3.2. Is Messiah God Himself?


The Messiah for the exiled House of 10-Israel

(Isa. 9:6; Matt. 1:21,23)


He is the Messiah to restore the 10-Tribed House of Israel to the Covenant from which they were rejected by God after the Kingdom had split into two in the time of King Solomon. Refer to our library of studies on this Greatest of Miracles in the making right at this Time. The House of Judah (the Jews), on the other hand, have remained covenanted throughout Time to this day. This Messiah of 10-Israel’s Name was audaciously and ignorantly changed by Bible translators to ‘Jesus Christ’!  (Matt. 1:21)
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YAHU’SHUAH is also –
  • The One Only True God of Creation, the Most High (Rev. 1:7,8)
  • The God of Israel – and of the Universe  (Ezek. 37:28; Isa. 45:18,19; Zech. 12:10 to 11:1;  Ezek. ch 20 & verse 39 withIsa. 45:23 and Phil. 2:10,11)
  • God the Father before His Incarnation (Isa. 9:6;  Isa. 45:21 b – 23;  Phil. 2:10,11;   Jo 14:8,9;  Jo. 10:30)
  • The Holy Spirit in His Omnipresence (Jo. 17:26; Jo. 14:18,20; Jo. 14:26 with 17:11)
  • The Coming Judge of mankind at His Return  (Ps. 96:13;  Ezek. 20:35-37;  Rev. 20:11;  Matt. 16:27)
  • The Coming Messiah ben David when He comes to rule the earth in His Eternal Universal Kingdom (Rev. 21:1-4;  Rev. 11:15)
  • The Coming King of the Earth (Zech. 14:1-9; Rev. 19:11-17)
  • The Creator  (Jo. 1:1-3;  Isa. 44:24; 45:12,21 b)

As such He is YHVH the Eternal Most High!

  • a lesser Being than God!

YAHU’SHUAH is the Creator God Himself – an omnipresent Spirit Being Who manifested Himself as a Human Being, born from an Israelite woman 2000 years ago in Israel to become YAHU’SHUAH the Messiah to reconcile the Lost House of 10-Israel to the Covenant. When YHVH comes to establish His Universal Kingdom, ruling from Jerusalem, He will manifest Himself as the Messiah ben David, to sit on the throne of King David.
(Jo. 4:24;  1 Tim. 3:16;  Matt. 1:20-23)

God is not –
  • a ‘triune’ Being!
  • nor a ‘compound unity’!

God is One!
(Deut. 6:4; James 19:11)

God became YAHU’SHUAH, the human Messiah in Israel, 2000 years ago, to Renew His Eternal Covenant with, and to restore the Original True Hebraic Faith through His True Followers!  (Refer The True Gospel of the Kingdom)

God (YHVH) knows no other Saviour than Himself, “for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved”, but the True Salvation Name of YAHU’SHUAH (“YHVH is Saviour”) (Isa. 43:11;  45:21;  41:4;  Acts 4:12).

When this world erupts in chaos and Armageddon dawns, God will come as the King of the Universe,  to judge the world,  to save Israel from nuclear or biochemical annihilation and to rule from Jerusalem over all the earth in a Dispensation of Peace!
(Matt. 24:21-25 & 29-31;  Dan. 12:1-4)

If you are prepared to accept and proclaim  YAHU’SHUAH as the Eternal Only True God,  then, and only then –

You may also become a ‘citizen’ of the  Kingdom of YHVH!


WATCH Jerusalem being drawn into Armageddon (The War of Gog Magog)!!!

WATCH  for WORLD CHAOS preceding the Establishment of the Kingdom of YHVH in Jerusalem!!!