rulership will come i.e. God’s Persistency to raise such a righteous Rulership. Thus, no small matter in His Book! 

Abraham’s awesome Blessing includes a Return of Abraham’s descendants to the very Land of Israel.  It is THIS Divine Promise, underscored by God’s Grace and longsuffering rather than just destroying all Creation altogether, which Obama is opposing so determinedly and audaciously. In doing so, he is siding with Israel’s enemies, the Arabs, who’s main target is to drive all Jews OUT of the Promised Land, thus preventing the establishment of the Kingdom of God in Israel with Jerusalem as Head Quarters.  In this, Obama is dragging the majority of Americans, all Arabs and Israel’s European obstructers with him.

Can it be co-incidence that Sandy brings a foretaste of what the ultimate retribution on the great USA will be for obstructing God’s Main Intention of re-erecting the Land of Israel under Jewish rulership (as promised to Abraham)?  We have reviewed above, Rabbi Shneerson’s interpretation of the Bible’s forewarning of massive eventual destruction, by the ‘roaring’ waters of the sea against, obviously, nations that oppose and obstruct the resettlement of Jews and re-awakening Ten Tribers in their Land of Promise!

Can it be co-incidence that this Great Warning and foretaste of eventual destruction coincides exactly with the Weekly Torah Readings which depict this?